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Roadmap v2
Posted: Posted September 9th by Xhin
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Yes, I know I just made a roadmap post. However I have a more consolidated plan now and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who reads these posts anyway.

1. Fix GTX0
Basically do everything on this list, with maybe the exception of Merit and Mycons, depending on how those projects go.

2. Document GTX0

  • Update the Site Merger Manifesto

  • Document all of GTX0's various features. This will probably take some time, though I at least have a good wiki-like platform for this now.

  • Integrate that help back into the site where appropriate.

    3. Advertise GTX0

    Going to aim for site mergers with other reasonably small sites. This will very definitely happen. My goal is within the next month, but my IRL is all kinds of lol right now so who knows.

    4. Fix other parts of GTX0

    Once there's at least some momentum behind the advertisements, I'll start hitting other parts of GTX0:

  • Give the Projects system a "templating" feature and some plugins. This should make it quite advertisable, particularly to communities we want to merge with.

  • Turn the stream feature into a channels feature, which is integrated better with the site and allows a lot more user interaction rather than complicated menus and settings. Start having weekly get-togethers here if nothing else. This feature can be advertised quite well.

  • Revamp NIFE into something more sane. Different NIFE world types, plugin packs, a lot of hiding of extraneous features, an improved interface for actions and social stuff. This can then be advertised in a few different ways.

    5. End

    I mean, I'll always work on GTX0 because that's kind of what I do, but this set of changes will at least get GTX0 to a point where it isn't a big mess. The goal is to start trying to do mergers by the end of the year at the latest, or within the next month if I get there in time.

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