Posted: Posted August 24th, 2017 by Xhin
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Just laying out some future NIFE plans once again.

  • Superpowers -- this will be happening sometime soon for sure. Just got to rally up some interest for it.

  • Ring of Ruin -- I lost my map for this, currently rebuilding. Pure exploration/talking/maybe sign reading, nothing more complicated than that. Lots of rooms though.

    Advertising targets: three worldbuilding boards I'm kinda respected on, plus the subreddit

  • Space War -- three locations done, three to go. Plus a bunch of fluffing. Will probably hire I killed Mufasa, Cetasaurus, and other parties to write up room descriptions/content since there's still a lot of work that needs to be done.

    Advertising targets: 7 interactive fiction facebook groups, 5-6 interested IRL parties

    Probably after this I'll make another short game like the superpowers game unless moonray is ready for aliens or something to keep interest up and try to convert people into making their own games.

    Programming work

    All of this is on hold right now while I focus on other things.

  • Quests / Experience / Skills / Armor -- basically the minimum needed to finish the RPG stuff Moonray does to make his RPG-centric game.

  • Genesis Megaplugin -- it's definitely a ways off, but even small things here would contribute sooooo much to game setup. Maintaining interest in NIFE is going to be very important before we have enough extra hosts, so anything that makes that easier is vital.

  • Better Combat -- not a huge priority by any means, but I have some fledgeling ideas here because especially the NPC combat needs an upgrade.

    Long-term approach

    My long-term approach is basically:

  • Continue creating games, unless other people are hosting games (that'll give breathing room). Keeping interest in NIFE is a huge priority as we start to get new people.

  • Continue making guides and such so that we can try to get people involved in making games, to keep them here more semi-permanently. This is the overall goal of my advertising, though advertising games first to these groups is way better for a lot of reasons.

  • Continue stretching advertising targets, hitting more and more places as momentum builds.

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