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Realizing the dream from circa 03-04 RPG Chat (Old Schoo)
Posted: Posted September 22nd, 2017 by Pale Rider

Been a minute RPG Chat. I've literally become almost the character I used to RP. I wanted to be a guy who had done badass shit as a 14-16 year old kid when I was active here. And, I did it. 11 years in the United States Army as a forward observer/track mechanic/public affairs specialist and being medically retired out as a Staff Sergeant (SSG) with a bronze star, 4 ARCOMs (1 w/ V-device) and other awards. I was able to transition that military career into a great career in the construction field running mobile cranes (LBC, TLL and TSS plus other certs from NCCCO) and being able to operate/drive nearly anything.
Married with a wife and a blue heeler, working a job near by running an 80 ton Lattice Boom Crawler Crane and still hobbying/playing Warhammer 40k.

I used to RP various pseudo-military hardasses, but I became that guy. Who else was able to be what they envisioned themselves being?

Also, I'm down to RP. Lovecraftian lore, Classic Fantasy, WH40K and most WoD stuff is what I'm down for. I love crafting character background/settings and stuff like that. Hit me up if you want to do some fun/in depth role playing.

Thanks for reading.
C. Coker

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I used to be known as Taken in those days. No one will really talk to me on here because of how I was. I miss Vancey and I talk to Learna here and there I love her very much. I miss everyone from that time and though I don't deserve it would love to find and become friends with them. Vance had a YouTube channel a few years ago and she learna and I would chat. I used to talk to vancey on the phone while she played Catherine. I'm sorry I was a shallow ass. As far as dreams I didn't go the shallow route. I'm more spiritual and I enjoy drugs and alcohol in my attempts to reach the other side. I know Vance did not approve of this but the things I've seen and felt sober or otherwise is amazing.

Posted September 28th, 2017 by Thunderbird

Talen not taken I hate autocorrect

Posted September 28th, 2017 by Thunderbird

Closest I ever got to being a wild elf was doing work-trade on organic farms in Maui for like five months after college.

Best time of my life.

Posted September 30th, 2017 by Agis

Agis that's amazing! Don't you miss being free?

Posted September 30th, 2017 by Thunderbird

Pale, I never knew you, but you have my deepest respect for your service to your country. I am not American but I have military history in my family. I place the highest amount of respect on serving and veteran men and women. You should be proud of your achievements

My RP characters were always sword and sorcery based, so I never really can become any of them.

Hi Thunderbird, I remember "Talen". We never RP'd but I recognize the name. The only "troll" I remember back in the day was "Mr.Reeeee" who would spam posts, pushing people's posts pages back and making ridiculously long poll topics because there was no character limit for the subject line on a poll.

Posted October 9th, 2017 by Shadow

I could never be nearly as badass as the person i pretended to be.

Posted October 10th, 2017 by Kohlrak

If you weren't 11bang bang then you weren't shit! Kidding bro, never knew you but... glad you got to experience time in the military. I too served, and aside from a broken spine, it brought me nothing but wonderful experiences. Along with many opportunities in life. Glad your life has turned out as well as it has.

Posted October 17th, 2017 by Kai *
Kai *

My father injured his spine, too. Now i'm curious. Have to do with a missing railing? Was it at Knox?

Posted October 17th, 2017 by Kohlrak

Nah, haha. It was during a training exercise in latvia. I was the number two man in a patrol mission, was heavy forest area at night, was pitch black, and with nods(night vision goggles) it is very difficult to see when all you see is trees. Our point man was bored apparently, and acted a fool, leaving me as a point(was my first real mission, had no idea what I was doing) I fell into a 10 foot hole and my lower back landed directly on a rock. I had back pain for four years, medics never found anything wrong. I got out, went to the VA, got it checked, and they quickly found out I did 4 years with a broken spine, and it is now healed incorrectly and pinching a nerve.

Posted October 17th, 2017 by Kai *
Kai *

It kills me how common that story is. My father was pushed off, his DD-214s said that he would likely get disability, but the DI told him privately that he wouldn't get VA coverage. A year or two ago he found out the truth. He was eligible for disability all this time, but was working in a factor, and now his back is in really bad shape from working all those years on it.

Posted October 17th, 2017 by Kohlrak

My old username was Cyborg_000 (IC, everyone called him Cy because I enjoyed making his real name a mystery). Iím still waiting for a corrupt government institution to kidnap me for a super soldier project. Haha

Seriously though, I have definitely grown into Cyís personality. He was always a hot headed, obnoxious bonehead with a dubious moral compass. Though on the outside he seemed like a ruffian, he always had a heart of gold and always loyal to his friends. I was always quiet in my younger years; so RPing as Cy let me be someone who always let his voice be heard. Eventually, I came to be very much like that. Iím honest, decisive, always get to the point, and do so with a few witty one liners to go with it. Though just like Cy used to be, the boisterous tough guy hero act is mostly a facade. Mostly intended to filter out fake people from my central group of friends.

Another interesting thing is that Cy always had a lot of female friends. Not like a harem, he almost always had a steady significant other + a good 5 or so ďsistersĒ who always saw through his tough guy act and put him in his place. Of course the one or two REALLY good male friends would be there to help him get out of trouble. Somehow, thatís become a big part of my real social life. My wife and I have been together for over 8 years and I find it much more easy to socialize with women than men.

Iíve thought about it quite a bit and realized that my developing RP character inadvertently become s ďblueprintĒ for my social and mental development. Itís definitely not as badass as being a true war hero like yourself. However, Iím pretty content with who I am as a person.

Posted October 27th, 2017 by Cy~0

Cool stuff, guys. I'm gonna be on usually over weekends. So, let's figure some decent RP out. Prefer, multi-paragraph posts so we don't have to be all on at the same time and can progress a story.

I got love for grunts, Kai. Back problems get you paid by the VA though. I gotta get my knees fixed in the next year or so.

Appreciate the love, folks.

Posted November 26th, 2017 by Pale Rider

If anyone has experience in D&D, I'd really like to try applying a more structured form of RP'ing. I tried it for the first time last year and loved it.

Posted November 26th, 2017 by Agis

If anyone has experience in D&D, I'd really like to try applying a more structured form of RP'ing. I tried it for the first time last year and loved it.

I'd be interested.

Posted November 26th, 2017 by Cetasaurus
Formerly KM8

I have played D&D since I was 8 years old from 2 edition to the 5th edition now. I have also played a ton of Pathfinder that is basically D&D just different creator. I would love to play or run a game for the individuals of RPG Chat. :)

Posted June 30th, 2018 by Kai *
Kai *
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