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Who would win?
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Respect Christopher Sincere Pride, the Paradoxical Waker [Heir to the Stars / Suggsverse]
Posted: Posted March 13th, 2018
Edited March 13th, 2018 by nullfather

Respect Christopher Sincere Pride, the Paradoxical Waker

What's going on here?

This is a respect thread for a single character from the expansive, convoluted and hard-to-understand Suggsverse fiction. This particular character is featured majorly in the Solecism series, one of the higher-quality works. Some pretty mind-bending stuff is contained within, but I will do my best to explain it as clearly as possible. If you want additional context, it's best to simply read the series yourself, as there are hundreds of pages of lore and plot behind most of this. In short, this character is like a anthropomorphic Lovecraftian Elder God in terms of how convoluted some of his abilities and context are.

Note: the book citations are written in the same way the titles of the books are. The Solecism series is composed of multiple arcs; the books are titled with the number of the arc and then the number of the volume in the overall Solecism series. That is to say, "Solecism IV - XXV" means the 25th book of Solecism, not the 25th book of the 4th arc. As always, any edits on my part are marked by brackets.

Who is Christopher?
"I have given up on the delusion known as hope."

When Christopher Sincere Pride accidentally caused an irreversible annihilation event in his home omniverse, he and his brother Lamont lost their past. They come from a place that never was, existing as quantum irregularities - as paradoxes. They travel universes, seeking out contradictions in the timelines in order to preserve the structure of the Metaverse and slowly regain their memories. As a probability/causality manipulator, a paradox and a quantum irregularity, Christopher has a bevy of interesting powers and qualities. He spends a lot of time as the offensive half of a team with his more defense-oriented brother, but his true path leads him to eventually work alone. This was originally intended to be an RT for the duo, but because of certain plot elements and because of size restraints, I cut this back to just Christopher.

This RT covers a period that I will call "Pre-Reformation". Due to some rather convoluted plot happenings, Christopher and his brother eventually get "fixed", losing their qualities as paradoxes and modifying their powerset. The exception to this is the Casket of Time spells, since they specifically mention that they use those in both periods. While the post-reformation arc shows them with some interesting new abilities, they are significantly depowered in general and tend to get their asses kicked. On the other side, there's some even further weird plot stuff around Christopher which complicates his powerset in certain other series. For the sake of sanity, I have restricted the RT to a single powerset.

Offensive & External Abilities
"This peace must not last..."

  • Fixes a flawed universe. Solecism I - I:

    Christopher Pride manipulated probability on a cosmological quantum scale, resetting the timespace, and erasing the fundamental flaw within in it. Even probabilities--those are as low as 0 can be altered by Christopher Pride.

  • Uses hax to remove an enemy. Solecism I - II:

    Through manipulating probability, Sincere unweaved Amaranth Nightwish from space-time on a quantum level.

  • Uses hax to remove the ability of an enemy. Solecism I - II:

    When Daivat von Lordsleigh bounces his basketball, he is able to quadruple the weight of any object Lordsleigh desires. The ability can affect both inanimate objects and living beings, and is cumulative. With each dribble, Lordsleigh can quadruple the weight indefinitely. Sincere was heavily feeling the effects of this ability, but to no avail, as he simply multiplied the probability of his adversary’s abilities of working to 0, cancelling out his effects.

  • Takes out a universe-level weapon and its' wielder. Solecism I - II:

    Sincere altered probability, cancelling out Troy’s sword. In that unchanging moment, he altered the probability of Troy’s waves and particles existing to 0.

  • Resists, overpowers and removes a character that controls waveforms. Solecism I - II:

    Lancaster demonstrated the ability to command wavefunctions; the probability amplitude describing the quantum state of a particle and how it behaves. Because wavefunctions fundamentally describes what makes a subject what it is, he is able to control the world on a subatomic scale. However, due to a severe illness that he possesses [this character is blind], his abilities are limited to what he can perceive.
    The entire planet started unraveling, deconstructing before the eyes of Sincere, only for Sincere to change the probability values of what was going on.

  • Cancels out an enemy ability. Solecism I - II:

    "Then I guess that this conversation is over." Ashleigh Brilliant said, generating raw Dark Matter within her hand. [...] Christopher Pride nullified the probability of her generating pure Dark Matter to 0.

  • Uses time-based probability hax to pwn an enemy. Solecism I - II:

    Sincere altered probability on a quantum level, rewinding time back to point 0. Just as Gallagher Godspell was about to unleash his nuclear attack, his actions were reset to 0. Sincere manipulated the strings of probability to rip Gallagher Godspell from linear progression; ripping his timeline into shreds and stitching them back together out of sequence so that the same moment could repeat over and over again without deviation.

  • Creates a small black hole to remove an enemy. This is fluffed as one of his martial abilities. Solecism I - III:

    Sincere released a minute quantum singularity in front of him. For a moment, it seemed as if nothing had happened, and then the ball created a small gravitational pull so dense that not even light could escape. In that moment, it evaporated, but only Sincere was left...

