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Roadmap again
Posted: Posted August 1st, 2017 by Xhin
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I've moved, and am very very close to getting a job (where I won't have tons of time to work on NIFE anymore), soooo:

  • A bunch of final NIFE stuff is getting done tomorrow. I plan on not sleeping very much tonight. Fortunately it's all pretty easy at this point.

  • During the days that I'm looking for jobs/unpacking, I'm going to get my advertising campaign together and also try to finish NIFE v5 (because it's only 3-4 days out, at like 4-5 hours a day.) Quests feature is the priority here since it's almost done.

    Once I have a job I won't have much time to work on NIFE anymore, but I still will for old time's sake (also because I want to do v6 and especially v7 stuff). The bulk of my free time will instead be spent:

  • Advertising NIFE

  • Building games with NIFE

  • Advertising games I've built with NIFE

  • Advertising games others have built with NIFE

  • Responding to stuff in the NIFE forums, including bugfixes, etc.

    If all goes well I'm literally going to start the advertising campaign tomorrow to get some initial interest for it. I think I've waited long enough.

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