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Posted: Posted February 28th
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This feature makes posts have pages so you don't have to load the entire damn thing every time you want to see new posts / reply to stuff.

Given how much I loathe pagination on other modern forums, I've tried to make the system here as intuitive and usable as possible. There are a few useful features here that you won't see elsewhere.

At the moment this is an opt-in feature, but after a good round of testing (maybe a week or so from now) it'll be an opt-out feature. Hopefully we can fix whatever the kinks are before then.

Installing the feature

  • Click "Settings" to open this menu.

  • Uncheck the "Disable Pagination" checkbox, and click save. This will automatically save a draft of your message, so don't worry about that.

  • You can also adjust how many posts you get per page (default is 10, but lower amounts seem to work better imo -- also this default will probably change later).

    Below the "There are X replies", you'll see this screen.

  • Click a page number to load that page and only that page.

  • The system keeps track of what page you're on, so refreshing the page or coming back to it later you'll still be on the same page. Very useful if you're active in one of the mega-posts we have here.

  • You can also click "Load All" to load everything -- this is the normal way we've been viewing posts. Useful if you know you're going to read the entire post. Clicking "Load All" will also make the system think the last page you've read is the actual last page, so when you refresh you'll be on the last page (at least until new pages are made).

  • The actual pagination works similar to other modern forums.. you get the first two pages, the last two pages, the page you're on and the pages before it and after it.

  • Clicking anything whatsoever is lightning-fast because there are no refreshes and no server-calls whatsoever. This prevents one of my biggest gripes with pagination in modern forum systems -- reloading the post to see a new page is sooo slow when you're trying to read through stuff.

    Down at the bottom of your current page, you'll get a second set of pagination links that work differently:

  • Load next page -- Appends the next page to the current page and then sets the page you're reading to the new page. Another gripe I have with modern pagination is going to a new page makes you miss the context of the posts on the previous page. With this system, you get the next page right below the old page.

  • Load rest of pages -- Loads all the next pages. Similar to "Load All" except your set of posts still starts at whatever page you started out on. Useful if you want to see all the new replies to a megapost you've already mostly read through all at once.


  • If a post has less replies than the number of replies you want per page, it won't paginate at all.

  • If you're not logged in and you click "Settings" you get links to login or register.

  • If you haven't opted in, you can still use the pagination system to hide a bunch of posts for easier viewing. You'll just automatically load all the posts every time you visit the page.

  • Please report any bugs you find. I've done a decent amount of testing already, but I know the feature needs more, and having bugs I can look at helps with that a lot.

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    Still to do

  • I want to apply this system to private messages as well.

  • I have an experimental "Characters per page" setting i want to work on -- might be more useful than the general "posts per page" setting.

  • Saving where you are on the post even if you're not logged in (by ip or session).

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    Ground's what's around

    @chiarizio: Not your request exactly, but should help a lot with browsing long posts.

    Posted February 28th by Xhin
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    Ground's what's around

    Thanks! I think I understand. Even if I’m wrong about details, it’s probably still something that will help me!

    Posted February 28th by chiarizio
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