  • Uses his Setsugekka martial art to cut an enemy apart extradimensionally. Solecism I - III:

    Sincere performed a mighty swipe of his fingers in front of him, cutting apart the Emerald Knight within his range, ignoring any theory of dimension.

  • Again, uses Setsugekka to pwn a fool. Solecism I - III:

    Sincere performed a single, graceful looking somersault. As he landed, his hands sliced horizontally to his front. His attack radiated an empty aura, cutting the Emerald Knight in his path into perfect pieces.

  • His Setsugekka techniques move faster than speed itself. Solecism I - III:

    Sincere spun around in midair continuously, surrounded by a multitude of vacuum waves that shredded the Emerald Knight into nihility. In the moment that the vacuum waves connected with the knight, he accelerated to the velocity of c, only for the waves to move without the necessity of speed.

  • Haxes out an enemy who himself commanded significant hax powers. Solecism I - III:

    As the new Emerald Knight appeared, he quickly unmade the existence of the Emerald Knight who held the power over victory.

  • Another probability kill. Solecism I - V:

    Sincere, at the same time, manipulated the quantum strings of probability to reset her existence back into a state of null and void.

  • Stops universe-level abilities. Solecism I - V:

    "This is..." Brittni said, creating an infinite Universe again within her hand. Sincere altered probability on a quantum level, negating the infinite Universe that was within her hand. He then altered the probability of her creating another cosmological structure to 0.

  • Destroys a wave existence. Solecism I - VI:

    On August 18, in the distant past, Christopher Sincere Pride was walking by a planet, during his stroll across the universe, where he saw Harmonia being absolutely disfigured by a sentient existence of Waves. Before the wave existence could grasp Sincere, it never existed...

  • Wakes a sleeper in a fast and dirty way. Solecism I - VI:

    Sincere collapsed the imaginary strings of metaphysical possibility, erasing the dimension of the man.

  • In a later arc, Christopher starts cutting loose with his power, attacking entire realms instead of individual targets. Solecism II - XIV:

    Sincere broke down the possibilities of the realm, only for Crown to remain unaffected. As the two stood in a colorless empty realm outside of all known nonexistence and existence, they were not even in a place.

  • The Casket of Time arts; spells that Sincere and his brother use in various situations. Though only actually seen in the post-reformation arc, they specifically mention using them in pre-reformation. Solecism IV - XXV:

    "Casket of Time – Trapezohedron 9: Omega." Sincere chanted, completely sealing up Alexander’s omni-dimensional conceptual existence.
    "Casket of Time – Trapezohedron 86: Zeta." Sincere chanted, completely sealing up the conceptual existence of Demetrius.

  • From late in the series, a brief aside about why Christopher and his brother were paradoxes in the first place; Christopher's power is apparently omniversal-level, though he holds back to avoid events like this in the future. Solecism IV - XXVI:

    "But that’s not all; together, we were searching for the Nine Themes of God because of an event that occurred seven years ago..."
    "What happened seven years ago?" She questioned.
    Seven years ago, Sincere broke the strings of probability, completely collapsing the Omniverse in its full absolute form, causing an irreversible metaphysical annihilation event.

    Defensive & Internal Abilities
    "Did you think that would work on me?"

  • Reacting to and dodging instant attacks from an extradimensional space. Solecism I - I:

    Mei-Fong appeared from behind the blankets of time and space, cutting through the 5th dimension around Sincere and Lamont, only for them to escape the instantaneous slash.
    Sincere steadily blocked her movements, and was able to dodge her unpredictable 5th dimensional slashes.
    "You cannot escape me." Xargin Gravestone said, slashing through the 4th dimension before he ever drew his blade. Lamont and Sincere had escaped the space-time slash, quantum jumping across a centillion amount of universes in a quantum frame of time.

  • Sincere alters the target of attacks back to the attacker. Solecism I - I:

    Feeling as if Sincere had become arrogant, she decapitated Sincere with a 5th dimensional slash, only to be the one who was decapitated instead.
    Mei-Fong attacked Lamont, slashing a web through the 5th dimension, only to be the one caught in the web.

  • A universe-level cosmological reset does nothing to him. Solecism I - I:

    Although reality changed, Sincere and Lamont remained unchanged by the reset of reality.

  • Moves before he can react; demonstrates transcendence of time and space. Solecism I - II:

    Before Sincere could react, Amaranth Nightwish slashed through time and space with his feather. However, Sincere had arrived behind Amaranth Nightwish, arriving at his destination point before ever leaving his starting point. However, Amaranth Nightwish did not stop, as time and space were continuously being cut. However, Sincere had simply removed himself from time and space.

  • Has passive probability shields. Solecism I - II:

    Moving at the speed of C, the microwave energy beams were dissipated by the probability fields that surrounded Sincere. Daivat von Lordsleigh jumped into the sky, reaching the clouds in 0.02 seconds, unleashing a massive microwave energy beam, obliterating 12,756 km of the land. Mother Mary stood outside of time, while Sincere’s probability shields negated the attack.

