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Pick the next country I play as in hearts of iron 4 (if anyone cares anyway)
Posted: Posted August 8th
Edited August 8th by KnokkelMillennium

If this thread actually takes off anyway. If it doesn't oh well.

Basically hearts of iron 4 is a ww2 strategy game and it is possible to play as most existing countries at that point in time regardless of if they were even involved in the war, even "puppet" countries. I don't know why but I've been having a lot of fun with this. While there is an option to make the ai be as historically accurate as it can be and while I tend to have that option on, the game allows for alt-history (unfortunately this can happen at times regardless of what you do but whatever) so you can make quite a bit of things happen that weren't supposed to happen if your strategizing is good enough such as playing as manchukuo, becoming free and eventually restoring the chinese empire or getting rid of hitler through a civil war and going in democratic or regressing to a more monarchical state or playing as south africa to liberate african countries from colonization. But I mean you can also play the country in a historically accurate way.

So which country should I play as?

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Britain is obviously the only correct choice.

Posted August 8th by Moonray

That can work since I haven't played as them yet. I'll see if anyone else has anything to say first though but thanks for the input.

Posted August 8th by KnokkelMillennium

Germany and just not be milatristic be ghandi like :)

Edited August 8th by Brandy

Haha that'd be challenging but interesting- this message was for the poland comment you edited out

Edited August 8th by KnokkelMillennium

Germany, I've done before and basically kept out of the war for a good while after getting rid of hitler but basically things just end up devolving between japan, comintern, and the allies and war happens anyway.

Edited August 8th by KnokkelMillennium

Yes but I realize it wouldn’t get to play if you chose Poland right? Because the invasion is what started wwii so I changed it

Posted August 8th by Brandy


Edited August 8th by KnokkelMillennium


Edited August 8th by KnokkelMillennium

Ok so if u play as Poland and stop the invasion is the game over?

Posted August 8th by Brandy

I think it is technically possible to declare war on germany before they invade and thus prevent ww2 from happening but it would be pretty difficult. And also because of the game's system it might require poland to have a change in leadership. But ya, if germany and italy capitulate the game ends but you can choose to keep playing even after that.

Edited August 8th by KnokkelMillennium
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