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Just out of curiosity, what are *you* looking for in a blogpost/article platform?

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Funny that you should ask this right as I'm setting up a new Wordpress site.

I use stuff like Wordpress and private subreddits for basically one thing: stashing themed information away for later use in a format that I control and where my word is prioritized. If I were to use GT for such a thing, I would want some kind of system where the feed of my blogposts/articles could be seen without everyone elses' stuff getting in the way and linked in a way that I could conveniently move between said posts. That may sound kind of vague, but just imagine the Wordpress widgets like the archive calendar, the latest posts by the author, the next/previous links, etc.

In other words, I usually don't write self-contained articles. It's usually a series of blogposts that are connected along some general theme. Being able to see and navigate through all that information as efficiently as possible is important to me.

HOWEVER, there is an exception to this. As I slowly get back into the battleboard subculture, I am going to begin making fictional character respect threads - essentially self-contained threads with a lot of linked images or chunks of text. I'd like to start hosting these on Gametalk instead of reddit. What I need in order to do that is some relatively solid formatting tools (which we already have) and a solid idea of how to not break the site with shitloads of content. For an idea of what that means, I've had RTs that I've legitimately had to edit chunks out of because it broke reddit's 40,000 character limit.

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