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Prelude to a kiss
Posted: Posted April 14th by Aengus Hyperion

The sun had barely made it above the trees in the dense little set of woods. A solo traveler strolled down the dirt path with his eyes focused on the tiny rays of light making it through the trees above. His red hair long and every other lock dreaded in a thin way. He dons the colors of the forest for his garb with a bow and quiver upon his back. His pale face glows from the light, blue eyes squinted and full lips curved into a smile as he sings along to the song in his head. lately, these woods have developed a reputation for the paranormal. He has heard tales of tiny creatures, odd lights, and even human sacrifice. This, however, has not stopped him from his day as he grew up playing in these woods long before the dark days set in.Suddenly, something caught his eye. A young maiden sat upon a tree stump brushing her blonde locks of hair. As he approached her, he began to realize her face was badly disfigured and did not match the rest of her flawless physical features. "Pardon me, miss, but are you alright out here?"

Her head slowly turned to meet the young man's gaze. Her mouth cracked and widened like a snake unhinging it's jaw. As she lunged for him, he dived to the side barely evading her. Regaining his composure he removed his bow. As she dove again he easily took her down delivering hit of such fury with the diamond based bow. It wasn't until he saw her smashed in head and blood flowing upon the dirt that he stopped and wiped the sweat from his brow.

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Posted Wednesday by Cetasaurus
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Posted Wednesday by Aengus Hyperion
Aengus Hyperion
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