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NIFE: Subplugins + some plugin migration
Posted: Posted June 4th, 2018 by Xhin
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This update allows some plugins to be subplugins, where you install them from a plugin panel and they don't appear in the main Install Plugins area.

The following plugins are now subplugins:

  • Machine Cost --> subplugin of the Machines panel
  • Combat Ranges --> subplugin of the Sparring: Weapons panel
  • Cursed/Hallowed/Broken Equipment -- subplugin of the Equipment panel.
  • Fountains --> subplugin of the Potions panel (upcoming feature)

    When you go to these panels you'll see a giant expandable "Install subplugins" heading:

    Which when clicked will allow you to do install or remove subplugins:

    Moving forward, I'll probably be collapsing a lot of extraneous panel features into subplugins (weapon types come to mind here) so new users aren't totally bombarded by features.

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