  • Tanks universe-level strikes. Solecism I - II:

    Sincere was constantly being cut by slashes that he could not see, nor react to.
    Troy carries a hilt that reflects and absorbs massless light energy into it, forming a sword. He himself charges it by applying high-frequency waves of energy onto it. Although it carries a heavy strain on his body, he is able to swing this sword at the speed of c. The moment he starts this, time stops. He bypasses dimensions, and his momentum becomes infinite. Although the force of his sword reaches infinity, through quantum algorithms, he is able to concentrate the g-forces into only his sword. This is to ensure that he doesn't take the universe down with a mere swing. He has trained himself to only thrust with the sword, for if he swings and misses, the infinite amount of g-forces coming from his sword may become uncontrollable, destroying the universe.

  • Blocks and counters strikes from a "mountain buster". Solecism I - II:

    Although Sincere was able to block and counter her attacks, mountains upon mountains were being shattered with every throw of her arm. The smallest mountain that she annihilated had a diameter of 142,984 km. [For reference, that is the diameter of Jupiter] She annihilated 33 mountains, each one 10 times larger than the last. April Moon launched a devastating punch into the gut of Sincere, causing a ripple throughout the space-time continua.

  • Probability shields protect from quantum-level annihilation. Solecism I - II:

    The lunar light ultimately unmade matter on a quantum level, leaving nothing but an empty abyss of a diameter of 100,000 km. The probability shields of Sincere, negated the damage [...]

  • "Stop hitting yourself". Solecism I - II:

    As she went in for the final blow, Sincere altered the probability of her kinetic energy being used by her, onto herself by 110%, once her fist physically connected with him. As she attacked Sincere, she dissipated before his eyes.

  • Takes a massive nuclear explosion like it's nothing. Solecism I - II:

    He effortlessly generated a Hydrogen Bomb, releasing energy by fusing together light nuclei, converting raw matter into raw energy, thus releasing tremendous amounts of energy from the strong nuclear force that binds their constituent particles together.
    "Just as the Sun uses nuclear fusion, I am able to release the power that fuels the Sun." Gallagher Godspell said, igniting the bomb to cause a widespread nuclear attack. The nuclear explosion covered a diameter of about 29 billion parsecs within a quantum frame, consciously spreading, annihilating everything in its path.

  • Tanks supa hot fiya. Solecism I - III:

    The Emerald Knight summoned and commanded the hottest of white flames, completely engulfing Sincere. The white flames consumed and deconstructed matter over a diameter of 1,392,000 km.
    As the Emerald Knight started to walk away from the land that time forgot, Sincere stood in aftermath of the attack unscathed.

  • No-sells hax, thanks to his qualities as a paradox. Solecism I - III:

    "Then let me show you my power; the Power over Victory." The Emerald Knight said, for he commanded nonexistence to envelope Sincere on a metaphysical level, erasing Sincere from all modes and planes of existence. Sincere was enveloped by nonexistence, ultimately swallowed by the perfect emptiness.
    "In an ironic twist of fate, your abilities have turned the tide in my favor, doing to you what you have been doing to my comrades." The Emerald Knight said.
    "That is ironic, but I don’t play by the rules of irony."
    Although Sincere had been removed from existence, he stood within nonexistence and existence at the same time. He was a walking paradox in the truest sense.

  • Timestop and spacetime hax do nothing. Solecism I - IV:

    "Yeah, I’m going to have to eliminate you two from the time stream here and now." Johannes Valentine said, halting the timespace. [...]
    Johannes Valentine smirked, causing their space-time to collapse, only to no avail.
    "No matter what you believe you can do, you cannot. Remember, time and space doesn’t technically apply to us." Sincere explained, noncholantly walking away from Johannes Valentine. [...]
    Time had completely stopped, only for Lamont and Sincere to remain unaffected by the cease of time.

  • The collapse of time doesn't effect him. Solecism I - IV:

    The entire time stream, as well as all quantum configurations of it collapsed. Sincere, Alice and Lamont were standing outside of time, looking at Nero Crimsonwing, who ironically was looking at them.

  • During an arc when his abilities were being suppressed, tanks infinite damage. Solecism I - V:

    Qian Chen struck both Sincere and Lamont with a punch of infinite mass. Normally, when an infinite mass punch would be executed, it would create a quantum G-force so powerful, that the entire Universe would come down along with the punch. However, due to reality being at the end of time, the laws of physics were nonexistent.
    Then, in an infinitesimal quantum second, Qian Chen executed an infinite amount of infinite mass punches onto the two brothers, reaching the absolute end of infinity. At the end of infinity, both brothers were still conscious, and struggling to stand on their feet.
    "My abilities aren’t working..." Lamont said.
    "Mine aren’t either..."

  • Breaking them does nothing. Solecism I - V:

    [...] I refuse to allow you two to stand.” Qian said, already breaking every bone within the legs of Lamont and Sincere. As adding insult to injury, she severed their spines as well, paralyzing them both. [...]
    Although their spines were severed, and every bone in their legs was broken, the two brothers were standing as if nothing was wrong with them at all. Once again, they were showing the colors of their paradoxical existence.

