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Nvidia showcases DLSS 2.0, and it's amazing
Posted: Posted April 4th by ShadowFox08
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"In this talk, Edward Liu from NVIDIA Applied Deep Learning Research delves into the latest research progress on Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), which uses deep learning and the NVIDIA Tensor Cores to reconstruct super sampled frames in real-time. He discusses and demonstrates why scaling and image reconstruction for real-time rendering is an extremely challenging problem, and examines the cause of common artifacts produced by traditional up-sampling techniques. With this background, Edward then shows how the DLSS, deep learning based reconstruction algorithm, achieves better image quality with less input samples than traditional techniques. The talk concludes with a walkthrough of DLSS integration in Unreal Engine 4 and a look at DLSS in the acclaimed sci-fi adventure “Deliver Us The Moon” from KeokeN Interactive."
Watch the video in the link. Quite frankly it's amazing tech. 540p can be upscaled to 1080p tolook as good or better than 1080p without DLSS, without needing nowhere near the GPU required to double or quadripule the amount of pixels on screen. This could be a game changer for the switch 2, when it receives ports of ps5 and series x 3rd party games.

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::does a lizard dance to celebrate::

Posted April 4th by Ruby teh Lizard
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