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Respect Johnathan Blackjack, the President of the World [Heir to the Stars / Suggsverse]
Posted: Posted March 2nd, 2018
Edited March 2nd, 2018 by nullfather

You WILL respect President Johnathan Blackjack, Commander-in-Chief of ALL nations.

"I piss excellence."


Johnathan appears briefly during the Guidepost to Tomorrow series; all quotes in this RT come from either Guidepost to Tomorrow (I and II) or the direct word of the author as seen on the characters' wiki page (

From the author-written wiki page:

During the Forever Zero War, Johnathan Blackjack was a rising political figure that possessed a dominating aim at uniting the celestial establishment of the realm. His goal was focused on the entirety of the world, creating a stable form of peace for all countries. It was through his negotiations of war talks, peace talks, and revolution talks, that he was able to bring the Forever Zero War to an end. After this war, he established a new economy within the realm, establishing a new form of energy conversion and energy maintenance. Through his negotiation talks and progress of creating a better tomorrow, he was voted as President of the World.

However, he didn't stop here. The Forever Zero War impacted the entire star system, and President Johnathan Blackjack journey to around 97 celestial bodies, stopping the ripple effect of the war. News of his election echoed greatly throughout the Star System, and soon, he was fully recognized and actualized as President Johnathan Blackjack. As time continued to flow, he created a legacy for himself, and for a while... there was peace.

It's during this period of peace that the events of Guidepost to Tomorrow II occur, in which Blackjack is assassinated and his peace is broken. All feats and quotes from here on are immediately prior to his assassination, while he is at his highest power (politically, at least). So what exactly does being President of the Solar System entail?

Political Power

  • One of the planets he controlled is a city-planet named Talia. In addition to being about as large as our observable universe, it also contained the fountain of youth:

    The diameter of Talia is approximately 28 billion parsecs (93 billion light-years). It is a walled, multi-leveled, warren-like city built around the celestial fountain of youth and showered by constant torrential rain.

  • This planet is minuscule compared to the rest of the planets in the solar system:

    The number of planets that he controlled were exactly 7.10^600. Each celestial body surpassed the planet Talia.

  • Among all of that, there were only a handful that were considered relevant (Talia apparently being among them):

    The number of relevant celestial bodies within the solar system that he controlled were 97.

  • He personally assassinated every single world leader:

    During his negotiation, President Johnathan Blackjack eliminated every world leader within the Star System, single handily, but not all at once.

  • His influence was such that his assassination was considered the end of an era:

    Hours later, there was a galactic announcement, broadcasting the assassination of President Johnathan Blackjack. This marked the end of the Peacesong Era.

  • So how was he able to keep people under his rule despite brutally murdering so many leaders? His amazing charisma.

    Speech and Charisma

    The following is the complete speech given by President Johnathan Blackjack at Talia, during his reelection campaign. Note that Suggs' writing style is somewhat odd for dialogue; the line breaks and quotation marks for dialogue are arranged as if in a light novel or classic RPG, with most phrases having their own "quote". It's relatively easy to follow here, as the change in speaker is noted clearly. The <> denotes internal thought, again, as in a light novel.

