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Resident evil 2 remake one shot demo
Posted: Posted January 12th by S.o h.

I've been on the fence about this game for the longest time now. After playing the 30 minute demo I can whole heartedly say....I NEED IT.

The demo is painfully short but it served its purpose. Graphically it looks great. I understand this may not be the final version of it but what I played was stunning.

Gameplay wise it goes back to the over the shoulder style of aiming for gun play. It still works for the series. This game stays true to the original as you re limited to what items you can carry. You even have to create your own ammo. (Which was the case in tje original games)

Over all I enjoyed what I played. Seeing Leon run is a bit awkward. It looks like he needs to use the bathroom....badly. The audio seems to be a bit off which I'm sure will be fixed in the final version.

It has been a while since ive been excited over a game. Let alone a resident evil game. I'm not sure what the bigger treat was the end of the demo or me playing the original re2 ps1 version on my vita for a good half hour as I waited fkr this to download. (I completely forgot it was downloading, I was too immersed with the original)

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