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Posted: Posted April 12th
Edited April 12th by Xhin
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This is my first NIFE update in 8 months. It's actually on my list too. This plugin adds Tables which are fixtures you can sit at to have access to crafting or lore categories that you don't have access to otherwise.

  • First choose a room. Then you get this screen.

  • Add a name, choose either "Crafting" or "Lore" as the type, and a menu will appear that lets you pick the specific crafting or lore category.

    Below that, you can edit either type, remove them, etc.

    This plugin adds a new automatic action. When you sit at the table, you automatically get transported to the appropriate panel:

    And have full access to that category as well.

    This works in much the same way with Lore Tables.

    Other small updates

  • Crafting categories say what category you're in (and display the crafting category avatar).

  • All panels now have a blue "Return to Game" link that lets you get back in the game instead of going to the NIFE User CP and then clicking "Play Game". Saves a step.

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    Posted April 12th by Xhin
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    Ground's what's around

    Oh, that's a pretty good idea.

    Remind me, did you ever implement it so that crafting could have requirements attached?

    Posted April 12th by Moonray
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    What do you mean by requirements? Like conditions?

    Incidentally crafting already uses the knowledge system, so depending on what you're trying to do you could just use that and Auras / books / signs / events to determine if you have access to a recipe.

    Posted April 12th by Xhin
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    Ground's what's around
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