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Stop tagging threads that feature Jubei in them just because his opinions are trash. He's not being belligerent. He has a right to spout trash if he wants.

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Who are you exactly?

Posted April 11th by KnokkelMillennium


Posted April 11th by Renzokuken

I don't recall the name. Are you a new or returning user? Either way it really only looks bad on gtx0 given what he has said in the past and what it means for the current threads whether or not they seem not belligerent. Until he shows that he can actually calm down about women and what at times looked as if it was his crusade against women in the past because some of what he used to say got so extreme, I think this should be happening.

If anything I think mods sometimes don't go far enough with him as well as other unrelated stuff that makes gtx0 look like a dumpster fire for assholes.

Edited April 11th by KnokkelMillennium

It's him who will suffer if he dedicates all his free time that he gained from going his own way to spouting crap about women. He should go camping, or play golf or yugioh or something. It's not like celibate life is uncommon or anything. Nobody cares what he does.

Edited April 11th by Renzokuken

As well as the site. His posts and others like it has caused people to want to leave the site and in some cases it has caused them to leave the site. It also makes it more unpleasant. And you can argue that the block feature fixes that but it won't prevent new people from seeing posts like that and thinking this is the kind of site gtx0 is if it allows people like that to spout that kind of stuff endlessly even though literally no one wants it. Plus some people are just against blocking on small forums.

He just needs to go back to posting about anything but this shit.

Edited April 11th by KnokkelMillennium

He just needs to go back to posting about anything but this shit.

Yeah, for his own mental health.

But we're a community. We should be helping him understand that going his own way is A okay as long as he leaves all the toxicity behind. Tagging every thread he makes when people like me are typing up helping things is really annoying.

Edited April 11th by Renzokuken

You think people haven't tried that? He'll just keep going on and on and continue to use the time you spent trying to talk him out of being the way he is to rant even more about women and then make new threads anyway. The only way to make him stop is for him to realize he can't post about it anymore through force.

Edited April 11th by KnokkelMillennium

Yeah he probably will if everyone thinks like you do. This is a systemic problem with society. Incelism is a mental disease, but we cast away and shun those people because who cares, their blood lines will be dead in 100 years anyway because they can't get laid. It's genocide. Nobody on the internet ever helps them. Ever.

Edited April 11th by Renzokuken

I can tell when someone is either an elaborate troll or they refuse to be reasoned with. He's also not an incel in his own words and apparently had sex with quite a bit of women by the the way he makes it sound. Not that his word means much but there are men who had plenty of relationships and sex with women who think a similar way so it's not out of the realm of possibilities. Sex isn't as important as people make it out to be clearly because it doesn't take an incel to despise women.

Idk why you're implying we should shun and cast them away but also try to convince them that they should stop at the same time.

Edited April 12th by KnokkelMillennium

Because, KnokkelMillennium, my suggestion that they ween off and eventually stop is for their own mental health where as yours is just dismissing them for the good of the site.

Compare it to someone who is suicidal. I don't want the person to die. You just don't want the city to have to clean their splattered body off the road.

Edited April 12th by Renzokuken

Again. He can post just not about this kind of shit. It works for literally everyone. I have no problem with him so long as he stops and he has been given many chances to stop and likely will be given many more and before he started all of this based on what I knew him as, as Jubei (not three red eyes or whoever he allegedly was that I didn't know that others judge him for being) he wasn't too bad a person. I just want him to stop posting this shit since it's glaringly obvious that talking him out of it will never work. And if you think it will work give me your genius plan. Show me what you can do that the rest who tried to talk him out of it can't do.

That analogy is wrong and you got me all wrong.

Edited April 12th by KnokkelMillennium

I don't think I do have you pegged wrong. You won't address the reasons for his feelings and offer good suggestions. You just want him to shut up about it cold turkey without any advice. That's how these things fester because the internet is so unforgiving of men, MGTOW, and incels right now. They have nowhere to turn for any compassion.

Edited April 12th by Renzokuken

I already have many times dude. Think of it this way: It's good for him to stop posting about it even if by force because people will stop thinking he's a complete shithead and that won't be all he's known for.

Again, if you have any suggestions none of us had feel free to express them. But what you're doing so far is nothing but counter-productive.

Edited April 12th by KnokkelMillennium

I was typing some up and the thread got tagged and it's the third time that's happened.

Posted April 12th by Renzokuken

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Jubei should have one thread somewhere. He doesn't need to post 4-5 that are all the same topic, but he doesn't need to have everything tagged either.

Posted April 12th by Xhin
Nature is beautiful

Just make a Jubei forum, hide it from the public like world is, and make it optional to show up in newest replies or not. Then people can reply to him if they want to. And he can post non MGTOW stuff elsewhere. And Famov isn't allowed to tag his shit there. In fact, Jubei should be the mod of the Jubei forum. Do the same with #85. He can post all his redpill stuff in there.

Edited April 12th by Renzokuken

I don't see any good from giving them platforms where they can say whatever the fuck they want without consequences though and I don't see how that would be good for Jubei if he is being sincere and I don't see how it would be good for gtx0 either. That just seems like a really bad and pointless idea. Not only would people only ever reply just to shit on them if at all, but it will give a bad look to the site.

Edited April 12th by KnokkelMillennium

Knuckles buddy, you're really annoying when you get like this. It wouldn't look bad on the site because it would be hidden. And if people were ad homineming him he'd be the mod so he could tag their shit. The purpose of the forum would be to have civil conversation about a controversial subject. Jubei doesn't strike me as the type to just tag everything as long as people are being friendly, even when they disagree with him. And anyone who doesn't want to see it can hide the forum.

