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Respect Joker, the Last Child of Good and Evil [Heir to the Stars / Suggsverse]
Posted: Posted March 7th, 2018
Edited March 7th, 2018 by nullfather

Respect Joker, the Strongest Suit

"What in the hell is he talking about?"

Joker is an extremely minor character in Heir to the Stars, also known as Suggsverse. He appears as the main character of Heir to the Stars: Joker, from which all quotes in this RT are taken. His powerset covers a wide variety of qualities and abilities that would generally be referred to as "hax". In short, he is an abstract acausal reality warper that eats multiverse-busting enemies for breakfast.

He is also identified as the Last Child of Good and Evil, which gives him two special abilities. The Right Hand of Michael and the Left Hand of Lucifer are two similar abilities that transports a targets' essence and existence to Heaven or Hell, where they are trapped beyond reality. His possession of these abilities indicates a massive potential for power.

Unfortunately, he's also a hideous failure and doesn't care at all for his status or gifts, meaning that he never realizes his full potential and loses his way in the great game very quickly. His story is relatively short and fraught with great difficulty and struggle; it ends tragically after only a few steps into the Cosmic Hierarchy.

Joker's wiki page:

A page defining the First Floor of the Cosmic Hierarchy:

"Do you not seek the light?"
"No, I really don't."

See: All Energy Projection Feats.

"You are quite the brute."

  • Hits someone so hard that they are thrown back at many times lightspeed. From HttS:J, pg 29:

    Just before Nirvāna could punch Joker, Joker dropkicked him, sending him 47 centillion light-years away in distance.

  • Full-power Joker can hold an omniverse. From HttS:J, pg 47:

    All of a sudden, the infinite Omniverse was spinning on Joker's fingertip like a basketball as Ace of Spades was in a sealed dimension there.

    "Wait, where am I? I'm everywhere!"

  • Demonstrates gratuitously fast movement. From HttS:J, pg 10:

    In an instant, the two had traversed a centillion amount of Galaxies as they were engaged in combat.

  • After being reduced to quanta, able to instantly reform and traverse the universe. From HttS:J, pg 11:

    Joker had been converted into quanta, and was scattered all across the space-time continuum!
    In an instant, Joker placed himself back together and traversed the space-time continuum to only a miss a clean shot to Amon's face.

  • Reacts to and counterattacks an enemy that moves beyond infinite speed. From HttS:J, pg 19:

    Samsāra charged towards Joker at a level beyond the necessity of speed, only to be physically and mentally converted into energy.

  • Traverses many lightyears in part of an attosecond. From HttS:J, pg 21:

    Space instantly stretched apart between Samsāra and Joker by 59 megalight-years. A fraction of an attosecond later, Joker closed the gap between the two.

  • Able to instantly traverse the infinite universe. From HttS:J, pg 22:

    Joker teleported beside Samsāra, but Samsāra was already 71 centillion megalight-years away. Joker instantly appeared behind Samsāra, but Samsāra was at the end of the infinite universe. Joker arrived there in the instant that Samsāra did with pure speed.

  • Dodges a massive amount of extremely fast attacks. From HttS:J, pg 29:

    Entities of darkness and light appeared all around Joker. There were 178 of them in total. 178 light entities, and 178 dark entities.
    Each of them easily broke the tachyon velocity barrier and commenced to attack Joker from all angles. Before a quantum second could process, each one of them had launched over 616 centillion distinct attacks that were meant to reduce Joker's very essence into nothingness. Joker dodged every single attack [...]

  • 178 multiverse-busting beings attack Joker at faster than infinite speed and he easily reacts and defeats them. From HttS:J, pg 30:

    With a level beyond the necessity of speed, each one of them attacked Joker, but he used his Right Hand of Michael to simply deny them.

  • After being depowered, breaks the lightspeed barrier. From HttS:J, pg 33:

    Joker then broke the lightspeed barrier and countered her hi jump kick.

    "As if he could kill me..."

  • Joker is half turned to stone; the attack has no actual effect on him and is never mentioned again. Also, exists outside of reality. From HttS:J, pg 8:

    The lower half of Joker's body was turning into stone.
    The very fabrics of reality were turning into stone!
    Everything in creation turned into stone and instantly crumbled into an eternal death. Not even nihility was left.
    The two existed in a place where reality did not exist...

