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NIFE Roadmap/priorities list
Posted: Posted April 7th, 2018 by Xhin

I finally got myself organized. I've had all kinds of roadmaps and priorities lists going in multiple directions, but things are actually pretty streamlined now.

My goals for the next month are:

  • Continue working on v6 Features, because it's fun.

  • Get NIFE in a position where I can advertise it to a group of potential Hosts and maybe get some actual games rolling.

    My v6 checklist is pretty large and varied so I'm not going to go into it. Instead, here are my priorities as I move forward to launching this thing:

  • Tech (aka Sorcery plugin) -- this should be done tomorrow or today. It introduces some stuff that makes a couple v6 updates easier.

  • Potions v3 / Fountains -- streamlines the hell out of potions and adds temporary Aura effects to them.

  • Weapons v3 -- same deal here. Streamlining and upgrading.

    Both of these updates allow for Genesis to be able to generate potions and weapons which is something I've wanted for a while. They also make the process significantly less confusing to new Hosts.

  • Writing plugin -- this lets third parties like Cetasaurus write things for Game worlds. Out of the box I want to support room descriptions, item descriptions and character talking, plus whatever else I can find.

  • Quick Deploy checklist --- still have a few tasks here. The idea is to make it easier to create new features as I continue working on v6.

  • Subplugins -- this is a system that makes plugins have optional settings that disables or enables certain features, streamlining plugin panels pretty considerably.

  • The Grid updates -- I want at least some of these updates out of the box to make things easier for Hosts and players alike.

  • Battle actions appear on the room description. Should make actual battles in NIFE faster.

  • Various fixes / polishing tasks

  • Talk to players easier in the game / more integration with the forums. I want to make the conversational aspects of NIFE really strong before launch.

  • Work panel / issue tracker panel -- some various upgrades that let Hosts and Players communicate with me and my update schedule easier.

  • Profile updates -- the profile panel is getting a major rehaul to make more sense, letting you see everything you item easier, as well as drop items

  • Journal updates -- some essential updates here as well to make the player experience smoother.

  • Panel documentation -- lots of documentation for everything NIFE can do

  • Quickstart Guides -- guides to building NIFE games and playing them. Hosts can also create guides for their games.

    I've got a pretty massive advertising campaign prepped. Want to create a small/medium NIFE community here while I continue rolling out v6 Features.

    This time around I'm going to be emphasizing the mmorpg and small goal games aspects of NIFE, though I also have interactive worlds and roleplaying advertising avenues planned for later.

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