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Posted: Posted February 13th by Xhin
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This feature is an early version of this:
I bumped up the priority on it because I needed a way of documenting the porfolio projects I've been making easily.

Feature explanation

This feature allows you to make any number of personal wikis in either a dark (GTX0-like) or light theme. These wikis use GTX0 syntax as well as a special parser to render internal links. Useful if you need to document a project or keep your own notes for something organized. Particularly useful if you're a worldbuilder.

I plan on adding a lot of features and optional plugins over time, as well as using this system for GTX0's internal help / etc files.

How to use

Go into your User CP, and click "Projects CP"

Here you can create a new project. The "name" is the name of the project, while the "slug" is how you actually navigate to the project.. for example you might navigate to an "osara" wiki via the following:
The "avatar" meanwhile is just an image that displays at the top of the wiki and also internally on panels to help you distinguish it from other projects.

Clicking into a project gives you this menu. Here, you can adjust options, get an overall preview of the project's home page easily, and add categories.

At the moment, categories exist solely for internal organization.. future updates will have categorical navigation available on the wiki itself.

Articles outside a category are automatically sorted into the "Uncategorized" category, including the "Home" and "Sidebar" articles that always come with a new project.

While in a category, you can add articles to it via this menu. The "Slug" here refers to the article name in the URL, for example:
here, "aika-cells" is the slug, while the article title might be "Aika Cells".

This is what the actual article editor looks like. A big textbox that supports GTX0's parser. To the right are images that have been linked to the article. Clicking one will give you the "shortcode" for it, which you can insert into the article to render it there at that spot.

Saving the article will automatically bring you to the article's page.

Below that, you can edit the article itself, changing the title, slug, and category to your liking.

Here's what the "Edit Images" menu itself looks like. The "image shortname"/"slug" here is a short code associated with the image so it's easier to tell where your images are inside your article.

Project Options

Here's what the Project Options screen looks like. You can adjust the properties of the project itself, as well as:

  • Backlink -- this is a URL and name that get linked to on every page of your wiki. If you're using your wiki with another website that isn't GTX0 having a link back to it rather than GTX0 is highly useful.

  • Theme -- This feature supports both a dark theme and a light theme. With this option you can switch between them to your liking.

    What wikis actually look like

    Every article looks like this -- you have a sidebar which functions as a kind of in-wiki navigation and the actual article on the right. Both support the GTX0's parser, as well as some special syntax I'll cover in a minute.

    Normal external links have a gray border. Internal links where the article actually exists will have a turquoise border, while internal links where the article doesn't exist or the article doesn't have content will have a purplish-red border. Clicking an internal link where the article doesn't exist will create it for you and bring you right to its editor.

    If you're the owner of the wiki, you can click "edit" to edit the article or the sidebar. These links bring you back to the artilcle editor, which conveniently brings you right back to the article when you're done editing.

    Wiki Syntax

  • [pic:X] will render the image shortnamed X. So if you uploaded an earth image, shortnamed it "earth", then you could use [pic:earth] to render it inside the article. The article editor has all the images linked to it already available and clicking them will show you their shortcodes, so this should speed up the process a lot.

  • [[slug]] will link to the article with that slug. So for example if you have an article with the slug of "vampires", you could use [[vampires]] to link to it. If that article didn't exist, you instead get the purplish-red border and clicking it will bring you to the screen where you can edit it. Much like with other wiki software, this speeds up the process a lot.

  • [[slug|Name of link]] works like slug except instead of showing the article's title it'll show whatever you put to the right of the pipe symbol.


    You can view the example project I've been showing images of here:
    This feature is somewhat rough around the edges at the moment. I originally set it up for my own personal use but it didn't take too much more to release it publicly in its current state, so I went ahead and did that too. It does work really well already though.

    I'll be adding more features to this over time because it's something I've wanted for a while. It'll also be extremely useful for worldbuilders and NIFE hosts alike, and useful for the site as a whole as well.

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