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Prelude to a kiss
Posted: Posted April 15th, 2018 by Aengus Hyperion
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The sun had barely made it above the trees in the dense little set of woods. A solo traveler strolled down the dirt path with his eyes focused on the tiny rays of light making it through the trees above. His red hair long and every other lock dreaded in a thin way. He dons the colors of the forest for his garb with a bow and quiver upon his back. His pale face glows from the light, blue eyes squinted and full lips curved into a smile as he sings along to the song in his head. lately, these woods have developed a reputation for the paranormal. He has heard tales of tiny creatures, odd lights, and even human sacrifice. This, however, has not stopped him from his day as he grew up playing in these woods long before the dark days set in.Suddenly, something caught his eye. A young maiden sat upon a tree stump brushing her blonde locks of hair. As he approached her, he began to realize her face was badly disfigured and did not match the rest of her flawless physical features. "Pardon me, miss, but are you alright out here?"

Her head slowly turned to meet the young man's gaze. Her mouth cracked and widened like a snake unhinging it's jaw. As she lunged for him, he dived to the side barely evading her. Regaining his composure he removed his bow. As she dove again he easily took her down delivering hit of such fury with the diamond based bow. It wasn't until he saw her smashed in head and blood flowing upon the dirt that he stopped and wiped the sweat from his brow.

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Posted April 18th, 2018 by Cetasaurus
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Posted April 18th, 2018 by Aengus Hyperion
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((Meant to jump in sooner, but stuff came up. Apologies. Hope you're still around.))

Squeezed and huddled between the concealing branches of a boxwood bush, Sevin heard the voice of a newcomer, first singing, then talking to someone. He tried to turn in his hiding spot, hoping to signal a warning to the traveler. He rustled the bush, squirming uncomfortably as the coarse wood made small red marks across his skin and dropped leaves down the back of his shirt. He hadn't made much progress shifting his position before he heard the scuffle between man and maiden begin. He held his breath and fell still, not knowing what more he could do to help. His eyes scanned the ground through the frame of dense green around him, trying to find out what was happening.

Sevin heard blows landing, which was promising. This traveler must be a much stronger fighter than himself. As he peered through the branches, he saw the maiden hit the earth floor, right in front of his line of vision. A diamond-based bow delivered the final strike, the impact landing against the maiden-creature's head with enough force to split it open, sending blood coursing out like a river. Sevin closed his eyes and looked away from the gory image. There was silence now though, and Sevin dared to take in a nervous, rattling breath, feeling relief wash over him.

The boxwood plant he was in began to shake noticeably as he struggled to free himself from its confines. Ungracefully, Sevin staggered out, tripping forward as he tried to clamber to his feet. His dark blue cloak snagged against a branch before finally breaking free. He stood up and turned around, facing the newcomer, cloak askew atop his dark brown commoner's clothes. At barely over five feet tall, and clearly underfed, Sevin did not strike an imposing figure. He must have been about nineteen years of age, perhaps younger. A small twig was sticking out of his messy brown hair, which had been cut short in choppy, uneven pieces.

"H-hello," Sevin said to the stranger, eyes accidentally looking down at the corpse between them, then darting quickly back up as his stomach lurched. "I-I wanted to warn you when I heard you coming about the- about the monster." He took in a ragged breath as he tried not look back down at the blood. "I was passing through here myself with my father when she– it attacked us and..." Sevin's eyes began to well with tears as he looked at a spot in the foliage behind him, toward something unknown. They glinted in the sun, hazel with a hint of turquoise. "I'm just glad you're ok," he said, looking back at the stranger. "And-and sorry I didn't warn you before she attacked."

Sevin shook his arm awkwardly at his side, and a leaf or two fell out of sleeve. "You can call me Sev," he said, finally thinking to introduce himself. "You seem like a skilled fighter. And that's quite a weapon you have there." He glanced at the bow the stranger held. "Who might you be?"

Posted April 21st, 2018 by Cetasaurus
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Getting early-mid 2000s vibes from this thread. I like it.

Posted April 23rd, 2018 by MarvaIo
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Panic took him as the boy's clumsy disposition presented him with a harsh reality. He had never been one to enjoy surprises. Even as a child, he had always read the final chapter first in all of the books. "How are you here without my knowing? Where is my friend?" he asked, as his light blue eyes narrowed through locks of fiery red hair. It was then more noises could be heard in the plethora of green around the two. From it all came forth a huge owl that landed upon the man's shoulder.
Breathing a sigh of relief, he once again turned to face the boy. "You were right to hide, boy. It is dangerous for all of us to be out here. I do it so that tragedies like you've face will happen less. Don't worry, you're safe now. Because i'm a red haired giant at 7 feet tall, my fellow monster hunters call me Hyperion. How long have you been out here in hiding? Do you have any family nearby that I could return you to?"

Posted April 24th, 2018 by Aengus Hyperion
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(Sorry, i'm rusty. Also, join us, Marvalo.)

Posted April 24th, 2018 by Aengus Hyperion
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Sevin, still quite on edge, started as the massive owl swooped into the scene, alighting on the stranger's shoulder. He stared at it with an expression of awe and appreciation, admiring the beast. He then turned his attention back to the monster hunter as he spoke, revealing himself as Hyperion.

"A monster hunter?" Sevin asked. He had heard of these individuals, but had never met one. His respect for Hyperion seemed to intensify in his expression. But as Hyperion posed his questions to Sevin, the younger man found himself unable to hold his gaze, dropping his eyes toward the ground and shaking his head sorrowfully. His expression was obscured as he answered softly. "I was hiding for perhaps only an hour," he said. "I don't have anyone, but if you're willing to help me, I really need to get to Dreyville, the town northeast of here." At this point, Sevin lifted his head again, appearing composed. "My father and I were on an errand to deliver something there. It is a matter of some urgency, or else we wouldn't have risked crossing through these dangerous woods..."

Posted April 25th, 2018 by Cetasaurus
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