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Pride Month
Posted: Posted June 10th by Cruinn-Annuin
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This is a thread celebrating Pride Month. Feel free to discuss your experience and thoughts as an LGBT person or ally. Curiosity and support from others is also welcome.

It's very late right now, but I wanted to get this started at least. I'll probably post more tomorrow.

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I can understand it feeling patronizing, especially when corporations try to appropriate it for commercial reasons. The number of major corporations selling crap with rainbows on it, trying to capitalize off of it all without contributing much of value (such as hiring or promoting members of the LGBTQA+ community for leadership roles within the businesses, or often feature CEOs who donate large sums of money to politicians who actively seek to roll back protections for the community).

That said, I know a lot of people in the community, and most of them appreciate a month specifically calling attention to a group that largely doesn't get much attention. The reason for these things is that these groups don't often get represented in mainstream ways. The reason for Black History Month, for example, is that "black history" tends to get left out of "American history." So it bears taking the time to specifically cater to that marginalized group often excluded from the text books or media representation. And, as it pertains to the LGBTQA+ community, it can be easy to fall into the thinking that things are good now what with same-sex marriages being legal and all. And more young people than ever simply don't care. And yet, there are still states that try to discriminate marriage licenses or pass laws trying to prevent same-sex couples from adoptions. There is an administration now actively rolling back protections for so many groups of Americans, this community among them, too. A lot of fear-mongering and bigotry gets expressed around transgender people. And on a fundamental level, people still experience the tried-and-true oppression of physical threats. (I'm in a pretty LGBTQA+ friendly place, but I had people harass me a few weeks ago and follow me out of a bar because I was a "fag" wearing a pink hoodie.)

Progress has been made in a lot of ways, but we still aren't nearly at a place where many in the community feel particularly safe, welcomed, or seen. Pride Month, and months like these, are a little way to try and shine some focus on groups that don't tend to regularly get focus. (And is the reason why there is no need for a "Straight Pride Month," because straight people and relationships have been so normalized and accepted and protected in cultural and legal ways, one can't really genuinely argue that heterosexuals aren't "represented" in our media or history books. So majority, protected groups celebrating their majority, protected status feels a bit different.)

This isn't to say anyone should feel any specific way about it. As mentioned, some people - within and outside it - like the idea. Others - within and outside it - do not. And many just don't really care one way or the other. For me, I think it's better that it exists than it doesn't. I am a cis, straight, white man of Christian upbringing in a low middle class/high working class family. But I do know people who feel Pride Month is important, and that is enough for me to like it myself.

(Most everyone I know does hate the commercialization of it though. Putting rainbows on your products for a month is about capitalism, not the LGBQTA+ community or being an ally.)

Posted June 10th by Jet Presto
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Jet, what do you think about disliking it or days/months like it because you desire it to be an integrated norm? For example, teach black history in U.S. history because you want it integrated, not separated to a month?

Posted June 10th by Fox Forever
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Jet, what do you think about disliking it or days/months like it because you desire it to be an integrated norm? For example, teach black history in U.S. history because you want it integrated, not separated to a month?

I agree with this idea. I feel delegating it to a month just cheapness the over all importance of said history. I would imagine it would be hard to integrate it as the norm though. Even in college we had to take classes specifically to that area of history. General history classes at every level are wide in scope and fail for obvious reasons to accurately cover some group of individuals.

Posted June 10th by S.O.H.
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That said, I know a lot of people in the community, and most of them appreciate a month specifically calling attention to a group that largely doesn't get much attention.

LGBT people are about 5% of the population, but are constantly shoehorned into things. If anything, we are over-represented, both through fetishization and tokenization. It is really uncomfortable to almost constantly see stuff featuring LGBT people where the overall point of their existence is "this person is gay and that's cool".

We're not starved for attention. We're starved for quality and fairness.

Posted June 10th by Cruinn-Annuin
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teach black history in U.S. history

There's no such thing as "black history". American history is taught in American history courses, and that includes the histories of many black and white Americans, among others. If the concept of "white history" sounds absurd then that's because it is, but it helps to highlight the absurdity that we have helped to enshrine by validating the narrative of ethnic histories which serve only to divide people into groups, rather than acknowledge the one shared identity that actually matters, which is that we are a free people with the same rights and the same civic responsibilities. Beyond that, we are individuals and it is in this that we derive our worth.


But while we're considering all that is absurd about modern life:

Forgive me for raining on the proverbial rainbow parade, but this acronym is an exercise in inanity, as I have argued several times before. Who precisely does the plus sign include? That's an open question. Anyone can try to answer it if they dare, but any hesitation that they might have in trying to comprehensively include every sex-adjacent identity probably has to do with the possibility that they may exclude one group or another from this font of inclusivity (my dictionary would rather that I use "inclusiveness", but that word is considerably less woke). The plus sign is therefore a blank check, so that (almost) anyone can join, aided in part by the 'A'. The 'A' stands for allies, or so I am told. That means a straight person can be LGBTQQIAAP. But if straight people can join, then who can't? To answer this, we have to consider what an ally is. They must, or so it seems to me, implicitly agree with aims and objectives of LGBTQQIAAP, and what are the aims and objectives of this group if not political in nature? Once more I must stress, having conventional sexual appetites is not enough to exclude one from the group. The only thing you can't do is disagree with the aforementioned objectives, for diversity of opinion is the only kind of diversity that they cannot tolerate. Coercing Coloradan christian confectioneries might sound appealing to those that derive some kind of schadenfreude from watching the long arm of the law bury anyone that defies the current zeitgeist, with the invocation of antidiscrimination law serving only to demonstrate how the best of intentions can be weaponized against innocent people, but I can't help but notice that this is exactly the sort of marginalization that they profess to be against.

Alas, I cannot be an ally. But I do recognize how the propensity of some to imagine injustice would not be so exaggerated were it not for the real injustices that have existed and that still occasionally exist, even in a decadently progressive society like my own. That is, those that choose to derive pride from their identities only do so as a response to the undeserved shame that many have been made to feel for expressing their own individuality. I look forward to a time when we have discarded these sorts of divisive pseudo holidays because no one will feel the need to have them anymore.

Posted June 10th by Famov
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I also dislike the extended acronym, though I find my own criticisms of it to be more an exercise in gatekeeping and pedantry than anything. If I had it my way, L, G, B & T (and "+", as long that that actually signifies something that isn't cishet and not just someone who wants to tag along) would all fall under "queer". But people don't like that and they scream at me when I suggest it.

I would especially like to remove the "L" from the equation, as I don't think it is justified for women to have their own special term. Finding girls hot is a severely reductive interpretation of the Lesbian tradition and I don't think that it matters exactly what bits you're mashing together if the movement is a serious attempt to advance fairness for the non-cishet people. Why add more and more terms, especially when it divides the community and provides a basis for generating such horseshit as "lesbian-identifying non-transitioning males"?

Posted June 10th by Cruinn-Annuin
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I've recently been wondering why "lesbian" is a separate term (category?) than just being gay along with the males.

Posted June 10th by Vandy
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it's for convenience in categorizing pornography

Happy pride month lgbtq members! Gholwi, faw, Cyrus et al

I forgot ! I love lgbtq

brandy got lax on punctuation and I choose to believe this is how it was meant to read

Posted June 10th by Pirate_Ninja
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At my college we have LGBTQ Dorms.

Posted June 10th by S.O.H.
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