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Posted: Posted July 10th by Jo Nathan
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Hi all. I was hoping I could get some advice from fans of From Software titles. I recently beat Sekiro, which is actually my first real foray into the From Software catalog. I did try Demon's Souls but didn't stick with it for long, so I'm not sure I count that. Sekiro really was something - I actually have a ton of things to say about it but I won't waste your time with that unless someone really wants to know what I think. I'll cut to the chase: it's a pretty simple question, really - which game do you recommend I go to next? Bloodborne seems like it gets way more praise than Dark Souls, but both are undeniably very popular. I have access to a copy of DS3 in my household but would it be silly to start with that one? Heck, do you think I might enjoy Demon's Souls more now that I've got a From title under my belt, or would it just feel like garbage compared to the magnificence of Sekiro? Just was wondering what you guys think. Cheers

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It's been a while since I played Bloodborne, but I enjoyed my time with it. Never did get around to beating it - hoping to give it another go if it ever hits PC.

The first From Software game I played was Dark Souls, a good while after it launched. I think I lost interest in that one about halfway through. Beat the remastered version + DLC for the first time a year or so ago and had a pretty good time, but the game's age shows a bit.

Dark Souls 3 is by far my favorite of the bunch. It's the first one I bought at launch and played all the way through. I think it has the best gameplay of the DS series, as well as the best PVP if that's your thing. From a 'lore' perspective, you really don't have to know anything to enjoy the game, although if you haven't played DS1 you'll miss out on some nostalgia fan service.

Can't speak to Demon's Souls or Dark Souls 2 as I haven't played them.

If you already have a copy of DS3, I'd say give it a go.

Posted July 10th by Count Dooku
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Dark Souls is one of my top 10 games of all time! I highly recommend.

In terms of the order of the series though, I really enjoyed playing Demons' Soul followed by Dark Souls. I really liked how Dark Souls took the sort of Mario 64 hub world type of game that was DeS and expanded it into a full fledged continuous adventure. It feels like a true evolution of its concept. I love it when sequels do that.

Dark Souls 2 is a bit more average really. It's made by the B team at From, as I understand, and it shows. The online mode is really fun but the actual adventure feels like a bunch of random levels mixed together in some random order. It's still a very fun game though (and really nice looking in some areas too).

Bloodborne is good as well, but harkens back a bit to the formula of Demon's Souls where you depart from a hub world each time you start up the game. It feels like there is a bit less emphasis on RPG elements and more on the action side of things. An interesting twist on the series for sure.

I haven't played Dark Souls 3 and I've only dipped my toes into Sekiro, so unfortunately it's hard for me to compare those games.

Stoked for Elden Ring and I hope I don't have to buy a new console to play it lol I've also been on the hunt for Otogi on the original Xbox but I've had a hell of a time trying to track a copy down locally.

That's all I know about From haha

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I am itching to jump onto Sekiro again but I can not justify a 60 dollar price tag for it. (Wasted that money on Resident Evil 3 and I regret it).

I only played a little bit of 3 and graphically it is a beautiful game. If you have the chance to play it why not? From what I played they seem to smooth out some of the kinks from Dark Souls 1 and 2. It is not a terrible place to start. The issue with starting from Demon Souls or Dark Souls (neither have any connection to each other, other than some cameo boss?) is that both games are dated. Their mechanics are extremely dated and were a headache to play and get into. (revisited the PC remaster of Dark Souls a few months back)

Dark Souls 2 is my favorite of the bunch. I personally played through the vanilla edition when it first released and I enjoyed it. It is one of those game that I beat multiple times jumping at the new game+ difficuty again and again. The vanilla version is the easiest of the games, however I played a bit of the "enhanced" dlc version and outside of some early boss tweaks and item changes it is still the more forgiving game.

Ive tried multiple times to get into blood borne....I get a few hours in and it chugs along like a college freshman trying to prove his worth at a Fraternity Rush Event. Its okay but not for me.

Posted July 10th by S.O.H.
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To my shame I never did get around to Sekiro. I need to fix that soon.

Demon's Souls is a bad name for a good game. Dark Souls really is better in almost every way though, and my favorite game going on ten years... but you might not be unjustified in writing off my devotion as pathological. Dark Souls II is an interesting followup, but it's the clunkiest game by a mile. Scholar of the First sin is the version to play. Dark Souls III adheres somewhat closer to the first one in mechanical terms, and plays very well as a result, but I find its self referential nature occasionally distracting. Neither of the Dark Souls sequels are recommendable starting points, in my view, given the (varying) ways they respond to the first game.

Bloodborne is magical though, and not far behind Dark Souls in my own reckoning. I can promise that either of those two would be worth your immediate attention.

Heck, do you think I might enjoy Demon's Souls more now that I've got a From title under my belt, or would it just feel like garbage compared to the magnificence of Sekiro?

Based just on gameplay videos, it appears that Sekiro possesses a mechanical sophistication that eclipses all earlier titles. The slow, methodical exploration and combat encouraged by Demon's Souls is worlds apart from that, and in that sense the least jarring transition would probably be to Bloodborne.

Posted July 10th by Famov
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Thank you kindly for your insight, guys. I think I know where I'll go from here, but I'll still have time to think it over while going through Sekiro again. That's how much I enjoyed Sekiro - I started another playthrough right away.

If there's one thing I'm concerned about, it's how streamlined Sekiro is compared to the others. No classes, no new weapons/armor (just secondary weapons), only two stats to raise and you do this after boss fights all Zelda-style, your primary source of heals renews itself every time you use a checkpoint... Some people criticize these simplifications, but as someone who gets easily overwhelmed with complexity I find it a godsend as it lets me focus my attention on exploring the world and overcoming excessively brutal bosses without getting overwhelmed by other distractions. I worry the other games might overwhelm me in that regard, but it will probably be fine, it may just take me longer than the average player to get acclimated.

For real though, as someone who wasn't into From games before and gave no shits about Sekiro until a friend twisted my arm and got me to buy it, I have been blown away to the greatest extent. This feeling rivals how I felt when I finished The Last Of Us for the first time.

Posted July 11th by Jo Nathan
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What's the very first boss (that you pull the sword out of) in Dark Souls 3 called?

Posted July 12th by I killed Mufasa
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Not sure if there's a better place for this, but I recently started playing Dark Souls 2 (SOTFS). So far I have two of the "big souls" that you need, and I've just gotten to Iron Keep. Apparently I'm 20 hours in.

So far I think I would definitely rank it at the bottom of the list for Souls games. Which isn't to say that it's a bad game! I'm enjoying myself, and it's pretty challenging. But a lot of the difficulty feels like it comes from 'jank'. The camera took a bit of getting used to (and changing some settings to stop it auto-adjusting itself!) and none of the weapons have really grabbed me like they did in DS1/DS3. I realize SOTFS is a sort of 'remaster/rebalance', but I wouldn't mind DS2 getting the remaster treatment like DS1 to make things smoother.

Boss design also seems fairly uninspired. Dark Souls 3 gets a fair amount of flak for 'humanoid bosses', but I feel like almost every enemy AND boss I've fought in DS2 meets the definition of 'humanoid'.

World design is... not great so far. I appreciate that they give you the freedom to go in about six different directions right off the bat, but I think it really messes with the flow of the game. I found an infinite large titanite vendor within the first ~4 hours of the game, and yet apparently I won't unlock infinite normal titanite until I beat Iron Keep. Confusing!

What's the very first boss (that you pull the sword out of) in Dark Souls 3 called?

Iudex Gundyr

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