  • When an opponent destroys the universe they are in, Joker is unaffected. From HttS:J, pg 10:

    Amon denied the infinite universe and once again turned it into stone. The universe instantly crumbled away...
    Amon Medusa took a small glance at six connecting alternate infinite universes and turned them all into stone.
    <Why is he destroying universe after universe?>
    "Jester, don't just stand there and watch. Come! Come and join me!" Amon said.

  • Joker tanks being reduced to quanta; his mental processes and powers are not effected. From HttS:J, pg 11:

    Joker could not move...
    <Wait, where am I?>
    <I'm everywhere!>
    Joker had been converted into quanta, and was scattered all across the space-time continuum!

  • Tanks being hit so hard that he breaks through dimensions and destroys a universe upon impact. From HttS:J, pg 11:

    At a level beyond the necessity of speed, Amon attacked Joker, and punched him into next dimension.
    The mere impact of Joker's arrival ripped the space-time apart and destroyed the infinite universe in its entirety.

  • Instantly recovers from being removed from reality. From HttS:J, pg 12:

    Before Joker could process the very thought of removing Amon's hand, Amon removed his own hand from the shoulder of Joker. The effect of Amon removing his hand from Joker's shoulder caused Joker's entire essence to be completely and ultimately denied and canceled out on all levels and planes of existence.
    Joker reappeared in front of Amon before the metaphysical concept of change could process.

  • Tanks an omniverse ending. From HttS:J, pg 13:

    The totality of everything that exists, including all physical matter and energy, the planets, stars, galaxies, parallel dimensions, alternate timelines, quantum universes, laws, immateriality, void, and all multiple sets of physical laws and constants were turned into stone.
    The encompassment of all infinite universes, all infinite future phenomena, and all infinite possibilities and beyond was instantly turned into stone. The entirety of the infinite Omniverse; all modes of existence was turned into stone, crumbling away...
    Joker survived the effect, but not even nothingness was left in his wake.

  • Tanks a massive amount of damage and reality denial. From HttS:J, pg 21:

    Samsāra missile-dropkicked Joker, and by traveling at a level beyond the necessity of speed, Samsāra created an endless amount of Quasars and mentally threw them at Joker. It was a massive barrage that surrounded Joker from every angle. The mere light rays were converting Joker's very essence into nihility. Before he could process another thought, he was surrounded by an infinite amount of Quasars! [...]
    The more an infinite amount of sets of Quasars appeared, the more reality stretched infinitely. It started stretching at an accelerating rate. Dimensions, Galaxies, and everything itself was being annihilated by the stretching of space-time. The temperature was above the infinite level. Reality denied itself...

  • Ignores being trapped in an endless loop of dimensions, then tanks a multiverse-busting attack. He was willingly trapped and easily ended the fight later. From HttS:J, pg 30:

    Each one of them twisted and manipulated the very fabrics of time and space to send Joker into another dimension. The range of their abilities affected multiple infinite universes as he was trapped in an endless loop. Finally, the entirety of the infinite Metaverse was atomized by just one of them; the weakest one at that.

  • While depowered, counters an attack that shattered a massive planet and broke concepts. From HttS:J, pg 33:

    Skandha mentally created a new infinite universe. The two were on a planet that was identical to Uranus, but it was as massive as the Sun. [...]
    Joker then broke the lightspeed barrier and countered her hi jump kick. The mere vibration from her kick atomized the planet, sending a shockwave across the cosmos that broke down various concepts.

  • While depowered, endures a universe being destroyed. From HttS:J, pg 35:

    Skandha appeared behind Joker and tried to roundhouse kick him, but he merely dodged it. The infinite universe that the two were in did not make it through due to the sheer force behind her kick.

  • While depowered, tanks the effect of someone else absorbing the omniverse into themselves. From HttS:J, pg 36:

    "Joker is it? You are a human. So, it's time we ended this dance between the two of us."
    Skandha said, as all of the Omniverse was absorbed into her.
    Everything was on a level beyond emptiness...
    "Do you not seek the light?" She asked.
    "No, I really don't."

