What's everyone here's weekly availability? Is anyone *not* around on weekends?
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The Pokémon Forum

I like feisty kids like you!

Wary of strong language? Hah! You better have BURN HEAL!

Moderated by The Rock-Solid Pokemon Trainer: Pirate_Ninja

I like Garbador. I don't care who knows it.

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And Vanilluxe

Edited March 11th by Jahoy Hoy

I don't really care for Garbodor, but it doesn't bother me or anything. Vanilluxe is better - not a favorite or anything, but lol @ ice cream crybabies.

Posted March 12th by Pirate_Ninja

I thought they both sucked, Toxapex is the best.

Posted March 13th by Dr.Dre
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