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Playing Fire Emblem: Fates
Posted: Posted April 15th, 2017
Edited April 15th, 2017 by KnokkelMillennium

So with the FE: Gaiden remake (which I am totally hype for) coming out soon I sort of reluctantly decided to pick up Fates despite being really skeptical of it, refusing to call it (and to an extent, Awakening) just Fire Emblem but calling it neo Fire Emblem, because I didn't quite like I change I was seeing as an outsider or the type of new fans it was bringing in who really don't have a clue what Fire Emblem was like before Awakening and there's a good chance many of them won't. It has quite a few noticeable problems but despite that I'm actually sort of having fun. I'm playing birthright for the moment because it seems easier and it's been a while since I've played a serious Fire Emblem game and clearly it has made me suck... which is why I went from classic to casual. Holy shit I had to restart so many times and I'm only on hard mode, like isn't birthright supposed to be the easy one? Did I just get THAT bad? Constant bad level ups didn't help tho.

But anyway ya. It added some neat ideas and I can tell there's a lot of content in here that they spent a lot of time on. The story doesn't always make sense and so far there isn't a whole lot going on yet. I wish I could say more but really there isn't much to say just yet. It isn't amazing, it's off-putting more than several times but I can still have fun with it.

Something that irks much like it irked the guy I watched make an entire video on it is basically how self-contradictory Xander is. It's like one minute he's all loving and caring and then the next he could be all... well. If you played birthright through you probably have a good idea of what I mean. Especially him the story mode in contrast to support conversations. It's also like... I think a support conversation indicates that Xander has always been suspicious of king Garon lately and that he doesn't approve of what he's doing and yet, Xander seems as if he's showing the exact opposite sometimes almost as if he's completely and blindly loyal.

If anyone wants a more thorough take on Xander thing see:

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I've attempted Conquest and Birthright and never finished either. The story is just so fucking bad and it's not even like I expect a lot from Fire Emblem, it just.... sucks dick! The chapters are a sloppy shitty lumpy mess of incoherent fuck; one chapter you'll be doing some random shit over here, then the next one you're all of a sudden over here and wooooah, the people from the OTHER royal family are there too!! And you fight and no one ACTUALLY dies and then the next chapter is about having a campfire. Fuck man, the story is so bad. I really wish it wasn't so bad because I enjoy some of the characters. Maybe I'll finish them some day.

Posted April 15th, 2017 by Speed Bike Pro

I'm hoping revelation will be better story-wise. I do intend to play that either way. Did you not get the dlc for it?

And ya the story looks pretty bad so far but I didn't want to judge it when I haven't even beaten birthright yet. However the ability to capture units even bosses is interesting by itself I will say. It seems like a rather petty thing but just having the ability to do that and make enemy units fight for you sounds awesome.

Edited April 15th, 2017 by KnokkelMillennium

Defeated Xander in chapter 12 of Birthright

Corrin and Takumi talk about how they will have to actually face Xander and defeat him and neither is really good enough for it afterwards

Really makes you think.

All it really took was some careful strategy and magic too. Also Corrin in dragon form having decent defense and being paired up with someone granting Corrin more speed.

Edited April 16th, 2017 by KnokkelMillennium
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