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NIFE: Killed Corpse Event Trigger
Posted: Posted February 24th
Edited February 24th by Xhin

This is a pretty minor update, but a pretty bad oversight on my part.

Characters used to have two event triggers around death:

  • Death -- assigned to the character who dies

  • Kill -- assigned to the character who kills another character.

    I've added a new event trigger:

  • Killed Corpse -- like Kill, but assigned to the character who's actually killed.

    It's basically a version of the Death event that allows you to target the #attacker and #weapon.

    So for example, you can have a Boss enemy whose Killed Corpse event is to give a Golden Key to the #attacker and add 10 to the base attack of the #weapon.

    The "Death" event trigger is still useful for ways a character might die other than in battle (triggered events and traps come to mind here)

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    There are 2 Replies

    Or an enemy that explodes on death?

    Posted February 24th by Moonray

    Yes :)

    Posted February 24th by Xhin
    The planets are aligned
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