  • A metaverse-busting attack knocks him unconscious. Once again, this is from a depowered fight. Solecism I - V:

    By collapsing the infinite Universe upon itself, she created an implosion with enough force to annihilate into zero all infinite Universes within an infinite Metaverse. Sincere and Lamont were laid out on the sands of End-Time, fading into an unconscious state.

  • Tanks absolute zero temperatures. Solecism I - V:

    The Big Freeze occurred, encompassing an infinite amount of space, completely reaching the end of infinity, completely encompassing a complete infinity. Absolute Zero temperature reigned. [...]
    Sincere and Lamont felt a cool breeze press against their skin, but due to their nature, even the Universal temperature of Absolute Zero did nothing to them.

  • Tanks a universe ending. Solecism I - V:

    Reality shifted into the state it was in before the Curse of Eden began. However, phantom dark energy, which has even more negative pressure than a simple cosmological constant, started to increase. The density of dark energy increased rapidly, escaping time, causing the rate of acceleration to encompass the infinite Universe. As a result, all material objects in the Universe, all galaxies, and all forms, substances, and structures, no matter how small, disintegrated into unbounded elementary particles and radiation. However, the force of the phantom energy ripped them apart from each other. The end state of the infinite Universe was a singularity. However, the world appeared as how it was before The End happened again; a barren desert that stretched into all directions. The only survivors of The End were Tiffany, Richon, and whoever was left within their group, as well as Lamont and Sincere.

  • Uses probability manipulation automatically. Solecism I - VII:

    "Zero is the world in which you belong." Lasier said, firing a ray of anti-existence energy onto Sincere.
    Through utilizing dynamic synch-factor, Sincere unconsciously manipulated the strings of probability to be in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time, for avoiding his attack.

  • No-sells massive destruction. Solecism I - VII:

    Lasier generated an infinite cosmic structure within his hand, detonating it, completely pulling one hierarchy of The All that contained All into 0.
    "Did you think that would work on me?"

  • Removes a super-hax attack. Solecism I - VII:

    Lasier materialized a weapon, firing it at point blank range at the head of Sincere. The strings of probability multiplied the attack by 0, negating its essence completely.
    <I cannot believe I missed it, but that shotgun... Their shotguns enable them to shoot from the past, present, future, and endless at the same time. The bullet would have already been shot, before ever shooting, but already shot the target from the future, yet already shot the target from the past, and shooting the target in the future at the same time. It shoots infinitely from the beginning of infinity to the end of infinity. It ignores cause and effect, multiplying the probability of it being avoided or blocked by 0.>

  • Resists hypnosis. Solecism II - XIV:

    Desireé Havens tried to calm his mind down by hypnotizing his brain waves, only for his brain waves to deflect her actions against it.

    Other Abilities
    "I have seen what humanity cannot see..."

  • Able to observe the metaphysical and subtle. Solecism I - I:

    "Sincere, look at the fabrics of reality..." Lamont said.
    As Sincere and Lamont looked around them, time was collapsing. Nothing but an endless desert, representing the sands of time sat before them.

  • Traverses dimensions. Solecism I - I:

    "Sincere, what’s the year?" Lamont asked.
    "We have only traveled to a parallel dimension; the next adjacent dimension. The year is still the same."
    "And we are here because?" He questioned.
    "We only removed one contradiction. There is still another one within this timespace."
    Sincere grabbed his little brother, and quantum jumped into the Next Dimension.

  • Analyzes the abstract of an entire universe. Solecism I - I:

    Christopher Sincere Pride opened up his eyes, analyzing the Matrix Field of the entire timespace.
    "The probability that this Macro Cosmos will end is 100%. The probability that it can be fixed is absolute 0%. This means that a higher power has decided to cut the chains of existence to this world."

  • Brings his brother back from being haxed away. Solecism I - I:

    Lamont charged in to attack Xargin Gravestone, only to disappear before the eyes of Sincere. [...] Sincere manipulated probability, bringing his brother back from nonexistence. [...] Sincere manipulated probability, bringing back his brother’s abilities.

  • Adjusts to dimensional disruption. Solecism I - III:

    Through his ability, the Emerald Knight demonstrated the ability to send out waves that disrupts the dimensionality within the immediate area, completely allowing him to move undetected. As the battle began, Sincere was viciously being beaten down. However, he quickly adapted to the situation, being able to bypass the waves of disruption.

  • Does not need his senses. Solecism I - III:

    Just as Sincere was about to finish off the Emerald Knight, almost easily, the Emerald Knight opened up his eyes, sending out optical waves that diminished the senses of Sincere.
    "This is my true ability. I can single your senses out, or completely shut down all physiological capacities of organisms that provide data for perception." The Emerald Knight explained, knowing that Sincere could no longer hear him.
    Sincere was a living vegetable, yet fully aware of everything that was going on around him.
    He had none of his senses, yet he was still fully functional.

