No more settlement quests for FO4?
Posted: Posted February 27th by -Riku-
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So something weird has happened in my latest Fallout 4 game. I've stopped getting quests to open up new settlements. Now I know I don't have all of them yet because I can think of at least four of them that are out there. Warwick Homestead, the one place with all the ghouls, a small area in downtown Boston that is inhabited by raiders, and this one area in the northeast(?) that is inhabited by a Mirelurk queen

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Not sure actually but funnily enough I happen to be playing fallout 4 now. Radio freedom can help get you settlement quests faster though. Also the game can get weirdly buggy like all bethesda games so who knows if that's what's happening too.

Posted February 27th by Grey Echelon
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I just got the Egret Tours Marina so that's one down.

Posted February 29th by -Riku-
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I have the following settlements left to get: Covenant, Spectacle Island, Boston Airport, Warwick Homestead, Sommerville Place, Hangman's Alley, the Slog, Bunker Hill, Kingsport Lighthouse, Costal Cottage, Greentop Nursery

Posted March 1st by -Riku-
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