  • While depowered, resists being erased from the omniverse. From HttS:J, pg 38:

    Entropy erased the information of his very being, but Joker held on to it.
    <I'm not going to be denied that easily...>

  • While depowered, resists an entity destroying everything in the omniverse. From HttS:J, pg 39:

    Entropy lifted up her palm as every void, every particle, every molecule, every law, every physical constant, every concept, every truth, every bit of matter and energy were broken down into pieces and absorbed into her.
    "There is only room for one Supreme.” Entropy said.
    Joker commenced to attack Entropy [...]

  • While depowered, endures a massive attack with little trouble. From Htts:J, pg 39:

    With a mere wink of her eye, she unleashed an infinite wave that possessed all the rich raw destructive power, energy, and infinite future phenomena that ever has or will exist onto Joker, which simply managed to paralyze him momentarily.

  • While depowered, suffers unimaginable mental torture and is fine and able to think clearly afterwards. From Htts:J, pg 39:

    Joker flinched, only for Entropy to be within his mind, torturing him in every possible and impossible way. [...]
    <Is she really the concept of Entropy? Isn't she supposed to be a mere Omniversal force? Her powers are above the Grand Principle of Creation.>

  • While depowered, being in the presence of Skandha and Entropy destroying infinite omniverses is merely an interesting phenomenon. From Htts:J, pg 40:

    Both of them used a mental wave that destroyed an infinite amount of infinite Omniverses. The mere effects of their emotions were causing a convulsion in The Allscape. The Allscape itself was ripping apart because of their feelings.
    Just as the Joker was about to activate both of his hands, he stopped and observed the battle was tearing apart all of The Allscape.

  • Doesn't care about being destroyed. From HttS:J, pg 44:

    The waves of Lapis multiplied Joker's defenses, strength, and speed by zero. He turned into stone and completely decayed into absolute nothingness. [...]
    "Left Hand of Lucifer..." He said.

    Energy Projection
    "My powers are absolute."

  • Creates a perfect copy of Earth after it was destroyed. From HttS:J, pg 7:

    Just as he blew out the smoke from his mouth, the very sky above the two warriors shattered as the rest of the planet shattered as well. [...]
    Joker mentally converted the remnant energy around into an exact copy of the material Earth.

  • Demonstrates quantum-level control that allows him to teleport himself and others. From HttS:J, pg 8:

    Joker then manipulated the quantum strings to teleport the two combatants onto a snowy mountainous area.

  • Demonstrates offensive energy/matter manipulation that lets him disperse an opponent across the universe. From HttS:J, pg 8:

    Joker mentally converted Amon Medusa's very being into energy and scattered his energy across time and space.

  • Rebuilds himself from quanta. From HttS:J, pg 11:

    Joker had been converted into quanta, and was scattered all across the space-time continuum!
    In an instant, Joker placed himself back together [...]

  • Rips someone apart and flings their energy across the infinite cosmos. From HttS:J, pg 19:

    Samsāra charged towards Joker at a level beyond the necessity of speed, only to be physically and mentally converted into energy. Samsāra was then dispersed all across the infinite cosmos.

  • Teleportation against the target's will, easily destroying a quasar. From HttS:J, pg 19:

    Joker manipulated the quantum waves of existence to teleport Samsāra into the Quasar, converting the Quasar into nihility.

  • Tears apart this guy again. From HttS:J, pg 19:

    Joker mentally deconstructed his being, only to watch Samsāra come back before an instant could process.

  • Able to fight back against a reality warper by destroying the created reality (which the warper immediately replaces). From HttS:J, pg 20:

    As Joker looked up, Samsāra was world's bigger than what he originally was. Joker hopped off the staircase, only to appear in a new reality where it was occupied by an endless maze. Samsāra was literally at every corner and even above the maze as if he was a puppet master.
    Joker mentally transmuted the reality into nothingness, but only ended up in a crimson world surrounded by multiple Samsāras.

  • Is able to create equipment for himself. From HttS:J, pg 21:

    Joker converted the surrounding energy into two immaterial swords. He also created six ethereal wings that surrounded him.

  • Using teleportation again. From HttS:J, pg 22:

    Joker teleported beside Samsāra, but Samsāra was already 71 centillion megalight-years away. Joker instantly appeared behind Samsāra, but Samsāra was at the end of the infinite universe.