  • Uses quantum teleportation. Solecism I - III:

    Sincere appeared from a quantum gate, grabbing the Emerald Knight from behind in a choke-hold position. [...]
    Sincere was about to attack him, yet appeared from a quantum gate beside him.

  • Mind-effecting attack does nothing to him. Solecism I - III:

    This Emerald Knight carries the Power of God: Sleep. And with a mere blink, he placed Sincere into a sleep that is closest to death. [...]
    Sincere placed his palm on the right shoulder of the Emerald Knight from behind, surprising the knight completely. [...]
    The Emerald Knight attempted to put Sincere to sleep once again, only to fail.
    "You don’t get it; I’m already asleep. You’ve already placed me into a sleep that is closest to death. However, I am not the one to close his eyes to reality."

  • Does a lot of mental calculations in order to keep in the correct timeline. Solecism I - IV:

    "As you can see, within this world, you truly have to know mathematics in order to take a step. You see a ruined city in front of you; well in order for us to advance, I am creating algorithms in advance for each step that we are taking. If I don’t, we’ll end up in another time stream." He explained. [...]
    100^100^3+googolplex^ alternating dimensions appeared before Lamont and Sincere, each one revolving into a higher dimension, leading further away from the End of Time. Sincere however, had already thought 3 steps ahead, completely figuring out the algorithms for each and every single dimension.

  • Creates an object to let his brother walk without having to do the same. Solecism I - IV:

    Sincere opened up his hand, generating an extra-dimensional hypercube within it.
    "Take this..." He said.
    "This isn’t a Casket of Time?"
    "No, but it’s a paradoxical seal that will distort reality. You should be able to make it through this realm without the need of knowing the mathematics of the worldline." He explained.

  • Quantum teleportation lets him travel through time and space. Solecism I - IV:

    As the three took a quantum leap out of the End of Time, they arrived within the Desert of Lost Devils. The planet was Jupiter. The year was unknown...

  • Swaps places with his brother. Solecism I - V:

    Just as Sincere was about to attack her, he manipulated probability, switching the dimensional space with his brother and him.

  • Escapes a black hole in possibly the most roundabout way. Solecism I - V:

    The two were in a realm without light. They were in a realm without time. It was silent. It was motionless. Brittni had long since escaped the Event Horizon, escaping the gravitational pull of the Black Hole, effortlessly.
    Sincere on the other hand, altered the gravitational laws of the Universe, cancelling out gravity on a quantum scale.

  • Analyzes the cosmos again. Solecism I - V:

    Sincere analyzed the cosmological structure of the plane of existence that they were in to find out the time zone.

  • Sex is a universe-level event. Solecism I - VI:

    As the two released universal shaking orgasms, Harmonia dug her nails into Sincere’s back and squealed with delight at the idea of her soulmate filling her up completely.

  • Quickly figures out what planet he's on. Solecism I - X:

    Sincere quickly analyzed the dimension, seeing that they were on Earth.

  • His mind is incredibly expansive and defensive. Solecism I - XI:

    The fragments of Sincere’s memories started to surface in the form of many world interpretations of infinities and splintering quantum dimensions. As Setsugekka Hikari ventured into the gaps between his trans-memories, over countless of millennia were within each stardust fragment. As Setsugekka Hikari swam deeper into his memories, she started to realize that no matter how far she searched, there was a wall with no front or back that guarded every stardust fragment. Setsugekka Hikari generated abnormalities in the existential fabric of his mind, only for the walls to reverse her existence into 0.

  • Is somewhat fast even without considering his abilities and qualities. Solecism I - XI:

    Sincere looked over to his right, taking 300^100 steps in a quantum second, and then taking another 110^10^100 steps before a moment could process, stopping in the middle of an intersection.

    Fluff & Character Statements
    "Sorry, but I don’t run on the script that God wrote."

  • Christopher and Lamont travel many universes in order to find and awaken "sleeping" people, each of whom has a particular quality that make them a universal-level problem. The course of their adventures indicates that they have the power to travel between universes, between dimensions, into esoteric regions such as dreams, etc. Solecism I - I:

    "My brother and I are called Wakers."
    "What’s that?" She questioned.
    "Wakers are individuals with the ability to see the contradictions of the world. We are able to restore balance through various means; usually rituals."
    "You see, you have Fallen Asleep." Lamont expressed to her.
    "Before you ask, when a person (no matter the species) falls asleep, they start to collapse the time stream as a chain reaction. Falling asleep is extremely rare, yet more common than one thinks. Falling asleep means that a person has not only closed their eyes to reality, but their consciousness has slipped into the gulf beyond time and space. Their essence becomes stuck within the gap between time and space. Their soul sleeps at the doorstep of the Omega Point. A dimensional barrier is placed around this person, negating all physical contact with the person. Because of this, they distort reality, causing the time stream to become hazy. They become a contradiction within the world, forcing the space-time continuum to correct the contradiction through means of deleting the entire timeline and all quantum configurations of it."
    "You see, we have to wake you up because you are causing the collapse of the current time stream outside of this dream." Lamont explained.

