Nintendo 3DS Emulation
Posted: Posted January 15th
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I wanted to try out 3DS Emulation as a means to test my new gaming PC (my first gaming PC ever). Citra seems to be a great emulator that is very simple to use. Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D and Majora's Mask 3D and Dragon Quest VIII all run at 4k as smooth as the games are supposed to. There is slight stuttering in Zelda when I walk into a new area, so there is clearly a hiccup when the game is loading a new area. That might only be because of the 4k settings. I'll dial the settings back and test it.

For Dragon Quest, I notice the FMV scenes are super pixelated. The same thing happens on Zelda when you enter Sheikah Stones to see a vision. It must be the emulator, and I wonder if there's a setting that can fix it. Also, yeesh DQVIII's music sounds gross as a midi. I wonder if there's a mod for Citra emulation that replaces the midi music with the PS2's beautiful orchestrated soundtrack.

And, does controlling the hero in DQ8 feel weird like that to anyone else? I don't remember it feeling this weird when I played it on PS2...

Anyway, super happy with my PC. Looking forward to more games on PC and better developing my own!

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I'm not an expert on emulators, so it's entirely possible someone has developed a solution (or I may just be wrong), but one possible explanation for cutscenes being pixelated could be if they are pre-rendered. If they are pre-rendered then it's just playing a video, which will likely have been created at a resolution to match the 3DS' screen resolution. So if you're trying to view it on a much larger screen, you obviously get pixelation. In that case I don't believe there's any way for anyone to fix it, short of completely recreating the cutscene :P

This isn't an issue for the actual game because the emulator can change how the game is rendering everything and swap out the textures for higher res ones. Some games do all their cutscenes in-engine in realtime, some rely on pre-rendered cutscenes and some do a mix of both.

Posted January 15th by Moonray
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Emulating hurts developers

Posted January 16th by Thinking of you
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Only if a platform is currently being supported by a company.

Besides the fact that the 3DS is on nonexistent life support, I suppose I could have mentioned that I own these games. I don't own a 3DS because I could care less about handheld consoles. I rather enjoy playing my games on larger screens.

Edited January 16th by Laxan
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How do you get past the touch screen controls? Are you using a game pad or KB & M?

Posted January 16th by S.O.H.
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On PC emulation, you use your mouse for the touchscreen. But I mostly play with my PS4 controller.

Posted January 16th by Laxan
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I have a hacked 3ds with a 128 gb micro sd, so I don't see any reason to play the games on a clunky computer when I can just play them on OG hardware. I feel the same about the N64. I just use my everdrive. But I do like now that you can get full libraries of games in convenient compact packages now.

Posted February 15th by I killed Mufasa
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