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Rewatching all Starwars and all other movies
Posted: Posted October 6th by Castrael
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So, my parents and I like to do a family movie night every Saturday. We're currently watching the Star Wars series and I mean the entire thing, in order and I kinda have a different opinion now. I still love Star Wars. It's been apart of me since I ever saw the first three original films in theater, but watching it in order (we just finished Rogue One last weekend) and I don't know. Very confused.

We have watched the extended version of The Lord of the Rings, Sherlock Holmes () , The fantastic beasts and where to find them movies () and i think that's it for now. At east from what I remember.

Are you guys rewatchig anything. Sorry on mobile. Hoping to get my desk setup soon. Just bought a desk. I just need to buy my chair and monitor but money lol

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Rogue One was lame.

I personally watch the Star Wars films in release order, not chronological. The original three films are still the greatest and among the best films ever made.

Also, The Last Jedi is the best Star Wars film we've had since Return of the Jedi despite being produced by corporate Disney. And I'm actually a fan of Revenge of the Sith (but Episode I and II are bleh).

Have not watched any of the Mandelorian or however you spell it.

Watching spoopy movies and playing spoopy games for the Halloween season right now, so no movie series rewatch right now. We just started playing Fatal Frame II recently. Initial impressions are: Very positive!

Posted October 6th by Alan
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Yeah, it's funny. You can't just say "Watching Star Wars in order!" because everyone has a different definition. You talkin' episodic order? You talkin' release order? You talkin' somethin' fancy like the machete order?

I recently rewatched Fantastic Beasts and it was way messier than I remembered it being. I wish it had been a stand-alone film that really revolved around Newt Scamander, instead of being clearly designed to set up the new series overarching plot. But I liked the core cast and thought Dan Fogler was very entertaining as the audience surrogate.

Posted October 7th by Jet Presto
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That’s a cursed game @Alan

Posted October 7th by Brandy
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One day during the depths of the most degenerate period of my life, I marathonned just the prequel trilogy while eating junk food in my bed. I still don't even really know why I did it. But it changed my life.

Posted October 7th by Hideous Destructor
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You're scaring me. 2 spoopy 4 me.

Played some more tonight. So far, I like it quite a bit. Much better than the first game. But I don't like that there's a health meter. Something horror games should have learned HARD from the Silent Hill trilogy is that a game is a lot scarier when there is no UI to see onscreen.

Posted October 7th by Alan
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There is only one way to watch star wars:

episodes 4, 5, and 6.

That's it. the other's are garbage IMO.

Posted October 7th by Q
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IMHO Opinion


those episodes are the best.

Posted October 7th by S.O.H.
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1-2-4-5-6 are my favorites. I don't really care for the new Star Wars stuff. 3 was too sad to watch in my opinion. I did, however, liked the relationship between Rei and what's his face (not the black guy, the one with the cool red saber. Ren??) I really liked Ani.

Edited October 7th by Castrael
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The original Star Wars trilogy had other writers to help keep George Lucas from jumping off the deep end and alot of the plot elements and twists weren't even his ideas. The Prequel trilogy was all George Lucas and it shows. However the character of Jar-Jar Binx was to be revealed to be manipulating things in Episode 1 but the backlash and negative reception to his character caused the plot element to be dropped and his character sidelined for the rest of the trilogy. And then the newest trilogy suffered from the first movie being a more or less retelling of the first star wars movie but made less sense. Then J. J. Abrahms didn't handle the Last Jedi and instead Rian Johnson came in, rewrote the whole script that killed all the plot lines from the first movie and made even less sense. But it did introduce the character of Rose who was a incredibly underrated character played by an underrated actress. And then JJ came back for the last one, and well..... yeah, not that great.

Star Trek isnt immune from this either. The original Star Trek movie, the motion picture was boring and bland. Star Treks 2-4 were really good and helped Star Trek the next generation to get produced. But then ST 5 was a disaster. Luckliy ST 6 was really good. The came ST Generations which, while showing the Enterprise B, was a terrible movie and destroyed the Enterprise D in the dumbest way for the dumbest reasons. ST First contact was good but then Insurrection and Nemesis effectivley killed ST movies until the Star Trek reboot in 2009.

So if you like star wars but didn't like the old star trek shows and movies. Watch the JJ abrahms reboots. They have the pacing and style of star wars while mainting the aesthic and flavor of star trek.

Edited October 7th by Q
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I just rented and watched She Never Died, so I’m going to rewatch He Never Died.

Posted October 14th by chiarizio
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