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Feed the back.
Xhin is listening.
the first that says croquet mallet i didnt add, so i think someone stole my password, unless it was a mod

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Type the wo rd (goddamnit Xh in) 'po st' without a space. It'll get turned into 'post' as part of this 'event'.

I used po for my thr ead, and I couldn't figure out why my images were bro ken. G tx0 was changing the websi te to 'croquet'

Edited April 1st by Count Dooku

Also everything is back to normal now :)

Posted April 2nd by Xhin
Fractal icious

good to know that Don't Bother Posting Day is over

Posted April 2nd by Pirate_Ninja

Yea next year could you do something less obnoxious?

Posted April 2nd by Moonray

I thought it was pretty funny.

Posted April 2nd by Fox Forever

I mean maybe the first year he did it, but now it's just as PN said:

Don't Bother Posting Day

Posted April 2nd by Moonray

I didn't know there was a "first year".

I'm the one who asked if he was able to do it, though. You could tell who almost everyone was, anyway.

Edited April 2nd by Fox Forever

Every year since the earliest days of GTX0 he's done the same thing. The only thing that sometimes changes between years is what the names & text gets changed to.

Posted April 3rd by Moonray

I have something different planned for next year.

Posted April 3rd by Xhin
Fractal icious

@Xhin, do you use some sort of cypher for our April Fools names? I've always wondered how 'Famov' became 'Fungov'.

Posted April 3rd by Famov

I think alot of people should listen to this song:

Posted April 3rd by Q
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