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Pretty sure my hand is going to fall off
Posted: Posted February 6th by Cetasaurus

I've had a pinched nerve in my shoulder for like 6 weeks. It's a constant feeling of having hit your elbow on the funny bone, only it goes from your back to all the way down your arm.

Anyway, it feels like my fingers are trying to vibrate themselves off of my body right now. Just this weird, vibrating, burning feeling.

It's fine. It's fine? It's fine.

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ya probably fine

Posted February 6th by poptart!

i bet my fiancee wishes my fingers could vibrate

Posted February 6th by poptart!

Have you seen anyone about it? Did it just develop of all of a sudden? Neck pain? Doesn't sound dangerous

Posted February 6th by Ophelia

If you have a pull-up bar or something similar available, you can try a few sets of dead hangs. Those are really good for shoulder impingement.

Posted February 6th by Agis

I would be more concerned if it were numb, cold and blue. It's not going to fall off as long as you have good blood circulation.
But you should probably see a doctor.

Posted February 6th by Vandy

Thanks everyone. I was only venting haha (I'm not worried).

It started because I was doing cartwheels. I went to the doctor after a month, and they just told me to come back if I lose the ability to grip things.

Posted February 7th by Cetasaurus
Formerly KM8
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