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Currently 97 on metacritic for PS4 and 98 for Xbox One.

IGN - 100
Game Informer - 100
Easy Allies - 100
EGM - 100
Gamespot - 90


All reviews here:

There are 14 Replies

Let a month go by, the enthusiasm will die down and the game will be played through and we'll know if there's any staying power after that.

Posted October 25th by Agis

I have it ready for install tonight. Can't wait! I considered taking tomorrow off but I just have too much work to do. I've also kept my hype going by continually not looking up anything about the game. I didn't watch the gameplay video at all. All I've seen is the first trailer. The only things I know is that horses have balls I guess and that your facial hair can grow "in real time" and your character is affected by what you eat (somehow).

Let a month go by, the enthusiasm will die down

Probably because Smash is coming out like a month after.

Posted October 25th by Fox Forever

Didnt care much for the first game but I am happy for the fans of the series.

Posted October 25th by S.O.H.

I have it ready for install tonight. Can't wait!

Ah that sounds exciting. I haven't had that experience in so long. Some day in the future. I hope you enjoy it all.

Posted October 25th by Vandy

Thanks! I almost never preorder any game but I have just 2 exceptions: A rockstar game or Smash Bros. It's just one of those in a blue moon things where they're happening just about a month apart from each other. It also helps that I traded in my bing rewards points for $55 so I just preordered most of the game with that.

Posted October 25th by Fox Forever

I still keep meaning to Finish the first one but every time I sit down to play it something comes up

Posted October 26th by Q

By the way...did you ever finish Earthbound?

Posted October 26th by Fox Forever

Got Red Dead 2 yesterday. Now I just gotta remember which button shoots my gun and which one says hello.

Posted October 27th by Louis De Pointe du Lac
Louis De Pointe du Lac
No love = No future

“By the way...did you ever finish Earthbound”

.....No I didn’t. Don’t judge me!

Posted October 27th by Q

you're in the old west, is there a difference?

never played the original, but I watched an LP of it and it seemed like a p cool game so I can appreciate the hype

Posted October 27th by Pirate_Ninja

I'm watching through an LP right now. Looks really, really good. And even though I wish I could play it and do everything I'd want to, like explore more and do some challenges, it does lend itself well to just watching it, since it has awesome cinematography.

Posted October 27th by Agis

Don’t judge me!

Lol, nah. I was just wondering your thoughts if you finished.

Posted October 27th by Fox Forever

I'm actually itnerested i this game I never messed wit te first two but I'll probably give tis alook

Posted October 27th by tnu

You should see how beserk some people get if they only give it a 9/10 or, god forbid, a (H)8/10!

I've struggled getting into Rockstar games before. I've had fun messing around in the sandboxes but the story part of their games has never appealed before. Plus the controls have never fully clicked.

Posted October 28th by Gigashadow
Reply to: Red Dead Redemption 2 scores 97 on metacritic currently
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