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Patrick Stewart’s Picard to return in new Star Trek series
Posted: Posted August 6th by Q

The Enterprise captain will return as part of the expanded CBS All Access Trek universe

After an announcement earlier this summer that four new Star Trek series were in the works for CBS’ streaming service All Access, word leaked that the network was actively courting Star Trek: The Next Generation star Sir Patrick Stewart back to the Federation cloth for another voyage of boldly going where no one has gone before. At the time, sources told Polygon that the casting decision might come down to a paycheck. Now, confirmed at this year’s Star Trek convention, we know CBS bosses said: “Make it so.”

Surprising William Shatner’s big panel, Stewart took the STLV stage to announce the official return of Captain Jean-Luc Picard to the franchise. He’ll next be seen in an untitled new Trek series set to debut on CBS All Access. According to an official tweet by the Star Trek account, the series “tells the story of the next chapter in Picard’s life.” One other minor tease was... logical: the show will be set 20 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis.

“I look forward to working with our brilliant creative as we endeavor to bring a fresh, unexpected and pertinent story to life,” Stewart wrote in a simultaneous announcement on Twitter.

In June, news broke that four new Trek series were actively in development at the network, presumably as programming for CBS All Access, the streaming-only service that premiered Star Trek Discovery in late 2017. Alex Kurtzman, whose credits include the Star Trek Kelvinverse films, several Transformers movies, and the recent “Dark Universe” reboot of The Mummy, is supervising all of the shows in development, as well as taking over showrunner duties on Discovery season two, which will see the return of Spock, and shepherding a new micro-anthology series between now and the release of the second season, titled Short Treks.

Joining Kurtzman on the creative team behind the new Picard series are James Duff (Major Crimes, and a new producer of Discovery), former Discovery exec producer Akiva Goldsman, Discovery writer Kirsten Beyer, and acclaimed author-screenwriter Michael Chabon, who is also set to write one of the Short Treks.

At the panel, Stewart admitted to, at first, declining the chance to jump back into the Star Trek universe. But after a rewatch of The Next Generation, he felt compelled to sign on.

“He may not be a Captain anymore. He may be someone who has been changed by his experiences,” Stewart said at the convention. “We have no scripts as yet. We’re just talking talking talking storylines. It will be something very different but it will come to you with the same passion.”

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Set a course for intercourse!

I saw the episode "Measure of a man"

really good stuff.

Posted August 6th by S.O.H.

I know there were rumours of him being in an animated series, hope this isn't what they end up doing but it'll be nice to have him back regardless.

Posted August 6th by Moonray

How awesome. I still haven't made it through DS9 yet. I don't know what we can expect with other people coming back into the show but I hope it is semi TNG but maybe not fully.

Posted August 6th by Fox Forever
Fox Forever

"I know there were rumours of him being in an animated series, hope this isn't what they end up doing but it'll be nice to have him back regardless."

From the video I saw on youtube of Patrick Stewart making the announcement of him returning to the Picard role I got the strong notion that it will be live action, like Star Trek Discovery. I feel that an animated show would not sit well with TNG fans.

I'm wondering, and kind of hoping, that this show picks up where All Good Things hinted at when it showed future Picard suffering from Irumodic Syndrome which was set 25 years in the future from the time of that episode. Which would perfectly line up with a release of next year since the episode aired in 1994. Maybe Q could show up to put him through another test. I would also like to see Riker as a Admiral, and Geordi as captain as it was shown in an episode of ST: Voyager.

I really wonder if/how they will bring Data back as Data was killed at the end of Nemesis to save Picard (Spoiler Alert for a 16 year old movie).

"How awesome. I still haven't made it through DS9 yet."

I definitely recommend finishing DS9. It has the Second best series finale just behind TNG. It perfectly calls back to the first episode. And if I had to pick a Star Trek series that had the best story driven plot and character development, DS9 would be my top pick. I think just about every character gets full character development. You get to see Nog, who's father helps run the bar with Quark and isn't very smart, go from a trouble making teenage Ferengi, to the first Ferengi to join starfleet and become a War hero with PTSD. It really is a great show that is not afraid to show the dark side of star trek, but at the same time still has plenty of episodes that are positive as well.

" I don't know what we can expect with other people coming back into the show but I hope it is semi TNG but maybe not fully."

Me either, honestly. I really hope we get to see the return of the Enterprise E, even though the Enterprise D will always be my favorite, and maybe some of the USS Titan which was supposed to be Riker's first command as captain along with Wesley Crusher as the assistant chief engineer.

Honestly I could go on forever about Star Trek. If you couldn't already tell.

Posted August 6th by Q
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