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Posted: Posted May 13th by Emerald the Lizard
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I hope you are doing well...i wish you would come back soon....

Please ignore Agis and his posts

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Stares at Emerald 0_____0

Posted May 23rd by Anna Lizard
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Wheres Ruby lizard?

Posted May 24th by Anna Lizard
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Thanks for removing all the inappropriate posts...we had that problem once before.....

And im not sure where Ruby Lizard is

Posted June 7th by Emerald the Lizard
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Im here. And you still owe me child support.

Posted August 1st by RubyLizard
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I'm pretty sure "Ruby teh Lizard" ran off with her new mate/bf, known as Agis the Lizard

Gotta face the facts sooner or later

Posted Thursday by Thomas the Newt
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~mounts Thomas the Newt~

Posted Thursday by A ruby colored lizard
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