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NIFE v6, vL, vN, vC, v7 checklist V
Posted: Posted February 1st, 2018
Edited March 11th, 2018 by Xhin

This list has everything on here, whether it's unfinished or not.

Post-v5 (things that didn't make it into v5)

  • Make Machines/Lockpicks/Keycards equippable
  • Weapon Auras
  • Track specific weapon experience for say fire-based skills
  • Fix Regen/Poison/etc for Equipment and Events

    NIFE v6 (Life Update)

  • Blessed items
  • Fountains (potion fixtures)
  • Weapon attack events (or maybe just more events in general)
  • Lore Tables, Crafting Tables, Tables in general
  • Trays for portable fixtures in general. Portable containers need to be a thing as well.
  • Rooms can be in multiple categories; room category hierarchies.
  • Portable portals that can tap into categories.
  • Conditional items
  • Lanterns plugin -- notes in progress
  • Consoles
  • Item Stacking
  • Skills Events, Conditions
  • Sorcery plugin -- needs concept work
  • Liquids plugin -- prepped
  • Cursed/Hallowed/Broken equipment -- notes are done somewhere, reliant on Armor to be done
  • Lootboxes plugin -- prepped
  • Fishing plugin -- prepped
  • Homesteading plugin -- needs more concept work
  • Crops v2, breeding -- Ready to be preprogrammed
  • Livestock plugin -- have a basic idea of how this works, needs concept notes
  • Genesis v1 -- have a good idea of some of the panels, others are lacking. Needs concept notes.
  • Weather plugin -- some concept notes
  • Conditional Events -- basically I just have to figure out how to hook these together
  • Tools plugin
  • Character / item instancing
  • Astrology plugin
  • Forge plugin
  • Enchantments plugin

    NIFE vL (Ready for advertising)

  • Action Help -- done
  • Host Notes system -- done
  • Intercom fix -- done
  • Host spectating -- done
  • Quick game creation -- done
  • Fast signups -- done
  • New interface -- done
  • Report Bug -- done
  • Forum integration -- done
  • Short links -- done
  • Fast movement -- done

  • Panel Docs -- some are done
  • Deployment checklist -- this checklist is helping a lot towards that goal
  • Quickstart Guides -- have an idea of how to do basic NIFE introductions
  • Add to Journal fix
  • More visible conversations
  • Let new people know that their email will be used to contact them when they sign up for a game.

    NIFE vN (Interface Update)

  • Condense Actions with one input
  • Custom actions for machines
  • Action callbacks / messages
  • Better Journals -- have notes somewhere
  • Notebooks plugin -- have notes somewhere
  • Profile item property improvements
  • The Grid: bg and icons
  • Maps and Map Overlays
  • Grid movement
  • Special threads fix
  • Voting fix
  • Conversation upgrade
  • Squads system
  • Item images
  • Custom Inventory
  • Character Creation
  • Game instancing -- some notes done.
  • Quick Interactions -- some notes done
  • Migrate panels to interface (will probably take a lot of work so low priority)

    NIFE vC (Combat update)

  • Better Foe alteration panel
  • Profile update to streamline combat properties
  • Combat appears on room description
  • "ensnared" state that alters flee mechanic
  • Weapon techniques
  • Stealth weapons
  • Defend/Dodge options
  • Better enemy AI (you say what move they use and why)
  • All enemies defeated event trigger
  • Enemy spawn rate patterns
  • Multiple enemies in the same engagement, enemy summoning, better weapons to take advantage of this
  • Minions in same engagement, control them without switching characters
  • Enemies can auto-engage as you enter a room
  • Z-axis and weapon range plugin
  • Battle Environment (needs concept really, also low priority)

    NIFE v7 (TBD)

  • Mandelbrot megaplugin
  • Alchemy megaplugin
  • Ores
  • Import/Export content (will probably have *some* functionality in v6)


  • Need some batch way of viewing everything created during a hosting session.
  • Add signs/session message stuff in general to your journal.
  • While I'm on it, give messages add-to-journal functionality again.
  • A Host Bookmark system would be fantastic and also fantastically easy to set up.
  • There's a bug with setting ammo types. Doesn't seem to want to work.
  • The Sparring: Weapons panel is a giant mess, and I'm not sure how to clean it up just yet.
  • Cond links are kinda messed up with room rels.. duplicate functions won't show, conds show up if that room has any conditions going to any room whatsoever.
  • If you make a machine out of an item, automatically populate the machine name (should maybe put that at the beginning first or something.
  • New machine > can't set down evidently isn't working
  • Definitely need a way of displaying events on various panels like conditions (this might be a big update)
  • edit item > if prototype, show subpanel for clones and their locations.
  • Advanced section for help & properties beIN used by plugin and how to alter.
  • Subplugins (Sparring system and Knowledge seem to need this the most)
  • Edit Characer > Edit leader or if leader, show minions
  • Make minion > + and move to their room
  • Choose Character > Show player minion status as well
  • Actions > Player info > show minions as well
  • Create a crop type where the seed and harvest is the same.
  • Delete trackers
  • Rooms > Add Exits is being debugged still
  • Machines > Item switch activator should have a #this on events too
  • Definitely need a way to track items as objects of mines, crops, and events (though that's probably a complex update)
  • Ghost someone direcly from the actions panel (probably would have to be ajax)
  • Optionally alphabetize various lists.
  • trackers panel needs to be streamlined
  • Status effects: edit whatever
  • Conditional events
  • Add exceptions to teleport
  • Class editor + tracker function thereof doesn't work
  • Player } switch char } bigger size for long names
  • Character states/descriptions plugin for moonray
  • Various things here: [NIFE: Superpowers Main Thread]
  • Another feature connecting session would be good after v5 is done.

  • settingsOptions
    There are 3 Replies

    wow so much stuff going into this project ^.^ i admire your organizational skills xhin it always feels so good to have a project outlined clearly! esp when there are so many moving parts like this

    Posted February 1st, 2018 by susurrous

    NIFE has turned into a ridiculously big project for sure. I'll be excited to expose it to outside interest; it's extremely feature-rich and customizable which should be a big selling point.

    And yeah, I try to keep myself organized as much as possible. My codebase is actually extremely well-organized as well, which has made the process of building NIFE very easy.

    My current plan is to work on v6 stuff because it's easy and gets me back into working on NIFE. Then I'll try to swing around and fix the rest of v5. I have no idea when I'll finish the vL stuff -- might be v4L, v5L or even v6L.

    Posted February 1st, 2018 by Xhin
    Nature is beautiful

    that does sound v exciting i hope you will be able to attract ppl to it easily when the time comes :) it would be great to have your work recognized by more ppl!

    thats great youve been keeping so organized and im glad itís paying off!!

    i think thats also a smart plan for transitioning back into working on nife and getting the project moving toward where you want it to be! :)

    Posted February 1st, 2018 by susurrous
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