    "Hello ladies and gentlemen!"
    "I am glad to meet you all too!"
    <Look at my peasants…>
    President Johnathan Blackjack walked up on the podium, adjusting his tie, and clearing his voice.
    "Today is the day that the future begins."
    "Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire; you will what you imagine; and at last, you create what you will."
    "I have created a world of peace."
    "I have imagined a future of no war."
    "One must understand the importance of readiness and sincerity, qualities that are indispensible in order to accomplish anything. Qualities you are well provided with, but only because of me."
    "Today, I am here to announce the unified nations; the Alliance."
    "What’s the Alliance?” A news reporter asked.
    "I have decided to unify all of the planets in the Solar System, being the role ring leader of all nations, countries, and planets."
    "What makes you believe that you are capable of handling this?" A news reporter asked.
    "I have already executed all leaders of all world nations and countries. Every leader of every planet within the Solar System has been executed. There can only be room for 1 number 1."
    "Why did you choose this city to announce this?" A reporter asked.
    "Since this is my birthplace, I wanted to come here and announce the genesis of a new era."
    "Are you not afraid of a revolution?" Another reporter asked.
    "A revolution?"
    "I encourage it!"
    "You see, I am not a coward. I do not run. I do not hide. I march independence. I piss excellence. I hold the world in my hands, and after today, I’ll be holding the Solar System in my hands. By next week, it will be the Galaxy. By the end of this year, I will rule the Universe."
    "What makes you so confident?" A reporter asked.
    "What makes you ask such a stupid question?"
    "Let me ask you a question; why do people fight?"
    "Perhaps the meaning of human existence lies within their will to fight. People feel a sense of accomplishment through battle. And it's also a fact that the ones who are essentially fighting are never observed as being stained."
    "I want the world on the largest scale to realize that they can place their hopes and will into me. Their wish for peace and happiness will come true, because I will fight for them. I am here to fight for all of you."
    "I used to think that we humans could exist without fighting, but many of us have chosen to fight. For what reason? To protect something? Protect what? Ourselves? The future? If we destroy the future to protect ourselves and this future, then what sort of future is it, and what will we have become? There is no future for those who have died. Is happiness to be found in a future that is grasped with bloodstained hands? Is that the truth? No. The truth is me. The future will be created anew through me."
    "I ask all of you, grant me your wishes. Give me your will. I hold the will of the entire Universe within me, and I will bring true peace to this Macro Cosmos."
    "Thank you ladies and gentlemen."
    President Johnathan Blackjack walked away from the podium, leaving an erupting crowd cheering his name in glory.

    So he's a fighter, but how good of a fighter? Let's find out.

    Combat Feats

    "How about we settle this like men?"

    Blackjack was only in one explicit fight, so I just arranged the feats sequentially here - no point in dividing them into categories.

  • While riding in his presidential limousine, detects and reacts to a sudden attack from outside of it:

    “Why did you stop the limo?”
    The limo was sliced in half!
    President Johnathan Blackjack evaded the attack, appearing in the sky.

  • Gets thrown into a building, comes back with a brutal combo:

    The unknown swordsman however caught the fist, throwing the President into a building.
    The President came back at full force, unleashing a flurry of rapid strikes onto his opponent’s liver, forcing the liver to shut down.

  • Can punch so fast that it creates a vacuum in the air:

    The President delivered a strong and fast left hand punch that would be invisible to any normal fighter's eyes. It was so powerful that it created a powerful vacuum that sliced through the air just from the force of it.

  • Shows some decent skill:

    The President combined fast footwork and his swift punches to trap and attack his opponent from multiple angles and distances.

  • Can drive people insane with his mind:

    President Johnathan Blackjack unleashed a psychic attack that plunged the victim's mind into insanity, causing death or incapacitation.

  • Can trap people in a nightmare dimension with his mind:

    The President unleashed a psychic attack to seal his enemy into a void space where the enemy would be tortured by illusions of his worst nightmares.

  • Can hit so hard that the ground ruptures and heaves up pillars:

    Johnathan Blackjack hit the ground, causing a wave of pillars to shoot upwards from the ground in all directions, striking the unknown swordsman.

  • When he gets halfway serious, he uses a powerful AoE:

    First, Johnathan Blackjack lifted his right hand with his index and middle fingers up. Then, he brought his right arm to his left side, and finally, he moved his arm back to the right and unleashed a huge Exploding Wave, covering 1024 light-years in diameter.

  • Has a special passive ability that lets him boost his combat power:

    The unknown swordsman did not even register the attack, taking his sword, and swinging it behind reality, completely cutting the President in half.
    Mirror of the White Horn...
    The consciousness behind the reality of the President, which is also behind every form of reality, fiction, nonexistence and existence ever mentioned or seen (and the infinite multiplicity amount never mentioned or seen or even conceived of yet…), sharpened the attack power of the President by 500%, allowing him to attack on a level that deconstructs matter.

  • Activating Mirror of the White Horn lets him deny the deadly attack, then riposte with a massive combo:

    In the gap between nonexistence and existence, President Johnathan Blackjack evaded the attack from the unknown swordsman, striking him 10336 times in a femtosecond.

    Note that this isn't at his base power, it's something more akin to a limit break. There's no specific limit on when he can use it, however; the Mirror abilities are a running theme of Guidepost and as far as I know they activate whenever a mortal blow would be delivered. They can be gotten around in various ways, however. The one that Blackjack has appears to only evade physical attacks and boost attack power - pretty underpowered compared to the ones the major characters in Guidepost have.


    He's 6'6" and 270 lbs. Vote for him or he will murder you.

    Backup link:

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