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The Nostalgia Forum

Where the past still shines

now, I just don't know... you all really let me down. I thought you all were above this...

maybe just a nostalgic rant, but come on guys...

There are 15 Replies

I can't help reading your username and thinking of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends...

Posted January 14th by Black Yoshi

Um, even in the old days respect was thin. Remember ?huh?, coolie, PS3fanboy? Respect was not always there. The greater ones were lonewolf, tempest lord, jo nathan, etc.

Posted January 15th by mariomguy

With all due "respect", get over it. Unless you're talking about a specific incident of clear and malicious toxicity, which hasn't happened in days and which you haven't referenced here, you just need to get a thicker skin.

Either tell us what the problem is or be aware that you're not helping. You're just contributing to a vague downer atmosphere for your own personal reasons. Either address whatever you think the problem is or move on. Either way, stop killing my big dick energy.

Posted January 15th by nullfather

We've aways been ie this as fa ras I remember theony difference is we're a ot more distant now

Posted January 15th by tnu

nullfather you can't tell me what to do, get over yourself, I'm so disappointed by how entitled you are I guess that's a good reflection of what goes on here... i have to say it's disappointing, nothing is done about it...

Posted January 15th by Bloo Shoes

Kids these days are just... *clenches fist* just bastards.

Posted January 15th by Cetasaurus
Formerly KM8

out side of maybe two people this site has been the friendliest it has ever been.

Posted January 15th by S.O.H.

out side of maybe two people this site has been the friendliest it has ever been.

Agreed, heck the original GT looks like a police state compared to GTX0.

Posted January 15th by Fox Forever

Not sure if you mean that the mods were tolatorain a holes (which some might argue Denida was I guess) or if it was a lawless wasteland where we all attacked each other like some twisted meaningless battle royal.

Posted January 15th by S.O.H.

I mean there was so much tagging and complaints and in most forums you couldn't curse at all. People got slammed for small things often. Here you have to do some substantial things to be banned.

GTX0 just feels more laid back and freeing where you can be very informal or even in a joking attitude (the multitude of "PN" centered posts, the master sheep post about xmas, etc). Whereas I feel that while GT was nice and friendly, that it was a little constraining and more formal due to stricter rules.

Posted January 15th by Fox Forever

“Agreed, heck the original GT looks like a police state compared to GTX0. ”

Yeah the old GT days were pretty crazy, like a Wild West town full of outlaws.

Posted January 16th by Q

Where'd you get that gif of old GT?

Posted January 16th by Fox Forever

Denida is a sick maniac

Posted January 16th by Brandy

That's just a gif of the GameTalk Pointless forum 2002 - 2008

Posted January 16th by Vandy

And this is a gif of what it was like to argue about which game console was better:

Posted January 16th by Q
Reply to: people used to show each other respect here
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