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You can now randomize whatever part of MyCards that you want to.

The syntax is that you surround the part you want randomized with { } and separate entries with semicolons.

So for example, if you want your main image to be one of these two images:


You make your Main Image be {;}.

However, you can also do this with other images and areas where you enter text.

Eventually I'd like to switch over to using commas, but there are some issues with how data is stored at the moment. You'll still be able to use semicolons when the change is made.

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Posted May 4th by Xhin
Fractal icious

Let me test this out!

Posted May 4th by Moonray

It works ^_^

Posted May 4th by Moonray

Dope. I'll have to put together some things when I have the time.

Posted May 4th by nullfather


Posted May 6th by Pirate_Ninja

What are the MyCard image dimensions?

I want to make MyCard images that already fit the frame instead of sticking an image in there and adjusting it with the site tools.

I remember seeing the numbers somewhere, but I can't find the thread.

Edited May 7th by nullfather

375x175 is what I use for the full-size single image ones

Posted May 7th by Pirate_Ninja

According to this:
It's 300 x 135 for 'The Glorious', aka the big single picture. Not sure if that's still correct, but my 600x270 previous image seemed to scale properly to that.

Posted May 7th by Count Dooku

I believe when I made that thread I simply downloaded the example images Xhin used and then checked their size.

Whether or not he used images that are the correct size I can't say.

Posted May 8th by Moonray

I just screenshotted my MyCard, pasted it into PDN and selected the image window. It shows 299 x 140.

Posted May 8th by nullfather

EDIT: I fixed it myself. It was remembering the scaling/cropping settings from the old MyCard image.

Edited May 8th by nullfather
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