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Posted: Posted December 5th, 2019 by Cetasaurus
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Sorry if there is a thread about this floating around already. I looked over the first page and didn't see one.

There are aspects of this game that I absolutely love. And I really didn't have my hopes set high!
  • Pokemon that are visible and majestic (did you see the Gyarados swimming around??? I'm a sucker maybe. I'm finding it so immersive.)
  • Big-ass castles and bridges
  • Sparkles that are treasures
  • That one pretty forest with glowing mushrooms and gremlins
  • That town at the end of the forest where fairies probably live
  • You get more freedom to do whatever you want than in Sun/Moon (by far my least favorite games in the series)
  • Dynamaxing is fine, I guess. I'm neutral about it.

    Things that I don't really like:
  • The new Pokemon. A few are fine. There aren't very many. Some are disappointing. Not enough evolutions.
  • I didn't really care about Alolan variations, and now I get to not really care about Galarian variations.
  • The story... You have no stake in the story? Some things are happening but the adults are like, "That's not for you to worry about."
  • Team... Yell? We don't get a criminal organization? Just a bunch of rowdy... sports fans? Again, the stakes have never been lower.
  • There's a lot of really pointless dialogue, especially between you and your rival, imo. It's getting annoying.

    Things for which I will resent this game forever:
  • No national dex

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    I kinda like Team Yell! There's just something innately funny to me that this game's version of Team Rocket is basically just a bunch of soccer hooligans. Not sure why that tickles me, but it does. (Maybe because there totally would be these types of fans in a world like Pokemon. I dunno if they've been seen in previous games - my last game was Silver, which I never even got half way in).

    I like being able to see enemies in the field. Not sure if that's a new edition or has been around for a bit, but it's nice. I also have no idea what Pokemon are new to this game versus are in older games. I recognize some Gen I folks like Onix and Growlithe early on, but there's a whole bunch I've never seen before. This isn't necessarily exclusive to Sword/Shield (because it just is inherent to me not playing for two decades), but I like having to learn all new Pokemon (new to me, I mean). I would get that from any other version, of course.

    Dynamax is fine. I'm with you on that. I don't hate it, but it doesn't really change much about the battles. Especially since Gym Leaders all use the same strategy: they go in a line with their Pokemon of that particular type, then finish off with their strongest one and Dynamax it. So you more or less wind up doing the same thing. Kinda wish there were more to it.

    I'm liking the colorful visuals. The music feels a little off to me, though.

    Posted December 5th, 2019 by Jet Presto
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    On the topic of Team Yell. I've seen a lot of criticism about them online but I don't really get what people were expecting, they were so obviously not a true villain team from all the advtisements so how anyone could get into the game and be disappointed with what they end up being is beyond me. On the one hand yea Team Rocket were a cool villain group, and they remain my favourite of the "teams" in all the pokemon games, but like it would be retreading old ground to have another group like them. At the same time, I was getting immensely fed up with all the teams that just wanted to end the world (Gen 3 to Gen 6 I think). So for Sun/Moon and Sword/Shield I've been pleased to see the 'team' groups be less evil.

    I like being able to see enemies in the field. Not sure if that's a new edition or has been around for a bit, but it's nice.

    Visible pokemon in the overworld was added to the two Let's Go games, this is the first "mainstream" game to include them. By far the best addition though, seeing them adds a lot of immersion to the games. The open world "Wild Area" is new though. Far too small for my liking and it either needs expanding in DLC/Free Update (I'd be surprised if we don't see some kind of content update as is normal for Nintendo games on switch now) or a sequel needs to take that feature and really roll with it.

    Dynamax is fine... Kinda wish there were more to it.

    Dynmax is totally a gimmick but it's a gimmick I enjoy so I don't mind it. There is a tiny bit more to it in that there is Dynmax and "Gigantimax" which are essentially the same thing expect one of them changes how the Pokemon looks and gives it a move unique to its gigantimax form. Almost all of the gym leaders show of the gingatimax forms for their final Pokemon. Part of me wonders why they didn't either just convert mega-evolution into this gigantimax mechanic, or just reuse mega-evolution.

    The music feels a little off to me, though.

