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NIFE: Skills Plugin
Posted: Posted February 9th, 2018 by Xhin

This plugin creates "skills" which are various things that get leveled up via Skill Points through the Experience System:
Install the plugin, and then...

Make new skills. Straightforward.

Once made, click their link or click the checkbox to delete them. That leads to the next panel..

At the top of this panel, you can edit a skill.

Okay, so onto the actual meat of the plugin. This plugin allows you to assign various in-game actions to skills, via a kind of "multiplier". Each time a player does that thing, they gain XP in a skill equal to the multiplier that you select here.

So here for example, every time a character moves to a different room, they gain 1XP in this skill, and every time they take an item from a room, they gain 3XP.

Actions can be in multiple skills.. so for example you can have movement be worth 1xp here, but be worth 5xp in a different skill.

The actual list of actions is truly massive. You've got every single action in the game in there, as well as things like crafting trial-and-error success, buying stuff from shops, being successful at lockpicks, etc.

Next up are your Titles. Each skill has multiple Titles, which are unlocked when a player reaches the right amount of XP.

In the image above, you can add titles and their XP cutoff in the text box above to create them.

Here you can edit titles you've created for the skill.

"Title Claim Events" is where you can set events that fire when a character claims a title, which I'll cover in a bit. Like the rest of the events system, these can be anything.

The hashtag #user is supported here for the person who's claiming the title.

Here's a player's Skills Panel. It has a list of all Skills that a player is working on:

  • If you're working on a new title, you'll see it and your progress underneath a skill.

  • If you've already claimed titles in that skill, you'll see them.

  • If you meet the criteria for claiming a Title, you can do so from within this panel. When you do, the events indicated above will happen.

    Future Plans

    This should give NIFE at least basic Skills functionality. I do have a couple of things planned though:

  • Events that influence a character's XP
  • Conditions based on a character's XP or Titles
  • (Eventually) Hooks in the experience system for attacking with specific weapon types or whatever (requesting this more directly might speed up the process here).

  • ( vN ) Callbacks that let the player know when they've hit the threshhold for a title mid-game, so they don't have to keep checking their panel.

  • settingsOptions
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    Posted February 9th, 2018 by Xhin
    Fractal icious


    This is perfect :) I will test this out when I get home from work.

    (Eventually) Hooks in the experience system for attacking with specific weapon types or whatever (requesting this more directly might speed up the process here).

    Yes definitely.

    Specifically I envision it being very useful to be able to split weapon types out in a similar way to how games like Elder Scrolls handle it... Bows train archery, Sword trains one-handed, etc.

    Same with Spells too really. Being able to say Fire trains Fire Magic allows for games where a person specialises in certain types of magic.

    I also think it will be important to have conditions on spells, crafting recipes, items, etc so that while they can be acquired at any skill level they can't be used until a person has reached a certain skill... So like you can't use "Fireball" until you've leveled up in Fire magic.

    Posted February 9th, 2018 by Moonray
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