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NIFE Roadmap v2
Posted: Posted January 5th by Xhin

The last one was just... confused.

  • Work on some random glitch-type fixes because I haven't worked on NIFE in three months and I've got to be rusty by now

  • Finish NIFE v5, which includes Moonray's required plugins

  • get NIFE cleaned up to a point where people can reasonably play it. This will probably require more of the usability stuff in the "NIFE is a mess" checklist.

  • Revive Ring of Ruin, or make some new world that can be continually added to, idc. The point is to get some kind of project up that I can release in sections and to release the first section of it.

  • Advertise this across all my social media contacts, conworld boards, etc. I want to do this in such a way that people will be engaged and will come back when I launch new sections.

  • Get things cleaned up for Hosts / documented / streamlined / whatever I need to do so that people can make their own worlds easily.

  • Advertise this functionality across the same contacts and groups

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