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Potential Buffs/Nerfs That Mei Be Implemented in the game soon
Posted: Posted August 18th, 2016 by Axem Metal
These are the patch notes for the PTR server. Not all changes make it to the actual game (ex. Mercy's damage boost increasing to 50% for two days. That did NOT last long)

There are many characters getting some slight changes. Also some bug fixes and map changes, but the most interesting patch notes are those revolving around the characters. Click to link if you'd like to read the rest.



Ultimates that consume the ultimate meter when activated will now drain the meter more quickly (.25 second instead of 1 second)
Reverted a recent change to reduce size of heroes' projectiles

Developer Comments: Altering the size of projectiles in flight had too many unintended side effects to keep in the game, at least in its current form. We will continue watching this and make additional changes if necessary.


Defense Matrix After being activated, Defense Matrix will begin regenerating following a 1-second delay (formerly .5 seconds)

Developer Comments: Defense Matrix was too efficient when tapped repeatedly, instead of being held. Now, the recovery delay matches the ability cooldown.


Hanzo will now experience a 30% decrease in speed while aiming (formerly 40%) Maximum projectile speed has been increased by 30%

Developer Comments: Hanzo has the potential to deal a lot of damage, but he can feel really inconsistent, even at a medium distance. By increasing the projectile speed, we’re extending his reliable range, making it easier to land shots without having to perfectly predict enemy movement.



The Blizzard projectile now pierces barriers

Radius has been increased from 8 meters to 10 meters

Developer Comments: Mei has an interesting toolkit, but her ultimate often felt like it was too difficult to use effectively. Consequently, it felt weak compared to many other ultimate abilities. The freeze effect has been piercing barriers for some time now, but the projectile would still be blocked. Now, you can throw it down exactly where you want it, so it’s much easier to utilize the full radius effectively.



Now drains over a .25-second period (instead of displaying a 50% reduction on the ultimate meter when activated and 0% when confirmed)

Developer Comments: If players managed to counter or avoid McCree's ultimate, it would often regenerate very quickly since only half of the ultimate charge was spent. Now, this ultimate works like every other ultimate that has a duration.

Mercy Caduceus Staff Healing Beam

Healing-per-second has been increased by 20% Resurrect Resurrected allies will be able to maneuver after 2.25 seconds (reduced from 3 seconds)

Developer Comments: Resurrection now allows teammates to jump back into the fight more quickly, which should help Mercy survive after activating her ultimate. Mercy's healing is also getting a boost to solidify her role as a strong, single-target healer.


Double jump no longer resets when wall climbing

Dash No longer deals damage to traps like Widowmaker's Venom Mine or Junkrat's Steel Trap

No longer bypasses Junkrat's Steel Trap Swift Strike No longer interrupts quick melee attacks Dragonblade Duration of Genji's ultimate has been reduced from 8 seconds to 6 seconds

Developer Comments: Genji was a little too difficult to pin down, and these changes will balance his speed. Swift Strike no longer cancels the recovery time from a quick melee attack, so players will no longer be able to get a free melee attack before using Swift Strike. Lastly, Dragonblade's duration was long enough that it often felt too difficult to reasonably counter.


Amp It Up

The boosting of movement speed has been decreased by 30% (from a 100% increase to a 70% increase)

Developer Comments: Thanks to Lúcio's speed increase, he was almost a must pick in every lineup. Roadhog Chain Hook If the hooked target isn't in Roadhog's line of sight when retracting the hook, they will be moved back to the position where they were originally hooked Developer Comments: This change means that hooked targets will be less likely to slide along walls, potentially ending up in an odd place after they've been reeled in. Zenyatta

Orb of Discord

The amount of damage amplified by a target with Orb of Discord has been decreased from 50% to 30%

Orb of Destruction

Damage has been increased from 40 to 46

Developer Comments: Zenyatta is in a far better place since the last update, but the strength of Orb of Discord has turned him into an almost mandatory pick. These changes reduce Orb of Discord's effectiveness, but his damage-dealing potential has been increased. The amount of damage that he delivers should feel largely unaffected by the change.


Watchpoint: Gibraltar Watchpoint: Gibraltar’s first checkpoint has been removed Developer Comments: The balance changes that were implemented in previous patches have eliminated the need for Watchpoint: Gibraltar to have an extra checkpoint.