  • They run into another character whose job is to remove contradictions, but in a more brutal way. He expresses that these contradictions are indeed universal events. Solecism I - I:

    "You don’t understand that until she makes her choice, it doesn’t matter whether she’s asleep or awake. She is a universal threat. I appreciate what you two are trying to do; I really do. However, it’s time to stand aside and allow the professionals to take care of this matter." He said.

  • According to a character he was protecting, several fights take place over a tiny fraction of an attosecond. Solecism I - II:

    "Hey there, are you almost finished?"
    "It will take me a full day before I am finished." Mother Mary said.
    "How long has it been so far?"
    "Since your first fight, it has been exactly 0.005 attoseconds." She said.

  • Sincere is "pure paradox". Solecism I - II:

    "Why are you telling me this?"
    "I just wanted to make conversation. I am standing here talking to a pure paradox. If a paradox can truly stand beside me, then what is reality? What is truth?" She questioned.

  • He's a living contradiction who can see the shape of time. Solecism I - III:

    "This world is going to end soon..."
    "Do you see God’s plan?" She questioned.
    "No, but I see the constructional framework of this timescape."
    "How is that possible?" She asked.
    "It’s a story that will take more than a day to tell. However, I’m a contradiction. You can call it one of the curses that I received for being an actuality that was never born."

  • Explains some of his qualities. Solecism I - III:

    "Well, I’m a paradox within the union of NOTHING and ALL POSSIBILITY which collectively makes up the Grand Principle of Creation. I’m outside of the Mind and Soul of THE ALL. I can bypass most laws of physics, but only if I understand the conceptual framework of the laws. There is a framework for all modes of existences, and in order to break the laws, I have to be able to make that mode of existence relative to my existence. I can exist outside of all theories of dimensions, and still interact with reality. I can operate within the mental plane and the physical plane at the same time. However, my words aren’t enough to prove my facts."
    Sincere was within the mind of Mother Mary, while talking to her within the physical realm as well.
    "As you can see, we are having this exact same conversation within your subconscious as well as in the material world."

  • Sincere is a master of a particular martial art that allows him to annihilate both matter and energy on a quantum level. Solecism I - III:

    Sincere spin-leaped into the air, briefly mimicking the form of a flying bird before he descended to the ground, slicing the Emerald Knight in perfect pieces...
    "Wait, what just happened?" Mother Mary asked.
    "Setsugekka (flower, snow, and moon) is the untold martial art, having existed above all martial arts since creation. Setsugekka is an external marital art, as its emphasis on using ki and even weaponry to utilize rippling vacuum pressure to devoid the enemy of matter. It is the most graceful of the styles."
    On the surface, the user uses elegant footwork that resembles a dance. In reality, these movements are used to deliver painful slices to the user's opponents. Sincere merely focused on his hands, and by manipulating the vacuum around himself, he allowed his fingertips to cut through matter as though they were knives.
    "I’m not an expert in this, but in physics, the word nothingness is not used in any technical sense. A region of space is called a vacuum if it does not contain any matter. But it can contain physical fields. In fact, it is practically impossible to construct a region of space which contains no matter or fields, since gravity cannot be blocked and all objects at a non-zero temperature radiate electromagnetically. However, supposing such a region existed, it would still not be nothingness, since it has properties and a measurable existence as part of the quantum-mechanical vacuum." Mother Mary explained.
    "Maybe you should watch the next few battles; you’ll see something truly amazing. Through my style, I am able to create a rippling vacuum within the dimension itself. I am able to create a perfect vacuum; an ideal state of no particles at all. Through my attacks, I am able to slice through my opponents, removing all particles of matter from them."
    Sincere’s style was perfect, because with a mere slash, he empties his target(s) of all photons and gravitons, as well as dark energy, virtual particles, and other aspects of the quantum vacuum.

  • His mere existence makes speed irrelevant. Solecism I - III:

    "One of your comrades said that speed was irrelevant, and he was absolutely correct. It doesn’t matter how fast you are, when time dilates before my very presence."

  • Sincere and his brother are potentially all-powerful. Solecism I - IV:

    "I know that you two are known as potentials; La persona superiore a Dio. You two are observer anomalies who can wield power from the higher dimension, above The All." He said.
    Johannes Valentine opened up his hand, creating a universe within it.
    "As you can see, nothing is above my reach. I can hold the sum total of reality within my hand, and collapse it just as easily. However, you two have the potential to reach a state higher than what the union of NOTHING and ALL POSSIBILITY can manifest." Johannes Valentine explained.

  • Transcends time, space and causality. Solecism I - IV:

    "A paradox that is above the sequence of The All is beyond both existence and non-existence, transcending and including time, causation and space, and thus can never be known in the same material sense as one traditionally 'understands' a given concept, object or contradiction. The trans-anomalistic value of the nature of you two is intriguing. It is because of your nature, I have come to ask you two a question." Nero Crimsonwing explained.

