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@pirate ninja
Posted: Posted July 4th, 2018 by weid man

Is there any place that I can talk to you privately on away from here since user cpís have amascimum limit of words that you can say? Like, can I briefly talk to you over Skype or google talk since those are the only messengers that exist today since aim, yahoo, and Msn are dead? I need to talk to you briefly about some matter thatís between who weíve talked to and continue to talk to today every now and then who I want to touch base with quickly one on one to get this matter over with. If you can please message me quickly my Skype username is brawldude and google talk is garrettjbaumann@gmail.com. I promise this should be really quick since this matter is not all about me like my posts here usually are about. Nothing related to my medical conditions or anything like that. Please let me know whenever youíre ready and letís get this convo matter finished quickly.

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