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NIFE: Quests Plugin
Posted: Posted February 24th, 2018 by Xhin

This plugin adds Quests and Quest Lines to NIFE. Quests are basically just events that the player knows they need to do to advance a quest line. All event types are supported here (killing enemies, entering a certain room, offering something to an NPC, etc)

To clear up some future confusion, NIFE calls Quest Lines "Quests" and individual tasks of that quest "Tasks".


Quests can be grouped into categories. This part of the panel lets you add new categories and adjust their avatar. Should be straightforward.

Click "Edit Quests" -->

Add Quests here. Should be straightforward.

Below, you get to edit Quests. Quests can have their own avatar, a description, and a "rumor".

Rumors are things that appear in a player's "Rumors" panel and gives them a hint about how to start a Quest.

Quest Completion Events are things that happen when a player completes a quest.. This can be things like giving them money, boosting stats or whatever you want.

Click "Edit Tasks" -->

Tasks are individual things you must do to progress a Quest. The panel here should be straightforward.

Here you get to adjust the actual Tasks.

The first Task doesn't need a description because it's the first thing a player must do in order to start the Quest. Otherwise, descriptions are things that the player can see to let them know what they need to do next.

The "Objective" is the actual event trigger that completes that task. You have a lot to choose from here. There are also ways of starting/advancing quests manually (which I'll get to in a minute).

You can also add "Additional Task Events" which are additional things that happen when a player completes a specific Task.

Note that whenever the player completes the last Task (offering the Dragon Head in this case), it also completes the Quest and fires off the Quest Completion events.

Here, you can reorder Tasks. Just move the lines around to switch their order.

Quests CP

Here's what your Quests CP looks like. You can look at Rumors, Completed Quests, look at Quests in a specific category, or see a list of all current Quests.

Here's what the rumors panel looks like. Any Quest that has a Rumor attached to it will show up here. If you've started its quest, it will appear green and have a link to the Quest in question.

Here's what the list of Quests looks like. Active/Completed/By category quests all look the same, they just show different stuff.

Quests show the name, description, avatar, and your progress in the quest. In this case, the "Eat Stuff" quest has been completed, while the "Dragon Hunt" quest is 2/3rds done.

Note that this listing only shows Quests you've actually started. Anything that exists in the game but you haven't started yet won't show here.

Here's what an actual Quest looks like. You'll see the quest name description at the top.

Below, you'll get a list of tasks. Anything you've completed will show up in green. Your next Task will show up in white and show the description of the Task. Tasks further away won't show up at all.

Quest Events

I've added some Quest Events that let you do various things outside the scope of the Quests Panel.

  • Start Quest -- Starts a quest for a character

  • Advance Quest -- Basically skips the current task and goes to the next task

  • Backtrack Quest -- Goes back to the previous task

  • Set Quest -- Sets a quest to a specific position (1-3 are the acceptable answers in the "Dragon Hunt" example above.)

  • Complete Quest -- Completes a quest and fires off the Quest completion events, no matter where the player actually stands in the Quest.

  • Restart Quest -- Restarts a quest from the beginning (position 1).

  • settingsOptions
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    Posted February 24th, 2018 by Xhin
    Fractal icious
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