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Roadmap for when I get time for GTX0 again
Posted: Posted April 24th, 2018 by Xhin
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Going to try to compile things here since they're kinda spread out atm.


  • Make a universal size for all quicklinks

  • Use the same images every time

  • Make a "navigation" panel that lets you set your own custom quicklinks and revert the style. This will also give you the option to have the "forums" icon at the top.


  • Bring the pokemon forum back in some capacity. I think I have a good idea of how to do this without making it a universal quicklink and without fully unmerging it from NGVS.

  • Help ceta come up with content and ideas for his campaign and also a financial donation for prizes

    New features

  • Badges/Achievements system -- the way it's looking there will be at least three hooks for this: forum-based, NIFE, and something coded in as well for more global badges.

  • User profiles / contact info / a home for badges as well. Something fairly customizable but more streamlined than the team phoenix version.

  • Custom account emoticons, also a purging of the default set and the ability to import other people's / forum emoticons into your sets.

  • I want to have notes for another iteration of the chat feature. Want to keep the group functionality but definitely sinplify the last version I made of it.

  • Also NIFE. Biggest priority there is finishing the upgrade to potions v2 since potions are currently broken.

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    As for my schedule with this, I have no idea. If I do anything it'll be Thursday at the earliest but more likely next Monday/Tuesday. Tomorrow is totally booked, Thursday might be totally booked too depending on how tomorrow goes.

    Posted April 24th, 2018 by Xhin
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