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Anything that goes on in your life can go here.
WARNING: Mature content possible. Proceed with caution.

Please..........it's too.......strong..........

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Posted May 12th by Pirate_Ninja

If you ever feel bad about yourself just remember: at least you're not JaredPro right now. And yes "JaredPro" is a reference to TronJon being a word swap of JonTron for those not in the youtubez very often.

Edited May 13th by Knuckles40903

projared fucked up bigtime, and I'm not talking about the various oopsies in his Zelda/Metroid randomizer run

Posted May 13th by Pirate_Ninja

Who is jared pro? Subway giuy?

Posted May 13th by S.o.h.

ProJared is a youtuber who got infamous recently for cheating on his wife with another youtuber and soliciting nudes from his fans, some of which were underage and even more than that really. Basically it's a shitshow that really got around and even a lot of people who never heard of him suddenly became involved. They both just happen to have Jared in their name/username.

Edited May 13th by Knuckles40903

is he the guy that wanted pictures of butt holes?

Posted May 13th by s.o.h.q

That I don't know. It's possible I missed details like that but I have no idea who that was or if it was him.

Posted May 13th by Knuckles40903

Projared is the skinny, Loki-looking motherfucker iirc

Edited May 13th by Jahoy Hoy

HuLLo, iS Me PRoJoRaD.

aM You'Re YuoToBeR FReN.

Posted May 13th by ProJorad
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