  • In order to finally defeat a character that resists Joker's other abilities, he uses a special ability called Left Hand of Lucifer. From HttS:J, pg 22 & 28 (there's an unrelated intermission between):

    "Joker, you are weak. How do you beat something that is omnipresent and almost omniscient?" He asked.
    Joker disabled his energy constructed wings and dispersed his two swords.
    "Left Hand of Lucifer..." [...]
    The Left Hand of Lucifer is the ability to deconstruct any material or immaterial structure, essence, abstract and/or being and transports it into Hell, thus denying its freedom and existence.
    <Samsāra will not be reincarnated this time.>
    Reality shifted as Joker was in a space of endless emptiness.

  • Uses his other special Hand ability to immediately end a fight with a character that was said by a Supreme Being to be stronger than Samsāra. From HttS:J, pg 29:

    Before Joker could process his next thought, Nirvāna was already behind Joker.
    "Right Hand of Michael..."
    Nirvāna was completely deconstructed and transported into Heaven. His essence and existence was now trapped there.
    "Whoa! He usually attacks on the mental and astral level. He ends the identity of the mind with his own unique phenomena. You used your power from above to easily beat him though. Not too bad." Cie' Omega said.
    <After that fight with Samsāra, Nirvāna did not seem too strong at all.>
    "Why do you all act like I am not your thoughts?" Cie' Omega asked.
    "On the contrary, Samsāra was weaker than Nirvāna. [...]"

  • Attacks 178 beings on a metaphysical level, then teleports them across the universe. While this doesn't have a benefit in the fight, it's because they mitigate the effect, not because Joker failed. From HttS:J, pg 30:

    Joker dodged every single attack and mentally converted their immaterial existence into less than void. They were not affected by the effects of the conversion. Joker mentally dispersed their essence and teleported each of them all across the universe.

  • Joker easily defeats multiverse-busters with his Hand ability. From HttS:J, pg 30:

    Joker stood there and watched each one of them easily wipe out a different infinite Metaverse with the blink of their empty sight.
    Each warrior turned their attention towards Joker...
    With a level beyond the necessity of speed, each one of them attacked Joker, but he used his Right Hand of Michael to simply deny them.

  • After being depowered, loses control and destroys a teraverse. From HttS:J, pg 31:

    Just as a shadowed warrior appeared, Joker converted the warrior's essence into nothingness.
    However, Joker lost control of his power and accidentally transformed the nearby infinite collection of infinity, housing an infinite amount of infinite Metaverses into nothingness.

  • After being depowered, destroys a concept. From HttS:J, pg 33:

    Before Joker could process a thought, Skandha placed fear within Joker.
    She placed an extraordinary level of dread into Joker.
    Joker mentally erased the concept of fear...

  • After being depowered, destroys another concept. From HttS:J, pg 33:

    Skandha broke the lightspeed barrier and Joker denied the very concept of superluminal velocities, thus denying the ability to break the lightspeed barrier.

  • After being depowered, instantly recovers from being scattered across a multiverse. From HttS:J, pg 35:

    She mentally deconstructed Joker's very matter and being, dispersing his existence across the space-time continuum of the infinite Metaverse. Joker instantly appeared from above her [...]

  • Able to move through hyperspace. From HttS:J, pg 44:

    Joker decided to give up and walk away from the dimension that was outside of space-time.

  • Full-power Joker is an omniverse buster. From HttS:J, pg 47:

    Joker mentally opened up an Omniversal absolute infinite multiplicity consuming Black Hole that consumed Chris Spades before any level or system could process.

  • Full-power Joker counters being willed out of reality, destroys a concept casually. From HttS:J, pg 51:

    Joker used his will to erase Lazarus Verity, only for Lazarus Verity to do the same. Both of them canceled each other out.
    "My friend, I can feel your seventh. It's uncertainty." Lazarus Verity said.
    "There is no uncertainty. In fact, that concept no longer exists." Joker said as he erased that concept.

    Fighting Skill
    "Let's get this over with."

    Joker has next to no fighting skill, relying instead on raw speed, strength and durability to get him through fights while he attempts to warp the enemy away repeatedly.

    "Why am I here? What is going on? I demand answers!"

    This is just a funny part of a fight were an enemy shows off some reality-warping swag. I keep it in every version of this RT just because I find it funny.

    Reality warped into an endless scarlet realm. Samsāra mentally changed Jokers outfit into that of a magician. Samsāra then appeared above Joker, and pulled a rabbit out of Joker's hat. The rabbit had a mass of 317.8 Earths.

    Backup link:

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