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PN. Your gloves are clean
Posted: Posted February 10th by Kato Kaelin

I am coming after you. Maybe you should have pursued Tom Green.

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WooooooOooOOoOOOo! I'm an outrageous black woman with a bald head look at me!!!

Posted February 10th by Tamar Braxton

Kato you iz a racis' for calling me Miss Cleo! if you eva show your face in Atlanta inma have da goon squad afta you!

Posted February 10th by Tamar Braxton

kato, you seem like a fine dude (who happens to be the lovechild of Dana Carvey and Martin Short)

tamar, you're good for a chuckle now and then but mostly you're a diet-Bayleigh sack of shart residue and hopefully more of america came to realize that when you made a monstrous ass of yourself during Tom's exit

Posted February 10th by Pirate_Ninja

nah Bayleigh was way more annoying

Posted February 10th by Rico the bootleg pokemon card sel

She didn't have a good look during the Tom exit tbh. Tamar does have a path to victory though..they all do, save Dina (although i might have said that about Marissa a year ago).

Posted February 10th by Jahoy Hoy

of course bayleigh was worse, that's why I called her diet bayleigh :J

also I didn't watch the first celebrity season - saw the cast they picked and nope'd right on out of there

Posted February 10th by Pirate_Ninja

Who was it that made you nope? It wasn't bad imo

Posted February 10th by Jahoy Hoy

The first CBBUS was a lot better. The cast was meh but they really went at it. It was a good game.

Posted February 10th by Rico, bootleg pokemon card seller

my Omarosa tolerance is pretty low after watching her on The Apprentice, and at the risk of sounding like a bigot Ross gets annoying fast. That, combined with not having any attachment to anyone else on the cast and the fact that I was kinda busy when it was airing, meant I just didn't feel like making time for it.

Posted February 11th by Pirate_Ninja
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