  • Sincere and his brother are their own context. Solecism I - V:

    "You two are self-existent; meaning that you have no creator and no beginning. Your existences are dependent only on yourselves. [...]"

  • Sincere and his brother discuss a quest they've been given. Solecism I - V:

    "Do you think that we can kill God?" Lamont asked.
    "I don’t know; that’s a pretty serious coup. We have however, defeated and sealed Death, Nonexistence, Life, and The Mind. We have beaten some pretty serious Universal Truths in the past."
    "We have, but that’s because we can open up the Caskets of Time. We don’t know if our same old tricks with work against the one person who is above and created The All." Lamont said.

  • Sincere and his brother come from a place that never existed. Solecism I - VI:

    "My brother and I come from a space-time continuum that doesn’t exist, never has existed, and never will exist. It isn’t even theoretically possible that our timescape could have ever existed or been conceived."
    "So then how are you here?" She asked.
    "I cannot honestly explain that. You see, we do not exactly have any memories of our world. That is why we go around waking people up. Every time we wake someone up, we gain memories from a forgotten period that never existed."

  • Is truly extradimensional. Solecism I - VI:

    "[...] when we came into being, we were outside of creation. We did not exactly understand why we existed. Actually, we still have no idea as to why we are here, but at the same time, we know that we are not. While searching for a reason as to why we are here, we have traveled to many planes of existences. We were able to do this because we were outside of and on top of all dimensionalities."

  • Sincere relates how many people he and his brother have woken in the about two years since their omniverse asploded. Solecism I - VI:

    "How many people have you attempted to wake up?" She asked.
    "To give you an approximate number; 10^googolplex and 8. If you want an exact number... [...] However, the number of people that we have saved amounts to naught. Through accelerated quantum probability and the Black Swan effect, I was able to figure out that not only did someone collapse the Space-time Continua, but all modes of existence. The entire Omniverse went through a reset. The only two who remember this event are my brother and I."

  • He's smart. Solecism I - VI:

    Harmonia stopped in amazement that Sincere truly knew more than what he should. He even knew about the fundamentals outside of the workings on top of all modes of existences.

  • Sincere is a omniverse-level paradox. Solecism I - VI:

    "Originally, you never existed at all. You are not of creation. You have no period in time. You have no form, substance, or structure. You do not stand within the ranks of existence. Now, nothing has changed. You are here. You are a paradox within the constructional framework of the Omniverse." Elohim Allah explained.

  • After a resurgence of people falling asleep, Sincere tries to deal with a lot of them. Solecism I - VIII:

    "I have encountered over 3.4 billion people within the last 32 hours. Only 700 of them have decided to continue walking in this world. Those 700 are all dead now..." Sincere explained.


    All of the following excerpts are from Solecism Complete V - Prelude, a prequel arc.

  • Chris and his brother see the birth of a new omniverse, which changes them forever.

    [...] You two were able to see the Truth behind the Grand Principle, and because of that, you entered into a dimension behind THE ALL.” Zacchaeus Iscariot said.

  • They have become beyond the omniverse.

    "We are unable to exist, yet we do exist. We are unable to experience oblivion, yet we have. We have seen something that could not have even been theoretically predicted in any sense of actuality or possibility. We should not exist in any theory of possibility or potentiality, and we don’t. However, here we are. We stand outside of the Omniverse, in awe of its creation." Sincere explained.

  • Before getting a grip on their new existence, their presence caused universes to fold up like cheap lawn furniture.

    With months gone by, Sincere and Lamont found themselves having to travel to different worlds. No matter where they went, reality would collapse because it was not their true reality. [...] This was never intentional, since they could not comprehend the nature of their existence.

  • After Chris accidentally the omniverse, they're chilling in pretty much nothing and then a high-roller comes around to tell them to shape up.

    Nathanael Dragonscript poked Christopher Sincere Pride on the head.
    "And with that, the seal that your God had placed on you since birth has been broken. Your greatest gift is no longer a casket hidden behind your reality." Quantum Probability; the manipulation of Cause and Effect was what came out of the casket.
    Sincere could now create and control cause and effect.