Edited April 12th by Renzokuken

So who are you that you know that there's a point when I "get like this" but I don't know you? This is coming from someone who used to suggest that problematic users should be given a place to post elsewhere. Again it would be bad for Jubei if he is sincere because it's encouraging him to continue this behavior, and even then people might get curious and might want to see what's hidden just if they're curious. If it's anything like the disclaimer that hides the politics forum, you won't be able to hide it again.

There is literally no reason to encourage their behavior by giving it any sort of platform. You speak of "helping" them, but all you're doing is encouraging them to act in a way and express views that are harmful to other people and potentially themselves hidden or not. You're just enabling their behavior. There is no reason to give them that sort of power ANYWHERE. There is especially no reason to give #85 the power to say it's okay to genocide the jews anywhere.

Edited April 12th by KnokkelMillennium

Blocked you because I only care about Xhin's answer.

Posted April 12th by Renzokuken

Jubei/#85 forums are not happening.

That said, we *do* have this...

Posted April 12th by Xhin
Nature is beautiful

Cool so you block people for giving reasonable not really offensive opinions but you don't block people for expressing harmful opinions. Wonderful. Well that shows what kind of person you are at least. And you apparently have something to hide if you won't say who you are but apparently know about me when I know about you.

Edited April 12th by Knuckles4099

No I blocked you (hopefully temporarily unless you push it) for being an annoying pain in my ass.

Posted April 12th by Renzokuken

For one thing you wouldn't announce you're blocking someone UNLESS you wanted trouble. Idk how I'm a pain in the ass though for simply giving an opinion. Can't you just ignore it? Whatever, I'm convinced that you're someone else taking on a fake persona for posting whatever for the sake of convincing people you're not and then for sake of starting shit until I see reason to believe otherwise.

Posted April 12th by Knuckles940364

Posted April 12th by Renzokuken

You're clearly someone else taking on a fake persona at least. And I suspect I know who but for your sake I won't say. Just know that if I am correct while I find the way you reacted to simple non-offensive opinions ridiculous, I don't wish to fight. I won't accept such a ridiculous reasoning for blocking though so you'll just have to deal with it.

Edited April 12th by Knuckles3945

Dude. You're suggesting that I ignore you, and yet you keep talking and filling up fucking newest replies with shit I don't want to see less than 20 minutes after I blocked you and told you the block would be temporary if you weren't a pain in my ass.

I even sent you a to show you that I am ignoring you.

Kindly fuck off until tomorrow please.

Obviously Xhin, the block feature needs to target IP addresses too.

Edited April 12th by Renzokuken

So ignore my posts and look over them. You can do it instead of ANNOUNCING you're blocking me in order to get a rise out of me or you could have just plain blocked me without saying anything. But you didn't. For obvious reasons.

Posted April 12th by Knuckles390903

It's true, the reason why I mentioned I was blocking you was because I knew it would irritate you in particular. Maybe you shouldn't have advertised to the whole site that you're a paranoid mess. And then proceeded to be annoying. I wouldn't have blocked you or obviously told you I blocked you if you didn't lay down thew ground work for how to combat your tendencies.

Posted April 12th by Renzokuken

Both of you need to chill out.

Posted April 12th by Xhin
Nature is beautiful

Maybe you shouldn't have advertised to the whole site that you're a paranoid mess.

Well technically it wouldn't be paranoia. Paranoia would be worrying that people blocked me when they didn't. In the cases where it may have been an issue, I knew they did. But thanks for admitting why you did this.

Posted April 12th by Knuckles9029043

You always show up when I'm pitching ideas and I'm sick of it. Honestly, if this site just disappeared forever I couldn't be happier. Powerless and unappreciated. That's my story here.

This stupid site will be here even after I'm dead I bet.

Posted April 12th by I killed Mufasa
I killed Mufasa
long live the king

I mean I just don't like them. I'm fine with you though. I mean these sort of situations can be get a bit testy but I wouldn't say you're always unappreciated. I just think you should stop doing stunts for the thrill and then you're good. Just post about what you like and relax. Just because I don't like your ideas doesn't mean I can't like you as a user.

Edited April 12th by Knuckles9033

No, fuck you. I am out. See ya in a year.

Posted April 12th by Renzokuken


Well I sure don't feel at fault for that. Clearly you have your own problems and shit to work out.

Posted April 12th by Knuckles389389

Now that I have two accounts I can block myself on my data IP too. Can't even sneak a peak.

Posted April 12th by Renzokuken

Except that I can't because Xhin doesn't have that as a standard thing.

Posted April 12th by Renzokuken

if I could sign in I would block all of you

Posted April 12th by S.O.H.

ITT slamming the door and realizing you left your keys on the mantel

Posted April 12th by Pirate_Ninja

Someone DID commit suicide on this website and jt’s Was as hell bike sometimes there’s something’s that can’t be fixed. We tried to help. I had tried to commit suicide the prior week via not wearing the oxygen tubes to bed but that didn’t work I know suicide won’t work for me in any case now and all of my friends would be so sad so I won’t make them sad. I just hope to die next surgery on May 28th. I want to die in the operating room. Jubei actually said he wanted t trade lives with me since I said I only weigh 104 and then fox forever told him that he wouldn’t want to trade with me. I’d rather be broke than crippled even though it may be only a little bit better. When’s the last time you’ll be to the doctor?

Posted April 21st by Weid man
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