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What are your thoughts for the Direct announcements? Here's mine:

(Note: Haven't watched it, just got the info from the FB Switch page so it's all unseen except images)

Dark Souls

Already have the 360 edition. Only played maybe 1 hour of it (over 3 years ago). Will get to it some day. Don't think I'll buy another copy (also I don't have a 4k television). If I didn't have it I'd get it on the switch I think for the convenience of it being ON THE GO.

The World Ends With You

COOL! I missed out on this completely in my DS days and now I will definitely wait for this version instead. Especially that I can now play it ON THE GO!

Kirby Star Allies

Haven't played a Kirby game since Triple Deluxe. Maybe I'll wait for it a bit afterwards.

Hyrule Warriors

Didn't play the original. If I was to play it I guess this would be the best place to start it. Not a big priority.

Mario Tennis Aces

Have been a fan of the Mario Tennis games but never played the WiiU one (heard it was bad and didn't have time for the WiiU one). I'll look into this one and see how much content it has (also heard the WiiU one lacked that). Also since you can play it for just a bit at a know, ON THE GO and all that.

Tropical Freeze

Already got it and beat it. Fun, but not buying it again.

Mario Odyssey free DLC

Heck yeah.

Mario + Rabbids DLC Pack

Heard this was good but idk. Will try it later I suppose.

Pokken Tournament DX DLC

I'm practically lost when it comes to Pokémon anymore. Last time I tried was when I played Pearl back in 2013. Too many Pokémon, too many games. I get overwhelmed.

Payday 2

Nice get. Nintendo needs that support. I've never played a Payday game though. Dunno if I'm gonna start soon.

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Sorry, but Pay Day 2 is trash now.

Posted January 11th by Axem Metal
Axem Metal
Need someone to tuck you in?

i'd rather have teeth pulled then play payday 2

Posted January 11th by Brandy

Nice get. Nintendo needs that support. I've never played a Payday game though. Dunno if I'm gonna start soon.

I don't know how relevant this is nowadays, but Payday 2 is the only game that I've legitimately uninstalled and never played again out of outrage over developer/publisher actions. Here's my Steam review from October of 2018:

This is a very disappointing game. Throughout the entire game, I can see flashes of what would be amazing design and amazing gameplay, but it is almost always tarnished or completely broken by poor implementation.

The multiplayer in this game (the only part worth playing, as the game is designed to be social) is based on a peer-to-peer system instead of a client-server system. While this has the benefits of not requiring a server to be set up to play on, it also has huge drawbacks. The netcode only vaguely shows the position of other players, often having them twenty feet behind their actual positions and making things like passing bags a strange and contentious affair. In addition, the enemy AI is based on the lobby leader, so if they have poor upload speed you will see the AI completely stop randomly. Which you may think is beneficial, but I often miss dead-on shots on still targets due to broken and/or nonexistent hitboxes (if you want to clip someone's arm or leg, you have to install a user mod because there are no arm/leg hitboxes).

The large variety of weapons are nice, but functionally it boils down to a couple of simple choices due to extremely poor balancing. Want to do stealth? Use a CAR-4 and Gruber Kurz, because you're not going to need anything else. Want to go in loud? Use an M308 and a Deagle. Due to a recent "rebalancing" of the weapons, there are some ridiculous issues. Shotguns are basically bottom-tier weapons, whereas you can basically one-shot elites with a Deagle. There are other very questionable issues as well. For instance, the Fire Axe and the Great Sword do exactly the same thing, whereas a decorative flagpole does the same thing but faster. Another example is the Empty Palm Kata, which has exactly the same stats as the basic Fist. Why? The EPK is a paid melee and is supposed to be a super-deadly martial art. Why does it do the exact same thing as the basic punch?

The style is all over the place as well. This game can become ridiculous and break its' own tension and theme very easily, whereas the first game maintained a consistent and strong atmosphere. In PD:TH, every heist felt huge and important, like the climax of a heist film - the roots of Payday. In PD2, there is a shotgun blast of heists trying to provide whatever experience people might want, including really dinky and low-effort heists. Very few of the PD2 heists match the hype, tensions and style of the majority of PD:TH heists. In addition to the design of the game itself, the design of the graphics and lighting also changed. In PD2 it's much brighter and almost festive, whereas PD:TH had a hot, washed-out graphical design that sold me the heist atmosphere much more effectively. It felt like I was playing a hardcore heist film back then.

This "shotgun blast" design is pretty indicative of basically everything they want PD2 to be. They've added in extra characters, way too many weapons and weapon mods (a lot of which make ugly-as-hell combinations), a rummage bin of heists and a couple hundred too many masks. They have been pushing to make this game as varied and attractive as possible to new players while selling the established atmosphere down the river.