  • T R A I N I N G M O N T A G E

    "The Law of Divine Oneness explains how we are all connected in someway. Everything we do, say, or think is connected. It affects all others due to the fact that attraction is linked with dimensionality, possibility, potentiality, and actuality."
    "The Law of Vibration is all about how everything in all modes of existence vibrates or moves. It also explains how each thing; substance, form, thought, emotion, and void all have their very own vibrational frequency in which it occurs."
    "The Law of Action states that we must move in the direction of our dreams in order to achieve them. We must engage in some action that supports what we think about and what we dream about. It confirms whether potentiality can become actuality."
    "The Law of Correspondence states 'as above, so below' or in other words, everything has its own corresponding counterpart. The low cannot stand against the high. That is the logic."
    "The Law of Cause and Effect confirms that every action has an equal or opposite reaction."
    The Law of Compensation is next, but since it was linked with the former law, there was no need to teach it.
    "The Law of Attraction is one of the Ultimate Spiritual Laws. This Universal Law is all about how we create the things and events in our lives with the energies we create with our thoughts, words, actions, and feelings. It’s the ability to shape reality through volition."
    "The Law of Transmutation of Energy demonstrates how all beings have the ability and the power to change their current situations in life. You can do this by changing the energies that you are putting out into the world, by following and understanding the universal laws of attraction."
    "The Law of Relativity states that all things are relative. We are all given our own barricades, our own personal challenges we must face in order to grow as individuals; a wall. Comparing yours to other people’s circumstances is a surplus, because their situations are different, yet, relative."
    "In your world, even the theory of relativity is a wall that seems to be a fleeting idea. It’s time to break all of these walls."
    "The Law of Polarity states that just like a magnet that has opposite polarities, so does everything else in nature. Everything has an equal opposite such as good and evil or yes and no. However, good and evil or yes and no, are merely the same as truth and lies. Remember, there is nothing but cold hard facts that exist."
    "The Law of Rhythm explains how everything in all modes of existence and nonexistence has its own rhythm. These rhythms are important to our very existence. These rhythms are what create the worlds. This rhythm is what gives all flavors of existence, all infinities, and all imaginary values meaning.”
    "The Law of Gender is the law of yin and yang. Understand this law, and understand the aspects of creation, maintenance, and destruction in its purest and absolute sense."
    Through this teaching, Sincere and Lamont experienced [20,000] years worth of training, making [these Laws] relative to them. [...]
    Nathanael Dragonscript conjured up the very principle behind magic and magick, summoning up the extra-dimensional energy that was the Divine Ground of all reality. Nathanael Dragonscript fired this energy from all angles of direction, only for the two brothers to negate it. [...]
    With a simple snap, Nathanael Dragonscript created an entire state of existence, encompassing a transfinite amount of collections of existences, each holding an entire complete ensemble of transfinite realities. Through his will, he reshaped every form of possibility and actuality. The two brothers were unaffected by reality-altering effects. The universe itself may change, but they could not. [...]
    For a thousand years, Sincere and Lamont had developed their art of war to the point that they never allowed their emotions to cloud their judgment. They became incapable of panicking. They achieved the ability to always carefully assess their tactical situation and determine the wisest course of action. They even had the wisdom to retreat. They achieved something that even greatest of leaders lacked, Clarity. This was a vital trait of a leader. [...]
    Through 1,000 years of nonstop training, the two brothers acquired a master level knowledge of all fighting arts known and unknown. Before possibility or potentiality could become actuality, they already knew the arts.
    The brothers spent another 500 years unconsciously advancing their bodies to develop the ability to always actively read body language, enabling them to read what a person is thinking and tell what they are going to do next before they do it. This was heavily modified due to their perfect knowledge in that of the human body. Much like a great doctor who relies on instinct to diagnose patients, their experience allowed them to sense tumors and the paths of blood vessels and the root of muscle aches. Through their added 500 years of experience for precision, they knew their opponents next move before they even did. They could even determine their opponent’s moves upon what they do first.

  • But wait, there's more! They don't just train for war, they gained a hell of a lot of knowledge as well.

    For the next 10,000 years, Sincere and Lamont studied and absorbed the knowledge of the collections of every single universe, inter-connecting universe, multiverse, dimension (alternate or pocket), realm, and higher dimension. The information and knowledge of every universe ever mentioned or seen (and an infinite amount never mentioned or seen) [...] was studied and absorbed into their minds.

  • Gains super mystical plot power or something.

    He opened up his left hand, creating possibility. He then opened up his right hand, creating potentiality. His mind opened up a door, creating total actuality.
    And with his feat, he collapsed...
    "And with that, the trial is over." Fate said.
    "Sincere, your essence will be rewarded and imbued with three treasures." Necessity said.
    "I am truly sorry for that hardship." Destiny said.
    "The Mirror of Clotho (the spinner of the life thread) is my gift from me to you." Fate said.
    "The Orb of Lachesis (the measurer of the life thread) is my gift from me to you." Necessity said.
    "The Sword of Atropos (the severer of the life thread) is my gift from me to you." Destiny said.

  • This stuff lets him see fate/plot.

    As Sincere looked at the existence of Sissi, he noticed something very intriguing about her reality. [...]
    <She has a red string of fate, and it is tied with his.>

  • Retcons his brother's relationship with some bint that was distracting him.

    Christopher Sincere Pride pulled the string of the possibility that linked Lamont’s memories of the last seven years, Universally Irreversibly erasing his time and memories. Not only did he pull the string of possibility, but he also pulled the strings of potentiality and actuality.
    All of his memories, experiences, and feelings dissipated. In fact, none of it ever was...
    Sincere manipulated probability, forcing his little brother to fall asleep. [...]
    Christopher Sincere Pride pulled the strings of possibility, potentiality, and actuality that were linked to Sissi Torres, ultimately and absolutely Universally Irreversibly erasing her from ever being...
    In fact, she never was...

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