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I'm curious of who all here writes fanfiction and what is your take on writing and reading AU's? I recently got into a disagreement off site with someone who believes you can take any fandom and make it AU and it still be the same. My argument is, if the idea is to be an AU in the first place, why not just write original characters instead? Minor changes such as how two characters met or your take on their relationship (platonic or romantic) is fine, but to completely change the context of what the whole fandom was about to begin with is more then an AU - It's an original. I understand the point of AU's, but I feel like if taken too extreme then again, it becomes more then just an AU. To write say the character Harry Potter as a boy who's parents weren't killed and he didn't come face to face with the dark lord as a baby, to me you can't argue that he's still the same character. Harry Potter is who he is because his parent's were killed, because he did face the dark lord as a baby. To change that you've changed his character entirely, so why not just write an original character based off of or similar to Harry Potter instead? My friend's argument was that AU's are still fandom fanfics, but I argue that depending on how AU it really is that it's more of an original story merely based off of the fandom instead. What are all your guy's opinions?

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I dabble in it.but I don't think I"m anywhere near good. I've had a proect that's been in development for a while.

Posted May 3rd, 2018 by tnu
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