A new "Allied Health Bars" option has been added (Options > Controls) Contextual menus have been added on the hero selection screen, giving players the ability to report or group up with other players Matchmaking UI is now purple in the Competitive Play queue Made several minor adjustments to typography in the Spectator UI



Fixed a bug that allowed the kill participation metric to go above 100 percent

Fixed a bug in the Custom Game settings preventing the Ability Cooldown modifier from affecting Ana

Fixed a bug that caused heroes to die when first spawned in a custom game if Health and Damage modifiers were used simultaneously

Fixed a bug preventing the hero list in Custom Game settings from being organized alphabetically

The spectate option now becomes unavailable (the button will be greyed out) when all spectator slots have been filled in a Custom Game lobby

Fixed an issue causing in-game statistics to run off the edge of the screen in 16:10 aspect ratio


Fixed a bug that caused Bastion to become stuck, continuously healing himself in the spawn area


Appropriate sound effects now play when Ana shoots barriers, shields, and armor
D.Va no longer communicates her ultimate status for Self-Destruct while charging her Call Mech ultimate
Hanzo's Spirit Dragon voice line now plays when using his Okami and Lone Wolf skins Fixed various issues with Junkrat's emote and highlight animations Fixed an issue causing
Mei's Ice Wall to push herself to the side when cast at her feet Fixed a bug preventing
Mei's Ice Wall from being destroyed by a moving payload Fixed a bug that prevented
Mei's Ice Wall from appearing at the target location when cast Fixed a bug allowing Reaper to reach unintended map locations using
Shadow Step Fixed a bug causing Reinhardt's shield to jitter when turning in third person Fixed an issue that prevented Roadhog's chain from displaying correctly in some situations
Fixed several issues with Symmetra's emotes and highlight intros The scarf on Tracer's Slipstream skin is no longer stiff in the Hurdle highlight intro
Fixed a bug preventing overtime from being triggered while Zenyatta is using Transcendence
The names of Tracer's Sprinter and Track and Field skins now display correctly


Fixed an issue preventing Genji and Hanzo from reliably climbing a specific crate on Watchpoint: Gibraltar"

There are 4 Replies

Your copy paste is out of whack.

Didn't expect the Lucio speed boost reduction. Grateful for it though, because I don't really like the idea of any hero feeling like a mandatory pick. I know that's almost impossible to balance with a hero gallery like this, but as long as they try to find some middle ground.

Genji and Zen nerfs are welcome.

Posted August 18th, 2016 by Orion Nebula

Oh hamburgers; definitely crapped them on that a bit.

Genji skill ceiling has decreased. ult went from 8 to 6 seconds. I am TOTALLY fine with this. Zen ult can now totally negate Genji's.

Zen should be doing around the same amount of damage against discorded enemies; I definitely agree 50% was a bit too high when you were in a highly skilled/vocal group. Zen could just callout discorded victims and let DPS (or even some tanks) play cleanup.

I am NOT excited about Hanzo getting a huge buff. His hitbox is now set to previous levels.

Posted August 19th, 2016 by Axem Metal
Axem Metal
Need someone to tuck you in?

Good balance changes.

I'd still like a little bit more of a nerf to Genji. The most annoying part about him is that he can become basically invincible and then instantly activate his Swift Strike when it's over for free damage. Makes fighting him 1v1 a pain in the ass as pretty much any class.

Surprised Mei's ult got buffed. I feel like it -always- hits me and 3-4 teammates on most maps. So it having an even greater radius is a little worrying.

Orb of Discord needed a nerf. As squishier classes you usually didn't even know it was on you before the 50% increased damage murdered you.


Also looking forward to the increased tickrate for next season. Maybe it won't seem like roadhog is always grabbing me through corners anymore.

How many points did you guys get from Season 1? I think I got 80 for being level 54, so I've got 120 or so.

This summer games loot crate shit has me a little annoyed. 4x Zarya skin dupes but not one goddamn American McCree.

Edited August 19th, 2016 by Count Dooku

I think he's good at the moment. The little tricks that good Genjis could pull off (getting third jump off of wall jump, melee comboing into dash, etc.) has been removed. The ult is annoying, but it is totally countered by Zen now. Like.. you'd have to actively run out of his huge healing radius to get killed now.

I only played 45-ish comp games, I believe? I didn't get much CP out of it.

Posted August 19th, 2016 by Axem Metal
Axem Metal
Need someone to tuck you in?
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