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Hello, guys. I have picked the four of you (Xhin by request) as potential testers in regards to the tester's demo for the game my best friend and I have been working on for a long time.

If you do not want to be a tester, then I thank you for at least reading this post.

If you do want to test the game...

Is it okay to send you a link or download file of the demo via email?

The demo should be ready sometime next week on either Saturday or Sunday for us to send out. Thanks for replying, guys.

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Posted November 29th by Xhin
Fractal icious

Sure! I probably won't have time until later next week to play, but send me the link!

Posted November 30th by Jet Presto

I am prepared to cut into my Octopath time for this :J

Posted November 30th by Pirate_Ninja

Thanks, guy!

Have any of you seen Chief Sonny?

Jet, the demo won't be sent to you UNTIL next week on either Saturday or Sunday.

Pirate_Ninja, is your email still the same from 2013? The one we used to write the Ni No Kuni review?

Posted November 30th by Laxan

What type of game is it?

Posted November 30th by chiefsonny

Thanks for considering me. However I probably won't have the time to devote to it at this time. Lot of irl crap going on.

Posted November 30th by chiefsonny

im not much of an expert on anything. but I would like to test it.

Posted November 30th by S.O.H.

@chiefsonny: It's a story-driven, fantasy action RPG with SNES-like graphics built for PC. It can be played with a controller or keyboard. Basically, an indie game.

And I'm sorry to hear that. Are you sure you can't test it sometime next week or a bit later? The demo would probably take from an hour to two hours and then there's taking notes and filling out a tester's sheet.

Either way, I appreciate you responding, chiefsonny!

@SOH: I'm sorry. We already have enough testers. Thanks for asking, though!

Posted November 30th by Laxan

same email works, yeah. I'll keep an eye out for it next weekend-ish c:

Posted November 30th by Pirate_Ninja

have enough testers

still asks chief to test it. Even though he says he can't.


Posted December 1st by S.O.H.

Ah yeah. A lot of time just opened up for me, actually. So I will be able to play it in a pretty timely fashion.

Posted December 3rd by Jet Presto

Cool! We're working hard to tweak things and wrap it up this week. The demo should be finalized-ish on Thursday night (my friend wants to get it done before Smash Ultimate comes out, and he's made a vow that he won't play Smash until the demo is ready). My girlfriend will be the first to test it on Saturday, sort of as a pre-tester. When she plays through it, we'll tweak some minor things and then proceed to get the demo to everyone else either Saturday night or hopefully Sunday.

Posted December 4th by Laxan

Hey, guys.

So, the demo IS finished. We're prepping it to get it to you guys. My girlfriend is going to pre-test it (a few minutes from now, actually) and we're going to tweak a few things after we get her feedback, then send it to you guys.

I thought it would be ready to email tomorrow, but my best friend says we need a few days after the pre-testing session is over to tweak and adjust things.

Don't worry! It will be sent to you within the coming week! I'm sorry for the delay!

I'll be sending each of you a confirmation email tomorrow to make sure your email is good for receiving from our "professional" email (and see if it shows up in your spam or regular emails...).

Again, I'm very sorry for the delay! Our goal was to get it finished before Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes out, and we DID reach that goal. It's just the prepping to send it out that's going to take a few more days. Sorry! Expect it in the coming week and keep an eye out for a confirmation email tomorrow!

(This game is real, guys! I promise!)

Posted December 9th by Laxan

Confirmation emails have been sent to all three of you. Check your emails and please respond.

Posted December 9th by Laxan

Posted December 9th by Pirate_Ninja

Probably sending you guys the demo late tonight. I'm sorry it took so long. Writing an NDA, a tester's sheet, and instructions took some time.

Posted Friday by Laxan

Is there any chance that we can get some screen shots of the game? I love me some 16-bit style rpg’s.

What’s the name of your game?

Edited Friday by Q

I wish I could share some screenshots at this time! Unfortunately, it's an issue of confidentiality that prevents me from openly sharing any files or images of this project at this time.

Hm, I might be able to tell you the name now. Maybe. Let me ask my business partner.

Posted Yesterday Evening by Laxan

We did send the demo, Jet Presto and Xhin. We need your email confirmation that you have the game and it is running fine on your PCs.

Posted Yesterday Evening by Laxan

Hi. Sorry. Had to travel for family holiday parties. Just got home and am downloading it now.

I wondered, though, if anyone might have some insight on how to capture the playthrough? I know you ask we try it if we can. I've never tried to capture videos on my computer, though, so am googling around. If you have a suggestion, though, le'me know.

Posted Yesterday Evening by Jet Presto

I just use Obs. It's free, can save to hard drive, or stream to Twitch or YouTube.

Posted Last Night by LLight
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