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Respect Allegretto, the Man with the Speed of God [Heir to the Stars / Suggsverse]
Posted: Posted March 1st, 2018
Edited March 1st, 2018 by nullfather

Respect Allegretto, the Man with the Speed of God

Allegretto is a character seen in the book Heir to the Stars II by Lionel Suggs. He is the last of the bloodline of the Norse Gods and carries the title of Kamikakushi, "the man with the speed of god". His abilities are seen in his fight with the character Tenerezza and the observations of the character Waltz. He demonstrates extreme travel speed, extreme melee combat speed and a couple of neat hax abilities.

If you have ever been curious about what someone meant when they said "random scrub from Suggsverse", this character is a good starting place for understanding the power levels of Suggsverse. Allegretto is present for roughly two pages in one book and poses about as much trouble to the minor character Tenerezza as a level 1 mob poses to an RPG hero.

Notes: All of my edits and comments within quotes are denoted by [brackets]. As Allegretto is only seen in one fight, I will be presenting the feats in chronological order rather than creating separate categories. All quotes are from Heir to the Stars II, pg 13 - 15.

The planet that Tenerezza and Waltz encounter Allegretto on:

Eden’s Garden was 100,000 billion light-years away from Heaven’s Nest. It is an entire grass covered planet. It has only one tree, and that tree resembles the Sephirot that stretches above the atmosphere. The planet itself is an infinite dimensional space.

Keep that in mind. So that we understand some later feats, this is how fast Tenerezza and Waltz are casually:

It only took Tenerezza and Waltz 0.7 picoseconds to get there through mere traveling speed.

They encounter Allegretto there and Tenerezza says she's going to kick his ass, only for this to happen:

Before Waltz could comprehend what had happened, Allegretto stood over a defeated Tenerezza.

Allegretto explains to Waltz that he's 2fast (confirmed by narrator):

"Little boy, I am the Kamikakushi; the man with the speed of God." He said. This meant that Allegretto could travel at any speed that he believed that he could move at. His movements were only limited by his imagination.

Another note for timescale; Tenerezza promises Waltz that she will end the fight before a full second has passed (confirmed by narrator later):

Tenerezza slowly stood up. "Waltz, I will finish this up before it reaches a second." She said.

Not only is Allegretto fast as hell, he has a nice little hax attack (confirmed by Waltz's ability to understand reality through the "music" of the world):

Allegretto used his mind to cancel out the very reality of Tenerezza. Her matter, energy, substance, and reality itself was canceled out. It never existed at all... The music of the world told Waltz that his opponent had power over the Anti-Equation. He could use the very Anti-Existence to generate the anti-essence of a substance or form to cancel it out completely.

After Tenerezza steps back into existence, Allegretto demonstrates a massive flurry to try to damage her:

Allegretto attempted to attack her with a series of heavy blows. In a mere femtosecond, he unleashed 37 tredecillion distinct attacks [...]

Tenerezza evaded them, making Allegretto get serious about trying to speedblitz:

Allegretto’s speed was getting faster and faster. He was moving without moving. His mere thoughts were generating afterimages. His afterimages were generating afterimages and so on. He was completely omnipresent on the planet.

Tenerezza hits him with a death attack, which Allegretto evades with another technique called Scatenato:

Tenerezza mentally blew out his candle of life, but he entered Scatenato. He avoided death [..]

Scatenato was explained in an earlier fight where a different opponent also avoided Tenerezza's death attack (the <> denotes Tenerezza's thoughts):

Scatenato is the ability to break one’s limits of power. <He just used Scatenato to avoid death itself.>

Narrator confirms that the fight has thus far taken only a millisecond; Allegretto uses a massive application of the Anti-Equation:

He avoided death, and just after it hit a millisecond, he canceled out the reality of the planet.

The planet that was infinitely large, if you remember. Tenerezza was apparently caught in the AoE, as attested by the following quote. Also, Allegretto tanks infinite heat:

She stepped out of the void of nothingness and raised the temperature around Allegretto so high, that it reached above Planck Temperature. The temperature was at an infinite level.

Then Tenerezza uses significantly advanced hax that Allegretto cannot evade or recover from, finally defeating him:

Tenerezza then took out the candle that represented his essence, memory, timeline, and being. She blew it out as it finally reached a second within time.

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