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Will you be my prom date? We will dance to mona pizzaaaaaa

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Fun fact: The Mona Pizza was painted by Leonardo Fettuccine.

Posted January 12th by Xhin
Nature is beautiful

Da beras hired chuck pagano as their defensive coordinator. is soursurfer happy now that da beras hired his colts former head coach as their defensive coordinator? Who is his second favorite team now, bears or packers? His wife is from Chicago and he attended college in Wisconsin he says. Now that da beras hired his home teamís head coach this night he a tough decision to make especially since da beras and da pack are in the same division.

Posted January 12th by Weid man

Plz don't say "Da pack"...

I think an inside promotion would have been my move, but Pagano is a solid coordinator pickup that I'm okay with if they had to go with an outsider hire.

Posted January 12th by Jahoy Hoy

fair warning: my mona pizza has been known to break hearts and minds

Posted January 13th by Pirate_Ninja

weid men do u like the patriots. Do u like Clemson my stepdad like the patriots he wants Trevor Lawrence to get drafted by the patriots do. I think that will happen?

Edited January 13th by Brandy

Commeeee ooooon Tooooom Braaaaaaadddddyyyy. Patriooooooooootttttsssssssss

Posted January 13th by Brandy

Yeah, the thing about that is... nobody likes the Patriots except people from the greater Boston area and fairweather fans. 90% of the country hates them.

Posted January 13th by The Truth
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