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NIFE Squads plugin notes
Posted: Posted March 8th, 2018 by Xhin

I once again find myself on break at work. This is a great way to pass the time so I'll probably split these kinds of posts out into a NIFE roadmap forum.

The Squads plugin allows for better countrol of minions for minion-heavy games or roles like the Zombie Lord in braaaaains:

  • Give minions nicknames visible only to you

  • Organize your minions into "Squads". A minion can be in more than one Squad. You can also remove Squad classifications. The controlling character can also be in these squads.

  • A "rally" option that pulls in minions from adjacent rooms into a room, grouping them together into a Squad.

  • Track the locations of all squads and all minions at once easily.

  • See useful minion properties easily all at once (combat stats for example. Can probably filler to show anything you want though.)

  • When controlling a character, for any actions you make you can make them for an entire squad the minion is a part of, or all minions in the room. This works with *any* action but it won't necessarily work in all cases because NIFE evaluates each character separately.

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