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Posted: Posted August 29th
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Going to be working some more on the site. The focus is on streamlining things, particularly consolidating GTX0's somewhat-scattered vision into something more reasonable. And then, you know, actually getting people (probably mostly via merges).

  • I'm currently working on a rather large update to the post quote feature that also enables better blocking and other improvements down the road. There will be an option to disable it once the issues get worked out.

  • Similarly, post pagination is almost where I want it. No one's actually using it at the moment (it's turned off by default), but that will change very soon.

  • A lot of miscellaneous things need to be streamlined. My phase I checklist is pretty solid there, though there are quite a few things I'll be paring off because they're not strictly necessary. Biggest issues are around PM's, the complaints process, the home page, the merit system, and the "Add a new post" clusterfuck.

  • Need to update the site merger manifesto

  • Need to make GTX0 more social as well -- some updates to the PM system and profiles, plus a contacts area and some tweaks to secret clubs ought to do it.

  • Swapping the stream feature over to a Channels feature and integrating this with the site better -- basically instead of being part of a post it'll be in its own separate area and it'll auto-announce up top when you go live. The way playlists / user stuff is set up in my notes doesn't make much sense, sooo I'm scrapping all of that and moving to more of a "trusted queue" system and/or letting users submit requests in advance for predetermined dates. This will speed this project way the hell up and make it make more sense as well.

  • Would like to add a templating system to the scratchpad project. Not a huge deal, but might be pretty useful depending on our advertising targets.

  • NIFE has a serious identity crisis, but since a lot of my "build an ambitious game" stuff is going into shatterloop instead, I'm in a better position to streamline it into something that makes sense. More social interaction, more exploring, less access to its large featurebase (I mean it'll still be there but you'll have to actually turn advanced systems on). Also world types / plugin packs and an interface that doesn't throw 392482984 actions at you at once. Going to skip single-player instancing for the time being and try to gear it towards worldbuilding / adventure / rpg-like tools.

  • The site needs to be documented. Leaving that off until the end is wise, but I have a pretty good idea of how I'm going to do this.

    Past that, well, I'll probably be simplifying a lot of these projects as I go. Then I'm going to be quite aggressive in marketing it.

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