That attitude relates very specifically to the most disappointing element of the game, the recently added microtransactions. The developers had specifically promised the players that microtransactions would never be in the game and that we should be ashamed to even ask the question. Unfortunately, Overkill stopped being the cool guys that the players were willing to believe they were and added paid weapon skins on the first day of Crimefest 2015, which is supposed to be a series of free rewards for the players being seriously dedicated. Instead of giving everyone skins or something like that, they just gave us the option to pay ridiculous amounts of money for skins and gave us incentive to do so with stat-boosting skins. This absurdly scummy move has alienated a good portion of the crowd, but Overkill rolled it out during the free-to-play weekend in order to cover the playerbase drop and smother opinions about the MTs under the talk of casuals playing the game for the first time. Overkill basically sold hardcore players down the river in order to replace us with more willing cash cows.

But it's not simply that they gave us poor or actively damaging updates; they also give us these updates in place of what one would assume to be incredibly vital updates that one would release immediately after release, if not on day one. One of the later Crimefest updates finally added a jump animation to this years-old game (not that it makes you want to jump on things more, thanks to the sloppy controls that seem to fight you regularly). Combining lack of incredibly obvious quality-of-life updates with game-breaking bugs that exist late into its' life make this a very unsatisfying game to play.

tl;dr would be a great game if not for terrible design and scummy developers

Posted January 11th by nullfather

Here's my Steam review from October of 2018

Nullfather are you from the fucking FUTURE?

Also I know people liked the first Payday. Knew legit nothing about #2. Just thought that some support from third parties would be nice. I'll look into it more. I always do if I buy the games.

Posted January 11th by Fox Forever

I'm shocked there isn't a heavy hitter releasing in spring. Now would have been a good time to drop a port of smash imo.

Posted January 11th by S.o.h.


I meant 2015, but my brain is proactively trying to remind me that it's 2018 so that I'll stop writing "2017" on everything like I usually do.

Posted January 11th by nullfather

I accidentally dated something "2016" last week. I do the same stuff.

Posted January 11th by Fox Forever

been waiting for a definitive version of Hyrule Warriors to consider buying it, so I was glad to hear that (heard some issues with the original that were addressed in the remake, but at a cost of some other stuff)

also I skipped Ultra Smash because of the weak reception and since people seemed unsatisfied with the amount of content, but this tennis looks p legit so far. Y'know, assuming they...amend the roster appropriately.

also shoutout to null for actually explaining the shitting on Payday 2

COOL! I missed out on this completely in my DS days and now I will definitely wait for this version instead. Especially that I can now play it ON THE GO!
twewy is awesome and I applaud the return of Sho Minamimoto to the public eye

also what kind of weird immobile DS did you own :J

I'm practically lost when it comes to Pokémon anymore.
pokken is different shit entirely tbh, didn't care for it when I tried the demo.

Posted January 11th by Pirate_Ninja

Yeah I know it's different in comparison to a traditional one but I legit know practically no Pokemon past Generation IV. I knew all of them up to Gen III. Gen IV's Pokémon I knew a lot of but not all. And now they're on...VII I think?

I got the WiiU pretty late (compared to the WiiU's lifespan) in early 2015. Was a little upset that I got it so late because they just stopped support in pretty much 2016 (yes I know, ONE Zelda game in 2017). So I didn't get into almost any WiiU games that weren't essential. Skipped Mario Tennis. Didn't even do Paper Mario. :(

And for TWEWY, yeah I messed that up with the wording. I got into DS a little bit but there's many I missed that I still want to play (Ghost Trick, 999, AA:Investigations, Layton 4, M&L:PiT, Hotel Dusk, FFTA2).

Edited January 11th by Fox Forever

yeah, Alola is gen 7. There are always some great designs and some...not so great. And while they've changed up the formula a bit lately, the main games are still solid and enjoyable in the same way if you decide to check 'em out.

skipping Color Splash is nothing to lose sleep over; it's an improvement on Sticker Star for sure (not much of an accomplishment) but still a far cry from the older games.

and ooh, shoutout to Ghost Trick for being an underappreciated gem

nobody answers a phone like cabanela

that whole list is pretty good imo (FFTA2 aside since I don't know it or care about it), but GT and HD in particular don't get as much attention. I feel like the others are definitely bigger names (though enough can't be said about 999 )

Posted January 11th by Pirate_Ninja

Supposedly there was a big direct that followed a mini direct 3 weeks later last year. I do think we're due for a big one eventually, and hopefully we get smash 4 port.

Posted January 11th by ShadowFox08

i wouldn't be too surprised if we get a gen 4 remake of pokemon this holiday or another entry in the main franchise.. that being said, I don't expect generation 8 this year.

Posted January 11th by ShadowFox08
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