    Some of it definitely felt off to me at first, though I eventually got used to it. I would say some of it is clearly based on the type of stuff you'd associate with football here in the UK whilst the rest I am guessing is maybe based on what's popular with the kids these days (I have no idea they listen to weird stuff).

    I really enjoyed the audio-visuals of the gyms. It just worked so well for me and made them probably the most enjoyable gyms in all of the Pokemon games, even if they were a bit too easy at times. Similar with the Champion battle, they reused a classic theme for his music.

    Posted December 5th, 2019 by Moonray
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    Team... Yell? We don't get a criminal organization? Just a bunch of rowdy... sports fans?

    Antagonistic sports fans? This game is more true to life than I would have imagined.

    I actually like the idea of lowered stakes. Early games (prior to the introduction of ecoterrorists and omnicidal weirdos.) were at least slightly less ridiculous when the most serious thing we did was undermine organized crime via Pokemon battles.

    Not to be that guy, especially since there are so many of us and we've made so much noise over it, but no National Dex really is a deal breaker. The adoration I have for Pokemon is not really replicated with anything else. It has literally the best idea ever. That's how a busted, monochrome RPG from an unknown developer was able to inspire the media franchise of a lifetime. Neither Dragon Quest nor Final Fantasy nor Warcraft can make that claim. Neither can Mario or Star Wars or Harry Potter. Read it and weep!
    Pokemon is king, and so it will likely remain for some time. The card game has generated three times as much money as Magic. The merchandise alone is very nearly the equivalent of two Marvel cinematic universes, as far as dollar signs are concerned. Of course, my investment doesn't really depend upon whether or not Pokemon has been nine times as profitable as Star Trek (!). I'm not in the market for a Pinsir plushie (don't tempt me), but I do want a good Pokemon game. To that end, I am no longer confident that Gamefreak is willing or able (or permitted) to make something that is interesting to play anymore. The Dex problems may have been forgivable if there was something else to show for it, but that doesn't appear to be the case. So I guess that means I'm out for the foreseeable future. It really has been fun.

    Posted December 5th, 2019 by Famov
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    Honestly, I'm kind of glad that the stakes are lower this time around. It's a pretty novel idea to have a Pokemon game be just about traveling around, capturing Pokemon, training them, and challenging the League.

    Posted December 6th, 2019 by Axem Great Water
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    I have a serious love hate relationship with the Pokemon Franchise but Famovs picture looks dope af. If I had a switch lite I would probably have this game.

    Posted December 6th, 2019 by S.O.H.
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    Psssh no. I stand by what I said. Team Yell is mundane and boring. Where is the drama? [flourishes cape and stalks away]

    Posted December 6th, 2019 by Cetasaurus
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    Just beat the third gym and I'm almost 12 hrs in. I appreciate the larger 3d world and bigger town, but the game isn't super great. The wild areas are a real bore and it's becoming easy to ovrlevel on this game just by catching Pokemon. I'm enjoying thegigamantex gimmic though

    One thing that isn't bothering me is the amount of Pokemon on this game, which is 400. That's plenty enough for me.

    Posted December 15th, 2019 by ShadowFox08
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    I dunno how past games have worked, but if there's 400 in the game, that's definitely more than enough for me! It's over twice what I'm used to! I was thinking that I seem to be catching new Pokemon at a lot faster clip than in the other games I've played. It took me almost half the original game to catch 60 Pokemon, but I've done it before I even got to the third gym here. Makes more sense if there are so many more.

    Posted December 15th, 2019 by Jet Presto
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    Typically it has worked like this game does but with the ability to trade from previous generations.

    Each generation adds new Pokemon and between the two versions they're all catchable, then they add in a selection of previous generation Pokemon that are also catchable. So within the games themselves you probably only got a similar amount as to what is catchable in this game (as I don't think all 400+ are catchable in this game?). It was the ability to trade in the other Pokemon that we lost as they simply "don't exist" in Sword & Shield- some of their data does, but a lot of it is apparently missing and there's no models for them. It's mostly that lack of ability to trade them in that has annoyed people.

    Posted December 15th, 2019 by Moonray
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    Ah yeah, I can understand why that would be annoying. That would certainly be a cool feature. Not sure why they'd stop that here if they'd done it in the past.

    Posted December 15th, 2019 by Jet Presto
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